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A Day In The Life Of...

Warren Verona

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So, get this. Last week I had the plague. Some flu/allergy combo that was kickin' my ass all over and back. I haven't been sick like that for some time. I'm getting myself back in order, catching up on work and house chores that I missed while I was in bed recovering, or just plain didn't feel like doing anything while moving was so hard.

I got better, yay!

Then Yesterday, while on my way to work I'm heading down the road minding my business when a Highschool kid with a car packed full of his friends just suddenly decides to make a left turn and completely stops in my lane. I had less than fifty feet to react and it didn't go well.

Our cars were totaled, they were fine, I spent seven hours in the E.R. while they ran tests. I hit him head on, T-boned his passanger side hard enough that his car spun around and rear corner ripped into my door, so I took an impact from two angles.

At any rate I'm alive, and I'll be around. No serious injuries they don't think but I'm going to get a second opinion because a lot more injuries seem to be around now that the pain shot they gave wore off.

On a plus side, the pain shot made me stoned so Vivi got to see me stoned for the first time, apparently I'm funny stoned.

At any rate, see ya guys n' gals around. I'll most likely be slower than usual, but my left side feels terrible.


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