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Big Eyes, Small Mouth (BESM): Nexus Earth - Looking for Players

Justin OOC

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Ok It got talked about a bit the other night and I decided it sounded fun. I decided I am going to run a game of BESM 3rd Edition here on RPG-Post.

This is open to all interested parties, but I do require anyone interested to be able to make regular posts. I've seen alot of games die because they go weeks without any activity. I would like to prevent that from happening here. So I'm going to ask for those interested be able to post regularly throughout the full week. I will do my best to keep the game going smoothely.

I am looking for 4-8 players at the most. 8 may be pushing it, but if I have 8 then I'll manage. More than that and I'll run two games.

The basic premise is that Earth is the Nexus of all reality and on Earth their are people called "Keys" these keys each hold the ability to open gateways to specific worlds and alternate realities. These people are highly sought after by nearly everyone. Beyond the standard "Key" lies the "Skeleton Key" These beings can Open or Seal any dimensional gateway permanently. Wars are fought behind the scenes for the Skeleton Keys due to their immense power.

Most factions in play try to hide their activities on Earth but some simply no longer care. This is a source of major conflict and one of the driving points of the story. The players could be after the Keys, or could simply be dimesnional exiles trying to get home, or resigned to make the best of things on Earth. Whatever the case, insane addventure,action-packed combat and comic hilarity will likely ensue.

I look forward to the game, and hope to see you there. Please post here if you're interested in playing.

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Sounds intriguing!

And I just happen to have my trusty BESM book here...been awhile since I was called on to use it. Hate to see a book gather dust.

What sort of characters would be most appropriate to this? And what's the tone like? Leaning gritty or humorous? Anything goes, or do you have specific races/backgrounds in mind?

-- PS - My BESM book is 2nd Edition Revised. Er...are there a lot of changes? And if so, is help available in chargen? smile

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I'd be interested as well, but I only have the 2nd Ed. Revised as well.

I have wanted to play BESM for some time, and I am excited. I have several character concepts in mind. I just need to know, like Lily, what the differences are in character gen between 2nd and 3rd ed. Also, I have never made a BESM character, so this will be a first.

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From Long

The Earth is the nexus of all reality. There are more keys located on earth Prime than anywhere else in the known universe. Everyone wants access to other dimensions, if for nothing else than boredom with this one.

Each of you has been sent here with a single goal, locate the third Skeleton Key, without seriously disrupting the daily life of the regular humanity. There are dozens of prospects but one looks good in particular. The young man Kai Morisato is a fairly normal man except that he seems to draw interesting happenings like a magnet. He has shown the ability to seal dimensional rifts, but has not been able to do so consciously.

This game centers around the search for a Skeleton Key, and the possibility of Kai actually being one. Some wacky times are ahead, to say the least. I admit there will be a fiar share of Comedy, there will be a good deal of action and other elements. I will do my best to not go too far with things one way or the other.

Primarily the story will take place in or around Tokyo, but we aren't goning to be limited to that. Kai attends Jindai High school and should any of the party wish they may as well as part of their cover story or actual background.

The Major Factions are

The Circinus Federation- Dedicated to conquest the see the keys as gateways to unlimited new worlds and opportunities. They posess extremely advanced technology including androids cyborgs and if need by giant combat mecha

The Dalaraan Empire- An ancient alien empire posessed of incredible spiritual powers. It is on a basic caste system. Those who have the most potential are the Elite/royal caste. Thier starships are living entities, in some cases they have the power to destroy planets with a single barrage. The ships are bonded to a single person on board, their power is directly linked to the power of the person they are bonded to. They seek the keys to both protect them and understand their abilities.

The Kage- An ancient collection of Ninja clans who have guarded the Keys of Earth. They are capable of many superhuman feats and incclude members from all backgrounds Many have died for the task they have been given, yet there are many more who gladly give themselves freely to maintain balance in the Multiverse.

Satoshi Industries Incorporated- An Earth-based company observing the strange occurrences and trying to design technology to mimic and defeat them. They are backed secretly by the Japanese Government, specificly the Self Defense Forces. They have managed to get several paranormals as they call the non-standard humanoids to work for them and are known to possess in at leas four Keys. Attempts to recover their Keys have resulted in the total annihilation of whatever force was sen against them.

The Wanderers- These individuals or groups are beings who have been stranded on Earth by fate or circumstance and forced to hide amongs humanity while hunting for the Key that can send them home. They generally mean no harm to the populace but some have begun to despair at the near impossibility of their search and set up shop here on Earth to make the best of things.

**These factions all generally consist of human-looking beings. Only SII is composed of entirely humans. You can play other races and be a member of a faction , but the "Look Human" rule still applies**

((Character creation))

400 character points

max ranks in any ability- 10 otherwise normal character creation rules apply

"Look Human Rule" The only major restriction is that if your character doesn't look like a normal human They must have some way to look like a normal human so that they blend with Earth's human populace. I'm not going to sweat how this is done, but please have it make sense for your character.

Aside from this you'll find I'm pretty easy-going on allowinng abilities. I only ask that if you thinks something could potentially be broken, you run it by me first. I reserve the right to deny something I think will overly unbalance the game.

Please send me the breakdown of your charachter when you are finished once I have everyone's sheet I'll get started.

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Holy moly.

I'm guessing point values at least have changed rather radically from 2nd Edition Revised.


That's enough to get me started conceptually...but I will need some help with mechanics. Are there online sources you could direct me to?

Edit - here's the wiki for Tri-Stat, which is what BESM 3rd Ed is based on, I believe. Let us know if there's significant deviations, okay?


Annnnnd here is the Guardians of Order download page. Download the Tri-Stat dX Core Rules. It's a free pdf. Now we just need to know what, if anything, changes for BESM, and all's well!


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Ok a quick note.

I listed the five major factions and forgot to put that Satoshi was essentially the "Big Bad Brother" in this game. Players are not allowed to start as Employees of Satoshi Heavy Industries.

To give a comparison of what Satoshi is like, Satoshi is this Universe's Technocracy.

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So we have a genespliced soldier, a werry good sworder, a mecha pilot, and a magical girl...sorta.

I believe I shall be an extraterrestrial then.

The Dalaran Empire intrigues me. Is there any information on it, Jesse? What kind of species are in it? What kind of unusual abilities they possess? Preferences on gear? Customs, taboos?

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I guess I can throw out some out of character information, as to prevent some issues.

Ariel is from the world of Imago.

There is a universe description in the BESM 3.0 book, which is what is being used for this campaign. There some 'different worlds' through the portals that the Key's can access. Imago is one of them.

So, I am actually an alien. But the appearances are still human.

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just as a notice I want all character drafts done by Friday the 3rd. This will give me Saturday and Sunday to be sure of the math and game balance issues and fine tune the story for the characters.

I am looking to start this Sunday and I want everything ready to go. If you have not submitted a character by this time I will have to drop you from the game.

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Originally Posted By: Saito
Despite the fact that Saito is viewed as dangerous by the majority of the student body, a small group of people are seen conversing with him on a regular basis. The first is Saito's adoptive brother Ryo. The second, is the student council president himself and finally, there is a small group of girls who can be seen following him around but they do not speak with him directly.

Saito, clarification - by "small group of girls who can be seen following him around" did you mean the PC girls following Kai or some NPC girls following Saito? Just a question so that I've got it right.
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