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Aberrant RPG - Examples of "Compartmentalized Mind"?


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I know the obvious (and stated) use for overcoming mental takeovers, but what would some other effects/uses be? There SEEMS to be an idea in the Cyberkinetics power about being able to take over a computer network and still retain a body awareness.

The reason I ask is that the example in the book states the compartmentalized part of the mind cannot access the outside world; I'm thinking this means cannot control the body's physical self. The description given was if the character was Dominated; Obviously the dominating/hypnotizing nova controls the remaining consciousness and body control...but what if there were no mental takeover? Could the player rp both consciousness? Could a "psychic" nova split his mind and use his "interior" self to actively scan for a missing person, while his "exterior" self searches physically? Does accessing the outside world include not being able to use mental powers? (That seems to contradict the only other mention of it in the book.)

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