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Aberrant RPG - Power Critique: Temporal Manip-Temporal Interrupt


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Hi all!

Hope this is the right place for this to go, but I was wondering if you could give me your thoughts on this power that I designed. You may note its similarity to a power that Timeslip submitted called Extra-Temporal Travel and I did revise mine a bit after seeing it (and the exploits that could occur). So please read it over and let me know what you think, hope there is some feedback because there are a few others that your opinions would be welcome on as well.

Temporal Manipulation

Temporal Interrupt

Level: 3

Quantum Minimum: 5

Dice Pool: Intelligence + Temporal Manipulation

Range: Self

Area: N/A

Duration: Special

Effect: The nova is able to step "outside" of normal time, into a world where everything else appears frozen in a single moment

Multiple Actions: No

Description: The ability allows the Nova to remove himself, momentarily, from the normal flow of time. In this state the nova can freely move about, while everything else appears to be in stasis. While outside of time the Nova may not interact with any object unless they have been attuned to the Nova’s quantum signature as they are immune to any force, phenomenon or attack.

To use Temporal Interrupt the nova spends the required quantum and rolls Intelligence + Temporal Manipulation, the number of successes determines the amount of time that the Nova can remain outside of the time stream. Each point of Quantum counts as an automatic success and each success allows the nova one turn outside of “normal” time. In addition, because of the effort involved in separating oneself from the time stream, the nova is considered to be concentrating on maintaining the effect. This makes it nigh impossible for the nova to activate any of their quantum powers as it would require too much focus and disable the delicate balance the nova has established. The nova though may maintain any power that is already in effect and can still use their mega-attributes as these are more innate applications of quantum.

Finally, the difficulty involved in separating or even maintaining oneself outside of time pales in comparison to safely returning to it. This “attunement process” takes place the turn which the nova returns to the time stream, during it the nova and any attuned objects or effects are visible but completely unable to be affected as they flicker in and out of time; any actions the nova takes that turn – including all those that result from actions taken during use of Temporal Interrupt – act last at an effective initiative of 1 with the nova rolling their initiative the following turn.

Extras: None

Anyhow, have at it and feel free with the comments and criticism.

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As a seperate, lower powered version of Timeslip's power, I really don't think you've gutted it enough to be Q-Min 5.

Timeslip's: Int + Temp Manip @ +2 Diff = 1 scene

Yours: Int + Temp Manip = 1 turn/success + 1 turn per QP spent in addition to activation [or is it +Q turns, it's ambiguous].

That right there is the only difference between the two and quite honestly, while a scene can be variable length I'd say you're getting far too much more than you should to justify the Q-5.

In my opinion, you're just gonna have to wait until Q6.


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Yeah, was trying for a toned down version of Timeslips'. When I was building it there were three main differences that hopefully would make the power a Quantum 5 variant.

1) Duration

Int + Temp Manip = 1 turn/success + 1 turn per Quantum (as in the trait, not quantum point(s) spent) so at Quantum 5 with 5 TM, 5 Int and 5 M-Int you can expect to only get about 12 turns, which is about 36 seconds in combat and 36 min out of combat.

Timeslips' is once scene at +2 diff (from Timeslip's Extra-Temporal Travel Power); a scene is considered to be a compact period of action, taking as many turns as necessary to resolve events as they unfold. Depending on what you're doing this can be pretty variable, allowing as many or as few turns as required; the real difference between the two is you're under a time limit with the proposed power...and with Timeslips' you aren't.

2) Power Use

This version restricts you from activating any quantum powers. It does allow you to continue maintaining powers and use mega attributes though. You are also under the effects of concentration (i.e. +2 diff to all rolls).

Timeslips' power allows you to use all your abilities and powers with no additional difficulty, except for attunement and restrictions in place due to the environment.

3) Attunement and actions

You can attune things with this one while under its effect, but to deal with exploits I made it such that there was a transition period when you returned to the normal time stream. This period would allow people to react to things you've done (you and all the stuff you did act last, unless it already took place in subjective time i.e. movement, attunement effects, healing) so if you had shot the mini-gun they would be able to see bullets hovering in the air around their skull or the plastic explosives at their feet and be able to react (as the stuff would still be "phased out" a good reaction would be to isolate it with a forcefield or just run away).

Timeslips' doesn't allow you to attune things, but does allow you to plant shaped charges and drop grenades which would activate immediately upon ending the effect - from what I read on the discussion of her power, that was the main reason that it became Quantum 6.

Hope that this better illustrates the differences between the two powers and clears up any ambiguity that was there.

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If that is the case, then Quantum 6 it is (with maybe a tweak or two due to its new elevated status).

Just a quick query though, are there firm guidelines on the differences between Q5,Q6 and Q7? If so, where might they be found?

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Then what we've got is basically "TimeStop + Area + enough weaknesses to try to get -3."

-1 For Concentration.

-1 For Duration

-1 For Effect.

My off the cuff estimate is that although the power is 3rd level the Q-min should still be 6.

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