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I used to wonder how outsourcing worked


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I sure as hell don't anymore o_O

Here is a brief resume of what my contract offers me for my services (and shit 95% english is NOT something you get in any corner)

-No Extra hours are paid, if you didn't finish your workload, it's your problem.

-Free days are decided by a computer analysis program, so it means you can end up working on Christmas, Father's Day, your Birthday or any national Holiday, law states you get triple payment for that, but we will only give you duoble.

-Never able to get seniority, your contract is renewed every 15th of the month, so you will never actually amount to anything here.

-Payment every 15th day,but on the months that have 31 days, It's on the 16th to screw you from a day.

-Lateness is mesured in Seconds and that is discounted from your paycheck.

-3 days of vacation in June, and 3 on December, we are forced to give you 6 a year so we want to screw you over.

-All of it for 2.83 an hour. 3.17 after the 4th month of work IF you keep a perfect attendance.

Yeah, It's amazing how much Continental Airlines love it's employees.

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Flight Booking Call Center for Continental Airlines.

I know that payment should be equal to the work input, but damnit not everyone in the area has my qualifications and get's my scores in their stupid little exams.

I never expected to make it big on my first job, but the contract is just a slap in the face.

But, I'm going to take it either way, because it's the only damned job offering I have got in the past 4 months and the bills are mercyless (and the bill collectors are worse X_x)

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Nope, I already aked. A friend of mine worked for them before I did. They got paid 8.50 the hour, 11.00 if the hour was after 7pm or on weekends.

I can just imagine what their paycheks looked if they had to work during a national holiday.

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