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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - Game Information

Justin OOC

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The Earth is the nexus of all reality. There are more keys located on earth Prime than anywhere else in the known universe. Everyone wants access to other dimensions, if for nothing else than boredom with this one.

Each of you has been sent here with a single goal, locate the third Skeleton Key, without seriously disrupting the daily life of the regular humanity. There are dozens of prospects but one looks good in particular. The young man Kai Morisato is a fairly normal man except that he seems to draw interesting happenings like a magnet. He has shown the ability to seal dimensional rifts, but has not been able to do so consciously.

This game centers around the search for a Skeleton Key, and the possibility of Kai actually being one. Some wacky times are ahead, to say the least. I admit there will be a fiar share of Comedy, there will be a good deal of action and other elements. I will do my best to not go too far with things one way or the other.

Primarily the story will take place in or around Tokyo, but we aren't goning to be limited to that. Kai attends Jindai High school and should any of the party wish they may as well as part of their cover story or actual background.

The Major Factions are

The Circinus Federation- Dedicated to conquest the see the keys as gateways to unlimited new worlds and opportunities. They posess extremely advanced technology including androids cyborgs and if need by giant combat mecha

The Dalaraan Empire- An ancient alien empire posessed of incredible spiritual powers. It is on a basic caste system. Those who have the most potential are the Elite/royal caste. Thier starships are living entities, in some cases they have the power to destroy planets with a single barrage. The ships are bonded to a single person on board, their power is directly linked to the power of the person they are bonded to. They seek the keys to both protect them and understand their abilities.

The Kage- An ancient collection of Ninja clans who have guarded the Keys of Earth. They are capable of many superhuman feats and incclude members from all backgrounds Many have died for the task they have been given, yet there are many more who gladly give themselves freely to maintain balance in the Multiverse.

Satoshi Heavy Industries Incorporated- An Earth-based company observing the strange occurrences and trying to design technology to mimic and defeat them. They are backed secretly by the Japanese Government, specificly the Self Defense Forces. They have managed to get several paranormals as they call the non-standard humanoids to work for them and are known to possess in at least four Keys. Attempts to recover their Keys have resulted in the total annihilation of whatever force was sent against them. (Satoshis is not a playable faction at the start of this game)

The Wanderers- These individuals or groups are beings who have been stranded on Earth by fate or circumstance and forced to hide amongs humanity while hunting for the Key that can send them home. They generally mean no harm to the populace but some have begun to despair at the near impossibility of their search and set up shop here on Earth to make the best of things.

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What follows will be information about the various factions I have provided base on who is playing what.

Dalaraan Empire

The Dalaraan Empire is a fairly peaceful Interstellar Empire drawn to Earth by the enormous power that being the nexus of all reality brings with it. The Emperor sees vast potential in bringing Earth into the Empire as an ally rather than a conquered world nation. Some of his Subordinates in the Elite class do not see it this way, but they are not powerful enough to oppose him or his First Generation Starship. (The name translates to Nirvana)

His orders are followed despite mounting casualties incurred fighting both the Circinus Federation in space and Satoshi on the ground. He seems to know more than he's letting on, and while the Elites are turning on him, the commoners and the regular soldiers trust him fully.

The Elites are the Commanders of the navy and ground forces. The Empire comes from 4 races scattered across a hundred worlds in the Earth prime reality.

Dalaraan Purebloods- from the home planet of the Dalaraan Throneworld. They have the most impressive projection type abilities. The can form weapons of pure energy, fire dealy energy bolts and some of the stronger ones can move a amazing speed far heyond the eye's ability to register. About 70% of the Pureblood support the Emperor.

Medara- These people are known for unearthly beauty and their ability to inspire their fellows. They posess prodidgious healing and regenerative abilities. They are peaceful and the most compassionate of the Elites. They usually command the Support Fleets. 80% of the Medara support the Emperor.

The Reiki- Skilled shapeshifters and masters of adaptation. They are the scouts for the Empire. The specialize in covert ops. They are assassins and temptresses. They thrive on solo operations. only about 55% of the Reiki support how the Emperor has run this war for this planet.

The Hiroga- The Hiroga come from a world where animal life evolved in all its myriad forms into a final anthropomorphic forms. They have the most empathy for the humans because they too are viewed as lower life-forms. They have far mor spiritual power than the other races, and in rare occassions can sucessfully summon up their spiritual guardians These Guardians in at least one occasion have manifested with the ability tofend off an entire squad of Satoshi Battle armor. Sadly the effort left the Summoner near death and in a comatose state. Roughly 40% of the Hiroga support the emperor at this time due to the horredous loss of Hiroga lives in the campaign so far.

Of all the races, Satoshi is most interested in the Hiroga, due to the power of the Guardians. The Emperor is a Pureblood Dalaraan, Though he posesses many abilities of the Medara and it's rumored he can summon a Hiroga Guardian.

The general populaces is a fairly seamless mixture, though The Horiga stand out because of their animalian features.

***Summon Guardian - 20 CP per rank in this attribute***

Guardians start with 300 CP and are built following all the standard character reation rules in this campaign. Guardians may have items of power, but may not possess mecha of any form. Guardians may not posess the Summon attribute.

For each additional rank of Summon Guardian the summoned Guardian gains 50 cp to be applied to its power.

The drawback to this power is its cost. at Twenty CP a rank it is somwhat expensive. Beyond that the energy requirement for summoning is extreme. For Ever 5 CP in the Guardian's total build it costs 1 energy point to summon.

Therefore a rank 1 Guardian built of 300 CP costs sixty energy points to summon. Effectively each rank of Summon adds 10 to the energy point cost required to summon them.

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The Circinus Federation

The Federation is a vast collection of worlds governed from Circinus Prime. Circinus is an extremely technologically advanced world, as evidenced by even the normal citizenry having access to cybernetic implants, and technical innovations far beyond modern-day Earth.

The Circinus firmly believe in their right to rule all space and their Military forces are extremely well equipped and well-trained. The posess vast interstellar warship and transport fleets. These ships are armed with high-tech particle canons, X-ray lasers, huge caliber railguns and both tactical and strategic missile armaments.

The Entire ircinus Federation supports expansion through Conquests and the people genuinely believe their government when they say Earth is worth nearly any price to add to the Federation.

The Circinus Federation has lost over 600 ships and suffered a minimum of 50,000 fatalities and 150,000 injuries from this campaign thus far in only 1 year.

**Cybernetic Implants***

Characters from the Circinus Federation may take items as implants for no additional cost. this meansthat yes the item is now a part of them. However, it can still be disabled or destroyed. This can dramatically increase a character's power, but in many cases a character can die or at the very least be rendered inert if their cybernetics are disabled. This all depends on the level of implants and their nature however.

A small personal laser cannon built into a cybernetic arm may hurt like hell when it's destroyed, but it will not stop the character from doing other things.

A charachter with a micro battle computer in their brain (think adding attack Combat Mastery or defence combat mastery) would suffer much more grevious side effects if the computer were disabled because it is part of their brain. I would go so far as to say they would die if the computer were destroyed due to the location and intricate connection to the brain itself.

Nanotechnological augmentation is also possible though highly expiramental. It is far more resistant to effects that disable cybernetics, but if it is disabled it will always render the target inert, and cause them a good deal of pain.

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The Kage

Over a thousand years ago the heads of the Twelve great Clans gathered to form The Kage to defend the first Key. The world was threatened the Demonic hordes of Bazaroth and the Kage for the most part rose up to send them back. The price of this battle was terribly high however. only 2 out of 10 Kage warriors survived the hellish nightmare called the Demon Wars. In the End, the First Key sacrficed herself to seal the Bazaroth gateway. This however trapped a small number of Hellspawn on this side and trapped several dozen Kage warriors on the Bazaroth side.

The Kage are ever vigilant where the gateway remains, fearful of the cracks now showing in the Seal placed by the First Key. It is thought that it would only take a Key with the right attunement to reopen the gateway and let the Legions of Bazaroth back into our world. Thus The Kage set about the ambitous program of watching every Key they can find. If for some reason a Key exibhits signs of demonic attunemeent they are abducted and tested at a secret location. If it is proven true the Key is destroyed. Better to sacrifice a single life than to ever allow the Legions into the world proper.

Of course, The handful of Hellspawn that were trapped here have not been sitting idly by. Though they have yet to manage to keep a Key for themselves, they have proven adept at finding them. It is most assured that should they find the right Key they will make a last final bid to reopen the gateway, even should it mean they all die in the process. Each of the remaining demons are quite powerful, and is more than capable of handling themselves in Combat. To replenish their numbers they have sired large numbers of half-breed children. Many have had to be destroyed due to their inhuman appearance, but those who can pass for human are schooled in demonic powers and continue tobide their time and subtly search for the key that will open the great seal.

There has been a thousand year shadow war between the kage and the demons and their progeny, though the Kage have a distinct advantage in numbers.

Many Kage possess artifacts of power that allow them to fight the demonblood at an equal level. Sometimes these are simple weapons or shields, at others it is a talisman for one of the Ancient Sorceror Engines. These ancient artifacts are the equivalent of Magical Mechs. They often are armed with some form of melee weapon, usually a great sword. Though to be fair there are a number equiped more as "Archers" or "Casters" outfitted strictly with range offensive capability. Generally these machines are around fifteen meters in height, massing between ten and twenty tons.

The Kage warriors are all accomplished Ninjas, schooled in various disciplines, based on which Clan they descend from.

Clan Imarra- Specialty Taijutsu. These are the Kage that specialize in hand to hand close cobat fighting. They posess great physical speed and strength and above average resistantce to physical damage.

Clan Ichijoji- Specialty Genjutsu. These kage are masters of illusion. Thier illusions can b real enough to actuall injure and even kill those who fall victims to them. They aren't the most physicaly strong, but they are poseesed of keen minds and expansive imaginations to fuel their illusions.

Clan Otara- These Kage are primarily the Diplomats and administrators of the Kage. They wage war effectively with words as deftly as the other Clans use action. They aren't the most respected, by their fellows due to their general lack of fighting prowess, but everyone accepts that they provide a vital and nescessary part to the Kage, procuring funding and being the public "face" of the twelve families.

Clan Hiritsu- This Clan specializes in the methods of assasination and espionage. They are the ones sent on the most dangerous missions and they have the highest mortality rate of any of the Clans. For this reason Hiritsu families are normally quite large, numbering 7-9 per household. It is unfortunate but some Clan Hiritsu ninja have been found to be now employed by Satoshi Heavy Industries, deepening the grudge between the Kage and Satoshi for the obvious brainwashing of their kinsmen.

Clan Himurra- These are the master swordsmen of the Kage. They strive for utter perfection of their art and in many respects more resemble ancine Samurai than Ninja. They posess above average strength and speed and increased resiliency similar to Clan Imarra.

Clan Kurosawa- The Kurosawa specialize in ranged combat, both with archaic and modern weaponry. Be it bow or heavy machine gun these Ninja are expert marksmen. They have served as asassins when called upon, but many defend the Fortress stronghold for the Kage for the most part.

Clan Sakade- These are the ninja schooled and naturaly gifted in the healing arts. Of all the Clans These are the ones that oppose violence the most. They are the ones who must always deal with the reprecussions of it. They are also among the only Ninja that the other Clans agree must be defended at all costs. A warrior is a valuable tool, but They can be broken, mentally and physically. Those who can mend that warrior and return him to service, they are more precious than gold. Clan Sakade is the smallest of the 12 Clans, making each member a valueable resouce to the other Clans, thus even at lower levels they are treated with greater respect.

Clan Yotsuga- The ninja of this Clan are the most far-flung of the 12 Clans They hunt globally for the Keys of Earth. It is through them that they are found and eventually brought back for testing. Sometimes the guilt of what they do weighs on them, but they know their efforts are what has kept the Hellspawn from returning by finding the Demon-touched Keys. They are masterful trackers and are capable of adapting to any evironment

Clan Takayanagi- These are the keepers of History and preservers of tradition. They are more akin to Priests than anything else. Some posess phenomenal combat ability, including the head of the Clan, Mitsuomi.

Clan Nagare- This Clan has always sought perfection of appearance and the arts. The uses for this are twofold. The Clan uses their looks to seduce others into giving up key information. Thhey also use the arts to subtly influence the masses to do as they wish. There are at least a dozen Idol singers and bands the come from the Clan and their popularity serves as a great distraction to many. They are the Ninja who keep morale high despite these ever-perilous times. They are not as battle capable as other houses, but they are readily accepted into the other teams because their gift for inspiration has turned the tide of many battles. Many of this Clan have a Martyr complex. Freely giving of themselves for others in the Clans wellbeing.

Clan Saotome- This Clan Is the Clan that searches for ancient artifacts from the past. They have an intimate understanding of Magic and its uses. They are below average in combat ability phyiscally, but they posess magic which can greatly even the odds. Their power stems from arcane knowledge. They are the most likely to own and maintain powerful artifacts. They may posess many unique skills based on their research into forgotten lore.

Clan Hideyoshi- Clan Hideyoshi is something of an oddity. The Hideyoshi posess a great number or members who are not human. many have strange an new powers that set them apart. They are seen as outcasts among the other Clans, but no one denies that in a battle the Unpredictability of a Hideyoshi Ninja's skill has turned the tide numerous times. While other houses do have non-human members, they are somewhat rare.

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I suppose I ought to have included this earlier.

If you roll snake eyes (2) on the dice you automatically fail the check, similar to a botch in other systems. This is regardless of what you actually need to succeed.

If you roll double 6's (12) on the dice you automatically succeed on the roll. This holds true in and out of combat regardless of what you actually need.

for snake-eyes If you have an ACV of 7 and need only 2 on the dice to hit your oponent on the roll and all you roll is snake eyes you fail to hit.

for success Supose a check is a very difficult puzzle requiring a check at target 20. you only have a mind of 6 this means the highest you could get is an 18, normally a failure. but should you actually roll double sixes, you succeed through blind luck.

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Satoshi Heavy Industries had it's modern incaration begin shortly after the second world war. The company is a gigantic conglomerate dealing in virtually every sort of buisness endeavor. One area they truly excel at is medical research and pharmaceuticals. This one company has found the cures to over a dozen diseases in the last decade that were thought uncurable, Including HIV and AIDS, Alzheimer's, and Parkinson's. They pioneered new manufacturing techniques that improve factor output a full 100%. Beyond that, they also develop high-tech weaponry and defense systems for Japan and her allies.

Many say the company is too good to be true. A single company has vastly improved the overall life of regular citizens on Earth dramatically, seemingly from nowhere. They donate to a horde of charities and humanitarian aid funds, and their workers and designers frequently can be found alongside others trying to better the standard of living.

The company is run by a board of directors who tend to draw attention to them. It's rumored various high-level politicians are indebtted to the Board in some fashion, including a number of presidents, kings, and dictators.

This is what the general public knows on Satoshi

Behind all this operate the Thirteen Crisis Response Teams. They are lead by Head Captain Hizashi Hayami, a man who none have ever beaten in battle. Each Crisis Response Team (referred to from now on as CRT's) has a different function.

CRT-1 Captain- Hizashi Hayami pilot of Gundam Superior/ wields the sword Kusanagi

Lieutenant- Ayato Kamina pilot of Rahxephon/ wields no visible weapons

CRT-1 is comprised of the most elite and talented soldiers and specialists Satoshi can field. Thier emblem is The skull and crossbones. CRT-1 is tasked primarily with elimanating threats to core Satoshi personnel, and each member is fanatically loyal to Hizashi. Nicknamed the Extermination team.

CRT-2 Captain- Takashi Satoshi pilot of Epyon-Shadow/ wields the sword Sounga

Lieutenant- Yushiro Gowa battlearmor trooper/ wields a pair of Venomonga Daggers

CRT-2 is a mixed squad of battle armor and mecha pilots. They are a primary defender of the Sol System and have claimed a great number of kills from both Federation and Empire forces. Takashi is Heir-apparent to the Founders of the company, and seems to be next in line to run the show. He has had several incidences of severe psychosis, with highly classified results. Their emblem is a blood-dripping Katana. They are known as the BloodDrinkers.

CRT-3 Captain Atsushi Hayami Pilot of Strike Freedom Gundam/ Wields the Sword of Gabriel

Lieutenant Saito Murazaki/ Mai Shibamura pilot for Meteor Gundam/ Student council Secretary

CRT-3 is a mixed team dedicated to defense. They were once the largest CRT behind CRT-4, but the Battle for Mars decimated their numbers. The battle Ended with Rookie Captain Hayami's defeating of Captain Ryoma Nagare of the Circinus Federation. In a later battle with Dalaraan Forces Atsushi was lost in combat. later he reappeared as a student at Jindai Academy, where he was found to be observing a group of unique individuals, including his young Lieutenant. Their Emblem is a rose over a damaged armor plate. They are known as The Unyielding Aegis.

CRT-4 Captain Hirota "Pops" Shibaksuka non-pilot

Lieutenant Ruri Hoshino cyberkinetic

CRT-4 is a non combat team focused primarily on resupply, rearmament, Repair, and healing. Each member is skilled in all fields, though each has thier own area where they excel. Lieutenant Hoshino is the youngest of the Satoshi officer corps. Their emblem is a pair of cooking utensils crossed with a pair of wrenches. They're known affectionately as the Fixers.

CRT-5 Captain Raisho Ishiyama battlearmor/ wielder of Tensaiga

Lieutenant Junshiro Amagi battlearmor/ wieled Ryuumi

CRT-5 is a team focused primarily on damage control. Raisho is an Aradian (read Angel) with immense powers of healing and combat ability. However he is very much an elitist, and will not heal those with Demon blood in them. The CRT was hurt badly in the week long fight to protect the school from demons, but Is easily the most intact Combat Team the Allies possess. Their Emblem is a Starburst around the infinity symbol, they are known as the Faithful.

CRT-6 Captain Klauss Wagner Pilot of Fallen Weisritter

Lieutenant Gunter Strieger Pilot of Wraith Gundam

CRT-6 is designed for Stealth operations. The two men in charge are devious and conniving, but ultimately loyal to Takashi Satoshi. Their Mecha excel in claoking technology and reconnasiance ability, bbut usually have no protective shielding. CRT-6 is entirely a mecha team that requires a large amount of maintence due to the complexity of their shadow systems. The mecha are overgunned, underarmored and exceptionally fast. Their Emblem is a solid black sword against grey shield. They are known as the Makaze, or Black wind.

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Alright something I've noticed.

You guys can deal retarded amounts of damage.

I only need to hit any of you once with about 200 damage (%75 of the average you deal) and I will drop you into or near negatives.

I'm also getting the feeling you guys don't have enough ep to use all your powers.

To that end I am making the following changes.

There is no limit on Tough, or Energy bonus.

I am changing their costs to 1 cp per rank.

Each rank gives you 10 hp or 10 ep.

This will be retroactive so any ranks you already have will give you the same bonuses.

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Lost track of the official OOC thread, so I'm hijacking this one.

Valerie...your last two posts in Heritage are confusing the heck out of me. You're acting like Lily is falling or unconscious...when in fact she just power-flew out of a wormhole and is in the process of forming up with you guys to start kicking mecha-booty.

Before I post for realz, I just want to make sure everyone's on the same page. What's up?

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Sorry, I tought she was unconcious, but then again she was a different kind of unconcious :P

Am I the only one who remembers how this mechs needed gundams to bring down last time and we aren't exactly about to do bankai in the middle of a stealth mission?

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