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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - BESM Table talk

Justin OOC

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Sorry about that. I was starting to respond, then realized I had no idea where Lily was, or how everyone had gotten where they were. I didn't stop to think. Won't happen again. smile

For that matter...I still don't. Here's the chronology of events, as near as I can gather.

Kai leaves to wallow in angst. smile

Amaya STARTS to leave.

Valerie FOLLOWS her (but posted that she left, probably trying to advance time a bit).

Lily FOLLOWS them both.

Amaya...who read that Valerie left, and that Lily followed...decides they must have run out even though the posted intent was to follow her. So she leaves...alone.

Kongou follows her.

Valerie for some reason thinks she's alone then, despite my post, and despite the fact that she was originally following Amaya, and so wouldn't have left until Amaya did.

Dang. What a twistup. Can we say we all just bang into each other in the hall now? Or something? smile

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Dagnabbit, Valerie... smile

We didn't say we were going back to the council room. I deliberately left that open ended. That's exactly how we got all confused to begin with...making assumptions about what and where everyone was going, and basing posts on those assumptions. smile

I mean, ya know...no hard feelings, no big deal. Just, it's better not to attribute words or actions that aren't actually in their posts...nor to ignore words or actions that are.

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Regarding Lily, Georgi and Valerie...I'm assuming we're still in the hallway, and therefore don't know what's going on except the ground shook, the windows broke, and now there's weird nasty noises?

Just trying to align our timeframes here to avoid misunderstandings. smile

-- Oh, and is there a limit on spending experience? Does it need downtime to represent training and so on?

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I will be splitting the encounters up as they come.

Group 1 will be Maya, Kongou, and Kai.

group 2 will be Valerie, Georgi and Lily

group 3 will be Ariel, Saito and Ryo

group 4 will be Naien and Atsushi

after everyone posts their intital reactions to the sounds and Hayami's words, the Encounters will begin

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sorry for my absence, I have had Inventory at work and have been working 12+ hour days... posting when I get home wouldn't have been good for anyone, I've only been in the mood to kill. I should get things moving today. Thanks for your patience.

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I'm using the PC death rules mentioned in the book

you do not die when you drop to zero hp you do fall unconscious though

you can still bleed to death bleeding damage is set at 10 per round

a Player Character dies when they reach a level of negative hp equal to their standard hp

(if you have 50 hp and lose 60, you drop to -10 another hit drops you to -40 unless you are stabilized you will bleed the remaining 10 the next turn and die)

You are fighting a Tier 3 monster nearly on your own at the moment. in two rounds Georgi will return and be fully healed. Ariel is still there, but looking for the moment to strike. You did manage to hurt it as well. You're doing pretty well.

I'm not big on killing my player characters. There's a reason for this fight. You are doing very well in it. Just keep on going. It should be worth it.

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Oh no! I'm not complaining...seriously. smile

And I could have TP'ed out...staying and fighting was a conscious choice on my part, and I knew what the result might be. So in no way am I whining or trying to weasel.

You've said these were tough monsters, so in no way am I or was I expecting a cakewalk.

I just figured I should ask before it came up, is all. smile

Thanks for the info!

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these people are the only other group that managed to stay together, president Hayami and Naien. Kyoraku is Naien's summoned guardian spirit. Their battle for the most part has taken place inside and trough the adminsitration building where the Student Council room is located. With that post their battle spills out onto the main courtyard and battlefield..

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Sorry I've not been around for the past few days. I've had to skip a few days of work due to a blown head gasket on my truck, and work is my main computing station. I shouldn't be missing too many more days, but I will only be able to post on Fridays - Mondays (I was brought back down to a 40 hour work week, 4 days a week.) I see that the game isn't crazy active as it previously was, which works out for me I suppose.

Just know that I am not dead, but just inconvenienced.

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President Hayami has been using a form of Dynamic Power (primal)With the area of influence of Belief with a huge area effect.

This is how he kept the outside world out of the fight and made it so the party could fight uninhibited. This doesn't prevent them from influencing the world, just makes it so that they don't realize it's real, and so that those witnessing the fight don't know the truth of what's actually going on. When he lost consciousness the effect ended.

The phasewolf speaks to Kai as he starts to seal the gate and to his master, the female demon who had been fighting Naien and her summoned guardian.

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Ah ha!

Bless you. All those new names kept popping up and confusing me. And with das uber-volf, I'd forgotten all about the female demon...

That's an interesting power effect though! Does it mean that, until he fainted, everyone but us saw buildings being wrecked, but they couldn't tell why? And then suddenly giant monsters and robots appeared out of nowhere? Hee hee!

Slow news day in Japan, I guess. smile

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