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[Fiction] Ghosts of the Past (Matotl: Part 2)


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A few quick knocks upon the door frame echo's slightly in the small room, “Excuse me, are you Tokoyan Kumisa?” a male voice casually calls out.

The old woman's head rises and turns towards the voice and nods slowly, “That I am. What can I do for you?”

“My name is Inspector Jones Malone. I am currently in the process of a investigation about some strange activities that have taken place in the last few days in this area. Would you be so kind as to answer some questions to help with our investigations?”

Tokoyan rises to her feet, “Of course, I would be happy to help were I can. I can only tell you what I may have heard but not what I have seen.” She turns to the right and walks over to a table near by carefully making her way around it she takes a seat in a chair. “Please come and sit, can I offer you a cup of tea?”

Jones walks over to the table as he watches the old woman carefully as it always amazed him how she could get around with out the aid of a seeing eye dog or even human help of any kind. A smile plays across his lips as he nods, “I would love to have some of your famous green tea. Thank you.”

A slight blush plays across Tokoyan's face as she smiles, “Well it's not that famous Mr. Jones, its just all natural.” A soft chuckle escapes her lips as she pours a cup for each of them not spilling a single drop. “I hope you like Jasmine with a hint of lemon, I have no green tea this time around.”

“That will be fine, I have not had Jasmine tea before..” The inspector takes the cup into his hand and sits back taking a slow slip. A few moments pass taking his time to assess the flavor and texture of the drink, . “Very interesting tea has quite the flavor to it. Anyhow as much as I enjoy sampling the interesting flavors of tea you have. I have a few questions I must ask if you do not mind Ms. Tokoyan”

“Very well inspector what are your questions?” She takes a slow sip of her tea, “I will do what I can to answer them to the best of my knowledge. Although anything I may know is hear say, but this old woman has heard many things in her days.”

“Interesting.” Jones chuckles softly taking another sip of his tea. “Tokoyan, just a few days ago, a massive gang fight took place in the local where house district. The where house district was torn apart by the fight before LPD and Nova Rapid Response Team could even respond. I was wondering since your one of the active civic leaders helping to keep kids off the streets and in school. We thought you may have heard of something recently about what took place. Maybe some of your students could of said a few things that may have been odd.”

A slight sigh leaves Tokyons lips as she thinks for a few long moments while taking a sip or two of her tea, “I see, I have not heard of anything honestly inspector Jones. Nor has my instructors or students for the most part. I do not think I have anything that could help you Jones I am sorry. Your most welcome to ask anyone you like here any questions that may help you in your investigation.”

“I see, I will indeed take some time to question some of your staff and students, although its just a formal inquiry. Although I must ask you has there been any strange people in the area in the last few months that may have been out of place in this area. That you can recall?”

“Yes I have had a few visitors to my Dojo in the last few months mainly new business and people showing up for training classes and after school activities. All in which are recorded just in case anything takes place in which the police department may need additional information. If you need access to those records we will allow it.”

“That will be very helpful, it is nice to see people willing to help the police out in the time of need. We will not need a copy of your records as of yet but if we do. I am sure we will notify you of what we need.

“Other then that the only other visitor I have had you could say was an ol'friend, she stayed a few months reflecting upon her past. She did seam a little troubled from time to time, but other then that she was very helpful in many areas.”

“Do you happen to know were this person is so I may ask them some questions?” Jones takes another sip of his tea.

“No I do not, she left a few days ago in the morning with out much of a word.”

“I see, I will have to ask the instructors to get a description of the person in question. We might need to track them down later on if needed.” Jones sets the tea cup down and looks towards the window with a soft sigh. “Tokoyan I do have another reason to be here....”

“Oh, what is that Mr. Jones?”

“The case file on November 15th 2015 School fire has been reopened and it is now being investigated as arson.”

The only woman's face seams to freeze in place as she listens carefully to offers words, her heart pounding in her chest. “I...is... he alive?” she whispers softly holding back her emotions.

Jones sighs heavily and shakes his head slowly, “I am sorry, Loziens skeletal remains were found this morning in the rubble of one of the buildings in the where house district. We are upgrading the case file to murder and re-looking into the school fire on November 15th 2015. The bones we found have been dry for some time but it looks like they were gnawed upon by a beast of some sorts. I have no other information to give to you at this time but I will need you to come to the station and make a statement when you can.

Tokoyan lowers her head as she sets the tea cup down upon the table. “I will come....” Her voice filled with sadness and grief. “Just give me some time to grieve over my loss..” She whispers softly, “Thank you Jones....”

Jones nods slowly feeling very guilty he had to bear such bad news, “I will see you at the station in the next few days, take some time to collect yourself. I am sorry that I had to bear such bad news....

(Sorry this took so long to work on the next part been very busy irl)

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Mean while a couple hundred miles away, deep in the white mountains of California...

Silvertalon lays motionless upon the ground, her body to heavy to move for now. Her lovely wings now lay across the ground bloodied, broken and torn unable to move as they twitch slightly from time to time. Her head rests heavily on the ground while her eyes just stare blankly forward glazed over from the pain an exhaustion of her body. As each breath is drawn she can feel the pain in her body. She can feel her broken right arm, as well as the many deep cuts in her body still trying to heal. The loss of blood from these open wounds has taken its toll upon her body.

The cool mountain air gently caresses her aching body, as the sound of the rustling grass and trees seam so relaxing. Her eyes slowly begin to close as her vision becomes blurry. The aches and pains of her body seams to dull as her conscious state of mind beings to fade. Her ears flicker about catching the sounds from around her as she is vaguely aware of what is going on around her. A soft thumping, walking if not beating sound seams to catch her subconscious attention as she slowly falls into a deep sleep.

Slowly her left hand releases its grip around the broken op-net device, its display is smashed. The casing crushed in a few places and yet a few lights flicker on and off still showing it has power remaining. As it is unclear if it still functions in any manner.

Thump.... Thump.... Thump... The sound steadily grows louder with each passing moment. This sound becomes the last thing her active conscious recalls before the darkness consumes her.......

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“Let me go......” A young males cry is suddenly cut off, as he is dragged into an alley way by four older men. One puts a blade to the young mans throat and whispers a few threatening words as the teen calms down quickly. His pockets are quickly fished into by the other older mens hands, his backpack ripped from his back and quickly emptied across the ground spilling out all his school books and other odds and ends. It only takes a minute or less as they find all the items worth money and the cash he was carrying.

“Did you get everything?” The man holding the teenager looks at the other men with a grin keeping his captive held tight.

“De's boy had jack on'm! Nutt'n much!”

“Yeh boss.. Dis. Was a waist ofur time.. Kidz Gotz nothin!”

“Is that so...” The man holding the teenager chuckles in a dark way. Suddenly he pushes the kid hard into wall in front of him, slamming the young man hard into the wall as he cries out in pain. His nose broken by the impact of his face slamming into the bricks as his body is pressed into from behind. A whimper of pain escapes his lips unable to cry out from the amount of force being pressed into him from behind. As the mans voice whispers into his ear with the sound of spite and anger, “Youz comez into our truff! With out proper Tribute.. How stuipedz you are.. Now.. You will see what we doz wif such as yourself.”

“Boys! We gotz a example! To show what happenz when you fail to give tribute!” The man quickly tosses the teen to the ground as his right boot slams into his ribs kicking him hard. The teenager rolls onto his back clutching his chest as its clear pain is written all over his face. He looks up in the dim morning light at the three men looking down at him, his voice lost in his throat as fear wells with in him. The men reach down for him as he closes his eyes not wanting to see what is to come next as the three men laugh wickedly at the teens fate.

Suddenly the laughter stops as two of the three men are pulled off there feet and flung a good twenty feet away into the trash can's causing them all to come crashing down on top of them. The third stands face to face staring into the creatures face as a deep growl wells with in his chest. Slowly the creatures fangs bear in a threatening manner, as it stands over the teenager in a protective stance keeping him from harm. The man eyes widen slightly as he takes a few steps back as he summons up enough courage to speak.

“Yuz! Messin with the wrong gang you freak!” He stumbles across his words the sound of fear clearly in his voice. “Yuz Will pay for mess'n wif the boys! Mark my worz youz Freak!”

The man tries to turn and run but the creature is upon him suddenly grabbing him by the neck as he gasps sharply. His body is slammed roughtly into the wall as he is pined firmly in place. The creature growls in a very threatening manner with fangs and teeth bared. The man goes white with pure fear, his breath caught in his throat as he hangs in the creatures clutches helplessly. It looks over him slowly and carefully considering what should be done with him. But something out of the corner of its eye catches its attention. As it reaches for the mans arm looking at the watch on his wrist noticing something familiar about it.

The watch is old by many years, its plate cracked and the bands mismatched. Still yet something seams to draw its attention to it something about it calls to it. As its claws touch the surface of watch something clicks with in its mind. The man for a moment notices the creatures pause is attention upon the watch as he speaks up quickly, “T..T..Ttt..Take it! I..if thats whz you wantz.. Take!” He quickly fumbles the latch as it falls to the ground. A few moments pass but the grip upon his neck slowly lets up allowing him to fall to his feet quickly he takes off like rocket getting away from that creature.

Silvertalon watches the man run for his life as she smirks slightly strangely finding the feeling of seeing someone run in terror amuses her so. But then her attention falls onto the watch in the puddle of water, something about it calls to her. She reaches down carefully taking it into her hands looking at closely before putting it into a pouch at her side. Her attention turns to the teenager laying on the ground, his face busted in. His body battered they beat him up really good. As he lays on the ground broken, and bloodied she can smell the blood. As she can't help but to lick her lips a bit with a soft growl. She takes him into her arms carefully as she looks around for a moment getting her direction as she takes flight taking the wounded teen to a near by hospital......

The sounds are loud.... Clack. Clack Clack. The rumbling below and the sense of movement. A whistle cry rings loudly with in my ears. I open my eyes suddenly blinded by the light, and then quickly overcome by darkness. Seeing a flash of light and then suddenly darkness. The sounds echo loudly about the smell of smoke is strong as I gasp for air. My body hurts and burns in pain in some places. My talons dig into the steel below me as my mind races forth realizing where I am.. Whom I am...

A.. Train.... I.. am, on a train.

I...am Silvertalon...

Silvertalon passes out once again from the wounds, shock and sensory overload all coming at once. Yet in the short moments she was awake it was quite possible the broken com devices homing beckon was activated.

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The signal he'd set up some time ago just went active. For three seconds the tone droned on, then it went silent. Long frowned. "What the hell?" He called up the log from his computer and saw that it was the unit Silvertalon had inherited from Wakinyan. "What on earth has she done that the automated distress signal would activate?" He tried to get a fix on the signal, but there was simpply too much interference and it hadn't stayed active long enough before being cut off.

"Sakurako I may have to leave soon. Something may be wrong with Silvertalon. Digigeist and the others will be around, so if you need anything, call for them. Take care of the children."

He prepared his system for triangulating the signal and waited, hoping that it would activate angain for long enough for him to get a fix.

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The bell has rung marking the end of the day for school and semester due to summer vacation. The children gleefully gathered their belongings and headed for home, video arcades and other places of enjoyment. It was a joyful time of the year for all, while some of the children ran though the hallways ignoring the shouts for them to walk by the adults. A few stayed for a little longer to hang out and talk about what they were going to do over the vacation with friends and family. Everyone was caught up in the happy times expect for a few that felt an uneasy sensation that seamed to hang in the air but it was ignored.

“Lozian, what are you up to? Schools out! Why are ya hanging around here?”

“... Just getting my things from the gym locker I forgot about. I wont be long. I'll see you outside Tina.”

“Okay, don't make me wait to long you know, I wanna go out and have some fun!”

Lozian chuckles softly and nods, “Yeah true, this place is a drag! But hey I'll see ya in a minute.” Waves as he heads off towards the gym.

A few minutes pass as the sounds of the gleeful children seam to fade away. Lozian can hear his own foot steps echo in the hallway. He pauses for a moment to look around for a moment noticing the shadows of mid day filter in though the windows. A shiver runs down his spine, always disliking this long hallway around this time of the day as it gave him the creeps. The gym locker room was only a few doors down from where he stood thankfully. Quickly picking up the pace he walked into the very dark locker room as he sighed. He reached for the light switch and turned the lights on. The room illuminated up as he went to gather his belongings quickly as he could eager to catch up with Tina and head off to the arcades.

A strange but faint sound of something or someone hitting the wall caught his attention. An then a mumbled words of people speaking followed sounding not happy. The words couldn't be made out by the sound seamed like someone was upset over something. Lozien carefully shut the locker door and headed out of the locker room turning off the lights behind him. He looked towards the door room next to the locker door for a moment or two thinking if he should see what is going on or if he should just leave. Another thud could be heard coming from with in the room again and those voices. It didn't take much more then that to make the him curious as he carefully made his way to the door, slowly opening it a crack to see one of the teachers held by the neck up against the wall. His eyes widened realizing it was the science teacher held against his will to the wall.

“Now... Mr. Jerry... I wont ask you a second time, were is my goods!” A strange voice demanded. The science teacher choked as the grip around his neck tightened, he glared at his captor.

“I don't have them! Nor will I make what you want! T.. that stuff is extremely dangerous! If I would of known what was yo...” gasps sharply as the grip around his neck tightens cutting off his voice suddenly.

Lozien's covered his mouth while he watched silently from the crack in the door. He saw the teacher yanked off the wall and pass his vision suddenly. Then a loud crashing sound soon followed as the sick snapping sounds of bones being broken followed by weak cries of pain. The stranger moved passed to he door towards his victom with a laugh. A few desks were forced out of the way by the sounds of them being pushed aside.

The strangers laugh darkens in a very creepy manner. His heavy foot steps can be heard slowly moving towards the back of the room where the teacher was flung like a rag doll. His laughter continues for a few moments longer before the stranger speaks a strange tongue. Suddenly the sound of bones breaking and snapping could be heard, blood suddenly splatters across the floor in front of the door causing Losien to fall on his rump making loud noise as he cried out in shock and fear of what just happened as the door swings open.

The figure rises slowly from his victom eyes aglow as he stands and turns to the door, “Ah, it seams there are mice about, that need to be squished. Time to die my little rodent friend!”

Quickly Lozien gets to his feet and runs for his life down the hallway. The dark figure slowly walks heavily as he watches his new prey flee. A dark laugh resounds though the hallways as he allows his prey a moment of false escape.

Tina paced back and forth waiting for Lozien, she looked towards the door several times wondering what was taking him so long. Then she decided to go look for him, she opened the doors to see him running right at her, he screamed for her to run as she look confused. Suddenly if by force, she was flung away from the doors across the lawn hitting her head quite hard from the fall, it was the last thing she remembered.

Lozien watched in horror as Tina was flung from the entrance and the doors were shut he turned to see a fire riping though the hallway behind him. Everything seams to go red for a moment as the heat consumed his flesh and bones... A sense, a cry... A plea for help is all that can be felt and heard. The sensation was so real.......

The jostling, the loud clanking noises and movement finally bring her to. Her eyes open slowly as the land around her seams to pass by quickly. Her mind races for a moment as she realizes she is on a train. Her body aches from the wounds and still hurts, she can tell some of the minor wounds have completely healed but yet the larger ones are still in the process of healing. A beeping sound catches her attention as it only lasts a few short beeps and then goes out. Her mind still trying to recover from the mental and physcial shock she is going though as she passes out once again.

It was a cold morning, the smogg was annoying and thick. The scent of the man she was tracking was close. A soft growl welled within her throat still remembering the images she saw in her dream. Her mind was set on finding him as it took her most of the night to track him down as he moved around alot. The building before her was a rundown seven story building with warning signs all about telling everyone that it was unsafe. She looked towards the broken windows and noticed a faint light in the upper floors. Spreading her wings she took flight easily reaching the roof with in a few moments the cover of the smog kept her form sight. She landed gently upon the roof as her eyes found the access into the building was already opened as the door was hanging off its hinges to the side.

The building was cold, much like outside, diry and dusty. The floor was clustered with litter and other debries from its ill kept state. The sound of a fire can easily be heard, the mans scent was all over this area and those of a couple others. Her ears flickered about listening to every sound, as she could pick up the sound of someone sleeping. The fires light slightly filled the hallway from an open door as she carefully made her way carefully. But do to her size and her wings it was quite a slow process indeed trying to keep quite in such a small space.

Her eyes gleamed slightly as she looked into the well lit room finding her prey asleep in a bundle of old blankets and on a dirty bedding of some sort. Her eyes glared slightly as her lips pulled back seeing him for a second time. Her eyes narrowed slightly as her fangs were bared as she almost started to growl but stopped. She crept closer to the sleeping man as he stirred sensing something was wrong. He awoke suddenly turning to see the creature from a few nights before glaring at him directly face to face. She quickly reached out grabbing him by the neck and lifted him up as he screamed in terror. Shi snarled softly jostling him around a bit before pushing him up against the wall firmly. As a deep growl escaped her throat as she reached back behind herself.

The man squirmed holding onto the hand around his neck, crying out for help as he struggled. His eyes widened as he saw the creature reach back behind itself and then he closed his eyes tightly waiting to feel a blade shoved though his body or its talons. But then nothing happened as he opened them he saw a watch dangling before his face, as the creature growled low and spoke.

“Where... Did you get this...” He looked at the creature before him completely dumbfounded for a few long moments. Then it shook him hard a few times easily like a rag doll. It repeated itself with a soft snarl as he looked around as if expecting someone to show up to help him.

“I.... I den't knew.. Yuz freak! Letz mez go!” He struggles a bit finding it impossible to break free of the creatures grasp.

A deep growl escapes her lips as she glares at the man, “Really.... I think you know.. You know.. What I want..” she picks him up by the neck and carries him over the the window. She reaches down grasping his foot and lets his neck go as he falls over out the window. His short fall is stopped by his held foot as he dangles over the side of the building looking down at the ground several stories below. The man freaks out as he cries out for help, pleading and begging the creature not to let him fall. A slight smirk plays across the creatures lips as it growls low kneeling down raising the man higher so their eye to eye.

“Tell me what I want to know... You wont fall..” the words come softly with a soft growl as her eyes narrow.

The man eyes widen as he nods, “Ok.. okz okaz. Iv tellz ya!” he looks down at the ground once again with a look of fear and then back at the creature. “Bozz givez it to me! Bozz!”

“Boss?” the creature growls deep glaring at him more...

“YeZ! Bozz.. Wherz houze diztric! Hezz the onez that gave me!” He cries out breaking down right on the spot. She watches him for a few long moments considering as she can sense he is telling the truth. With a soft snarl, she rises to her feet and then as if to let go, she flings the man into the room across the floor like a rag doll as he skips across the ground coming to a stop with a loud thud knocking the thug out. The sounds of foot falls catch her attention as she turns to the window and takes flight. Clearly her actions didn't go unnoticed for to long as his friends started showed up in force.

(Did some adjustments, will do some later tonight to make this better to read)

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The signal beeped again and this time Long was ready. He quickly got a fix on it stood up. He vanished in a blue flash and reappeared Standing on what seemed to be train tracks. About a kilometer away he saw the tail end of a freight train. He breathed in deeply, rapidly separating and identifying all the scents. He quickly smelled blood, her blood. He looked down and sure enough there were drops here and there.

"She's hurt bad. Damn, no time to do this the right way." He blasted off in pursuit of the train and quickly caught up. He followed his nose to where Silvertalon lay atop the train. Her breathing was ragged and he could see several large, serious wounds on her back and her wings seemed to be heavily damaged.

He lit down behind her and his barrier field crackled to life. She was wounded, but likely almost totally acting on instinct. He approached carefully, his massive foot talons digging through the roof with each step. He knelt down next to her and called her name softly. "Silvertalon, its Long. You're seriously injured and I am going to move you to a safe location where your wounds can be treated. Nod your head if you understand."

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The train kept on course, loudly clacking upon the tracks, jolting from time to time. As she felt it heave below her making turns. In an out for a short while her senses would pick upon what was around her, remembering where she was and vaguely how she got aboard the train in her condition. Slowly her vision faded as the sound of the tracks below lulled her into an unconscious state once again. Her mind begun to wander as those sounds started to take her some place else with in her mind.

It was dark, very dark the air was cold all around. As the moons rays were blocked by clouds and smog making the night deadly dark. Her wings lightly flapped making very little noise as she flew over the buildings. Her eyes gazing across the streets of the where house district clearly picking up details below. Tonight was quite active, strangely at such an hour so late as many men in street cloths were busy loading trucks and unloading a few. The smell of booze and drugs faintly drifted up into the air giving her quite the idea those men below were most likely not the workers that toiled here but another group.

A few men shouted out as a box dropped on the ground the load cracking sound could clearly be heard as her eyes turned to look. The crate seamed to break spilling out the contents over the ground with a closer look various weapons layt across the ground. A few of the men pushed each other around yelling at one another until someone else shouted at them. The group stopped instantly and begun to gather the weapons quickly carrying them inside. The man seamed to be in charge glared at a few others as he walked off towards the other end of the building. A slight grin played across her muzzle as she rumbled softly as the man lite up a light taking a few moments walk in the darker area's way from the group busy with their work.

As silent as a bat in the night she flew though the air gliding upon the winds towards her intended target. As she neared her wings folded in allowing her to land with a few claw like scratches upon the cement. The man turned towards the noise quickly his hand put into his vest as he was about to pull his piece. He peered into the darkness looking right at her but yet didn't even see her crouching in front of him on a ledge several feet away as the darkness kept her hidden from his sight.

The man looked for a few moments around as he relaxed taking a puff. “Damn cats!”, he turned and kept watch over one of the near by streets.

Silently she crept forward on all fours, her eyes watching him. Her ears flickering back and forth catching every sound as she stalked him. As she drew close with in reach she roses standing behind him as her wings spread out. A deep rumbling growl escaped her lips, “Cats are the least of your worries.” The man nearly jumped though his skin as she moved quickly grabbing him and firmly forcing him to the ground with her hand across his mouth. It only took a few moments as she easily over powered the male. His scent reeked of booze and other things as she huffed softly her eyes narrowed as they gleamed slightly from the near by lights. Her teeth shone as she bared them. The whites of his eyes could be seen as he looked at the beast upon him. She can smell his fear, his heart was racing in his chest, if he was older he'd have a heart attack right on the spot. She waited a few moments growling at him softly keeping him firmly pinned to the ground.

“Now... That I have your attention...” She grinned quite wickedly as her other paw fished into his vest pulling out his weapon and tossing it to the side. “You will answer a few questions for me... If... Not... I can not say what might happen..” Her voice deepens onto quite a threatening growls as she uses her skills, and looks to intimidate the man below her. “Do you understand my prey?” she drew close baring those large fangs, and teeth right in front of his face. The man squirmed as he struggled more so at that sight and then submitted realizing he was in no position to fight.

She waited for a moment or two as she looked towards the direction of the other men. They seamed to be almost done with what they are doing as she growled softly turning to him once again. “Tell me.. Were is your boss! Where Can I find him.. If you scream it will be your last, now keep your voice down..” She glared at him slowly removing her hand. A few moments pass his breathing comes heavy and ragged with fear as he whispers, “B..boss.. insize.. But you not getz to him” Her hand goes over his mouth once again.

“Oh, tell me why.. Prey.. Do you or them think they could stop me?” She glared him growling deeply now.

“...... Youz.. Will be stoped.. Boz.. Haz Strange body guard! They.. strong..” He quickly says in a whisper wiggling below her. As her eyes narrowed looking at him for a moment seeing the fear in his eyes. A part of her told him he was telling the truth, another wanted to just get rid of him. The filthy creature wasn't even wroth the trouble. Her eyes glared back towards the truck hearing the doors close as some men started to head in her direction shouting out the mans name. Suddenly at the moment she was distracted he cried out, only to be quickly cut off as his head was slamed into the ground knocking him out cold. The men started to run in the direction of his voice as another called out to those loading. As more men came in that direction she growled low.


Quickly she moved leaving the man on the ground and moving into the shadows of the night.The shouts of gangsters can clearly be heard as they brought in flash lights and other light sources quickly lighting up the area. Many of them weapons as they casted a shifty glance in every direction. The three men found the other laying on the ground out called as they called out. A few of them started to rally up the mob of gangbangers as they started to actively look around searching for any signs of movement it was only a matter of time before he woke up and told them what happened. Quickly she moved though the darkness using it and her stealth abilities to get in close to the loading docks. Several men stood at the door smoking sigs armed with assault rifles. A few men were loading the last of the boxes into a van. She turned to see another twenty or so men spreading out searching the darkened area's for a possible intruder.

She watched for a few moments men climbed into the van with the heavy box. The other group seamed to be to busy talking to one another other then paying to much attention around them. Her eyes narrowed as her ears flickered the sound of that man groaning from pain could be heard as the others started to ask him what happened. Her ears laid back as she moved quickly into the light towards the of heavily armed men. One of the guards by luck saw her bolt from the shadows towards them as he cried out in warning. But yet it was to late, a few bursts rang out alerting everyone.

The van's doors quickly shut as the cries with in could be heard as the squeeling tires peeled out across the road as it took off. Bullets started to ring out, from all directions as she was out in the open. The Dock's doors started to roll, trying to close shut quickly. Her body moved instantly diving though the closing door, all the while bullets slammed into the wall, the ground and unconscious men around her. The door slammed shut, as the men outside banged on the door for a while, but yet strangely made no attempts to enter the building. Her ears rose slowly flickering about as her nose caught the scent of death all about. Her eyes narrowed slowly as she couldn't help but to growl softly as she looked about. A strange feeling started to fill her senses.......

Thud.. Thud.. Thud..

Her eyes slightly opened as a blurred image of someone white came into her field of vision. It spoke to her, as she seamed to respond slightly. Then it spoke again their voice sounded familiar and yet she could not make out whom it was. Her mind raced to think, while her instincts were true ready to lash out at the unknown but her body was to weak from her current state to respond. The voice came again...

"Silvertalon, its Lo... You're ser... injured and.... going to .... you to a safe lo....n where .... wounds can be t........... if you under....."

Her eyes opened once again, going wide as he watched them shift becoming more like talons from the dream state witnessed in her mind. As the thought of talon taking control could possibly exist and she was helpless to stop it. Then they changed again looking into his own for a few long moments. As he understood talon was apart of her and neither would take control, with in that moment some how she knew whom he was. Her eyes rolled back into her head as she passed out once again the stimulation to much for her.

A strange popping sound or two catches Long's ears. His eyes dart quickly to see each of her talons unlatching from the trains roof top. In the brief moment her body starts to slide backwards, talons clawing across the roof top. The speed of the train, the bumps causing her to fall off at such speeds completely unaware!

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Long's arms snake out and grab ahold of the limp form of Silvertalon. His foot claws sank deeper into the metal roof of the train car to compensate for the added weight. Once he'd adjusted Silvertalon's body so he could carry her easily and safely he relaxed his feet and his claws retracted. He levitated from the now speeding away roof of the train and slowly brought himself and his passenger to a stop. Once at rest he opened a warpgate back to one of the outer rooms of his home in Japan.

Risking travel this way was quickly deemed worth it in as much as Silvertalon likely couldn't survive the speed at which he'd fly home, at least not in her current condition. He stepped through the portal and back into one of the many unused guest rooms in his palatial home. He laid her down gently on the tatami mat and drew a blanket over her. "Rest my friend, I'll get a doctor to come here shortly and he'll help fix you up, Then you can perhaps tell me what happened."

He locked the room behind him and returned to his study. He could hear Ryoman start crying and Sakurako's soft voice singing an old lullaby to soothe him. "He sent her a message across the link. "Sakurako, a fellow nova has been greviously injured. I have brought her here for her safety and will be bringing a doctor shortly. Please, between you and Origami keep watch over the children while I see to Silvertalon."

he didn't wait for a reply and instead picked up the phone and dialed the dumber for Doctor Sayuki Harumi, One of the few baseline doctors he knew that actually seemed to understand nova physiology. It also helped that she too was a former trusted friend and classmate.

"This is Dr. Harumi..." "Sayuki it's Ryu. I have something of an emergency and I need you to come and treat a patient."

"Ryu is this something you did to them?"

"No, Someone else did it and despite her healing abilities she seems to be having trouble with her wounds. That's why I'm calling you."

"Ok Ryu I'll be right there. It'll take a little while to get there from the clinic though." Even as she said it she had one of the doctors take over for her on her patients. All she had to say was Long's human name and they ceased to protest. Long had been the primary financial benefactor of this small free clinic for those who couldn't afford the hospitals for a couple of years now. His money let them help alot of people who wouldn't be helped otherwise, with the single stipulation that if he called for one of them they would come immediately.

When Sayuki turned around there was a large blue-rimmed warpgate opened before her. "Just go through Sayuki, it will bring you here to the patient."

She did so and was greeted by Long in his dormed form standing over the body of what looked like an anthropomorphic fox-dragon.

"This is Silvertalon." He pulled back the blankets so she could see the wounds on her back and wings and he looked to her. "How can I help you Sayuki?"

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Sayuki nodded "I'll guide you through suturing her wounds after we clean them. I'm pretty sure I'm not strongenough to actually affect her." She began sterilizing the wounds as Long held Silvertalon in place.

Once done she looked to Long. "Ok Ryu I need you to let me in, it'll work faster that way." He grew to his larger form and with one set of arms he held Silvertalon in place, wit the others he prepared to bind his friend's wounds. He opened a limited channel to Sayuki's mind and for the next hour she guided his hands as he bound Silvertalons wounds.

Once done he released Silvertalon who seemed to be resting peacefully now. He dormed back down and Nodded to Sayuki. "Professional as always Sayuki."

"It's so awesome seeing through your eyes Ryu, I mean is it always like that? You sense everything, see everything... if I could do that I could be an even better doctor and help even more people."

"If I could give you the power Sayuki I would, but that isn't something I can do." there's a hint of sadness there. Sayuki had been a classmate, she'd become a doctor and dedicated her life to helping those who couldn't afford normal healthcare. He'd always hoped since finding her again that she would prove to be a latent, but she'd never been tested and refused to be tested.

"To be able to fly and really help people, that's what I'd like."

"You may not be able to fly, but I assure you, you really help people, or else I wouldn't fund the clinic." he gives her a devilish smile.

"So what happened to her Ryu?"

"I don't know Sayuki, this was how I found her, I was hoping that when she wakes up she could tell us."

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  • 1 month later...

Silvertalon watched as the watch was crushed, her ears slowly moved back across her skull. Her eyes narrowed listening to his laughter and his words. A deep growl welled with in her, as her fangs bared as a snarl escaped her lips. Her eyes shifted as her anger rose rapidly as the nova taunted her telling her that he killed Lozien. She watched the remains of the watch slowly fall from that bony hand to the floor as his mocking laughter rang in her ears, “You animal! You vile wretch!” Her wings started to spread out behind her as she rose to her full height baring her talons. Her head arched back suddenly as a loud roaring rang though the where house, the windows vibrated and then suddenly broke in a shower of glass.

Bone Daddy watched the fox like creature tremble and then rise to its full hight. He saw those talons and that form. It excited him to see such a lovely specimen, as he couldn't wait to take its bones. The creatures roar brought his full attention to the task at hand, he had to kill it so he could harvest its precious bones. The creatures eyes seamed to glow in the light, the anger was clear it wanted him and would blindly rush into the trap. He watched the beast suddenly move as he stood looking directly into its eyes. He rushed right into the trap as bone spikes rose from the ground suddenly like bullets looking to impale the foolish attacker. Time itself seamed to slow at that moment, he saw the creatures face light up in surprise by his trap going off. But that surprised look was short lived as each bone spike was evaded, blocked by the creatures uncanny reflexes. The few spikes that did land seamed to shatter upon impact having no effect. The creatures claws flew towards him as quickly as she came, but each swipe was stopped by two skeletal arms.

Silvertalons eyes shifted quickly to the two bony arms that stopped her attacks each arm seamed to creak slightly as she pulled her claws back quickly as the bones on the ground started to cling to those arms. Soon two bony forms stood in between her and Bone Daddy a slight confused look as she now faced not only Bone Daddy but these strange gollums. “These must be your body guards.”

Bone Daddies laughter rang out again, “Delightful! Simply Delightful, strong, tough.. Mmmmm yess... Powerful! Your bones will be a wonderful addition to my collection! I want them!” Slowly the two bone gollums begun to move to either side of her, she watched them carefully keeping an eye on Bone Daddy as well whom seamed to stand back enjoying the show. “Well, meet Satium, and Gretchen.. My two loyal servants whom you will in doutibly become apart of soon enough.”

Suddenly the two gollems sprang to life moving swiftly towards her from either side at the same time giving her no time to evade. Bony fists were thrown quickly as spikes protruded from its fists, like claws each swiped at her. Each swipe was met with deflection strike or evading dodge, but a few landed pericing her armored hide as she flinched in pain. The two gollems were quickly thrown back by several powerful strikes as the damage upon their bodies were clear. But before her eyes she watched the broken ribs, and arms quickly med reforming before her eyes as Bone daddy laughed out in amusement sitting now in a throne of bones.

“You will bleed to death well before you could even break my servants! Give up and submit to your fate! You have no chance of winning this fight!”

“Never! You will not get away with what you have done!”

Silvertalon sprang up suddenly catching one of the gollums by surprise, her fists came down with thunderous strike, as the bones below her fists shattered. The entire gollem was shattered to peices as the ground below were it stood cratered from the impact of such force. The other was quick to take advantage as it grabbed the fox creatures wings roughly, with a forceful twisting tug, the bones with in the wings snapped as the creature cried out in pain. The gollum flung the creature across the room as its body bounced across the floor, its wings broken and tattered as they hanged limp upon her back. Weakly she started to rise her head hanging low as her breath came slow and heavily.

Bone Daddy watched with a wicked smile. The shattered gollum slowly started to reform as the other moved towards the fallen creature. “That must hurt... Having your wings torn like that...” His tone changed to a sad mocking way, “Poor Thing...Would you like Uncle Bone daddy to put you out of your misery?”

Silvertalon's breath came slowly heavily as her body seamed to be drained of its energy the pain of her broken wings filled her mind for a few long moments. As Bone Daddy enjoyed toying with her, taunting her as she lay on the ground slowly rising up to rest on her elbows looking towards the ground. Bone daddy watched her with much amusement as this creature lasted far longer then expected. The other gollem having reformed moved to stand by its partner.

“Lozien...” her voice came in a whisper as she spoke to herself, “I.. Will not let him get away with what he has done to you....” A tear slowly rolled across her muzzle dripping to the floor. “He must be stopped....” Her eyes slowly opened as she looked towards the ground staring for a few moments. Soon, the pain begun to fade, as she felt someone touching her shoulder. Her head turned to the side, as she saw Lozien kneeling at her side. A smile was across his face as he looked towards her. His hand reached out and caressed her muzzle gently as she heard him speak in her mind, “You are not alone, we shall help you... Let us...” Soon his ghostly visage began to fade as she felt a strange warmth flowing into her from where he touched.

Bone Daddy rose from his throne and walked towards the fallen creature. His a smile played across his lips as the gollems parted letting him to stand over his victim. “You will die knowing you are alone.. Foolish creature.. In death you shall join your friend, and your bones shall service me until the end of time! Now... Its time for you to die alone! Like the dog you are!”

A savage snarl started to escape her lips as she whispered softly, “I..... I.....” her voice rose “AM NOT ALONE!” As her head rose and those eyes locked with his. Bone Daddy watched as the fur upon her face and muzzle started to change, the fur melting becoming hard scales, its fangs grew longer as its eyes seamed to glow. Its snarling grew louder as fur become scales, the f oxen creature was transforming before his eyes, becoming more and more dragon like!

“WHAT THE HELL!” Bone Daddy Jumped back quickly only to find the dragon like creature moving to strike, its talons aglow as his servants moved to block the attack. The attack landed firmly into the gollems chest, the light around those claws ripped the bones asunder as the gollem seamed to shatter into dust, the second gollem attempted to stop the strike but only wound up being shattered by the strike. The creatures talons raked across Bone Daddies skull plate as the mask itself shattered upon impact as he fell back into darkness.

Bone Daddy laid out across the ground the strike shattered his mask, leaving three nasty claw marks across his face open and bleeding. She can see his breath coming slowly, as the soft groan of pain escaping his lips. He lay helpless on the ground as she stood over him glaring down at the fallen nova. The urge to sink her fangs in his throat to ensure he wouldn't threaten anyone else again, to avenge her friends death. Several minutes passed as she watched him lay there helpless unable to defend himself if she so choose to kill him. Yet she stood over him allowing her anger to fade, as her body slowly shifted, her scales being to change becoming fur once again.

The sound of sirens and gun shots caught her attention from outside, The lights of the hover cars shine into the open windows, as someone on a blow horn demanded the occupants in the building to surrender. She looked once last time at Bone Daddy with a soft sigh and growl, “Y.. your not worth killing.... The police will take you.”

Silvertalon took several steps before her ears caught the sound of someone running towards her from behind with a savage cry. A moment later the feeling of pain shoots though her back, as sharp blade of some sort slashed across her back cutting into her deeply. A roar of pain escaped her lips as she turned quickly bringing her taloned foot around with such force she felt impact, the sound of shattering bones and the grunting cry of pain as the body slumped over and was pushed back by the force behind her kick. The sound of the where house wall crashing down and a crouching sound of a car soon followed by the screams of surprised officers. Her eyes looked towards the opening, as the lights of the hover cars poured into the hole in the wall. Bone Daddy lay across the shattered windshield and crumpled front end of the squad car, spiting out blood as he passed out. Several officers rushed to check him as a few looked into the darken darken where house finding nothing but bones littering floor.

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  • 2 weeks later...

The sound of voices softly talking close by was the first thing she heard as her senses slowly awoken, her ears flickered a few times adjusting to hear better. Her mind raced to remember the last moments she remembered the sound of clacking train tracks, the feel of the cold wind and pain. Yet she was laying in a warm soft bed covered in a blanket up to her chest. The pain in her back dulled to the point she didn't notice the air clean of smogg and grime of the city.

Her eyes flickered slowly, as her vision came blurry. Her nose twitched a few times catching a familiar scent in the air, upon the bed and blankets. A soothing smell flowers caught her attention as she groaned softly with a slight grunt adjusting in the bed. As she saw the two turn towards her as her eyes focused or tried for a moments. Her body was sore, her muscles stiff as she felt she slept for a long time. A soft rumble was in her tummy as the feeling of hunger crept upon her.

Her eyes slightly narrowed as she looked at the woman she has never seen before whom seamed to be checking some devices. As she turned to say something to the male standing next to her, it took her a few moments to recognize him as a slight look of puzzlement crosses her muzzle and a cocked smile of sorts in a coy manner.

“You changed...... Tiger...” She softly chuckles with a slight wince of pain, “I.. it hurts when I laugh..” Those ears drooped a bit giving Long a pouting look. “Its.. good to see you again long..” Her words come slowly at first. She begins to quickly recover, adjusting to the sights and sounds of the room and smells. “Where am I? The.. Smells are strange....” A slight glow or sheen seams to flicker upon the tips of her fur. Her natural ability to regenerate activating fully upon her awakening.

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"You're awake, that's good Silvertalon. It looks like you've got quite a story to tell me." He smiles and reassumes his normal form. "This is Doctor Sayuki Harumi, she's the one who guided me through cleaning and binding your wounds, which I might add are serious even for one of our kind."

He carressed her right cheek with one of his white-furred hands, the claws barely hidden in their slits. It is good to see you again to, Silvertalon."

"The reason your are unfamiliar with the smells is because you are currently a guest in my home here in Tokyo. I thought it best to bring you somewhere i knew was safe."

Sayuki looked on in awe. Silvertalon was the first Female nova she'd seen who'd gone animalistic. Her curiosity was piqued, but she didn't have the time to indulge it, she still had a clinic to get back to.

"Ryu, I need to be heading back if you can handle things, though I admit I would like to Examine Silvertalon again tomorrow when I have time to make sure everything is ok."

Long nods and opens a warpgate back to the clinic. "When she's up for it Sayuki I'll let you know."

"Ok Ryu.." She looks over to Silvertalon, "...I'll check on you later Silvertalon, get well soon."

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Silvertalon notices Sayuki gaze the look of awe upon her face. Her ears turn a slight crimson color as her snout dips below the covers some what in a shy manner. "Its good to meet you to..." She softly says as she isn't used to that type of attention to often.

Slowly she pulled herself up so she could half sit in the bed her wings splayed out over the sides of the bed as she watches the two. Her attention falls to long as the Doctor leaves though the portal as she tilts her head slightly to the side.

"Ummm, whats Tokyo... Your house name?" she scratches behind one of her ears. "Or is it some type of island.. I.. Don't remember to clearly..."

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"Tokyo is the Capital city of Japan, the nation I am a citizen of. It's on the other side of the world from where you're from."

his voices is that of an elder teacher calmly informing a student of what they need to know.

"I brought you here because at least in this house novas are fairly commonplace, and it is safe. Now..." He takes a seat in one of the large wooden chairs. ".. perhaps you would enlighten me as to how I came to find you on top of a train, nearly unconscious, severely injured, and losing your grip on said train."

His blue eyes seem to shine with what can only be feline curiosity. "I tend to like to avoid such public scenes."

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"Tokyo, I... See and remember now. But how did we get here so fast? How long was I out?" a slight worried look crosses over her face as she looks towards Long watching him take a seat a curious look upon his face.

His next question slightly catches her off guard not expecting to be asked so soon about it. Her eyes fall the the bed as her muzzle tilts away seaming to avoid answering for the moment. As she takes time to consider what to say her ears flicker some.

"I.. was drawn to a place I once remembered, I.. Don't know why or how. But when I arrived, I started remembering things, seeing the past in a sense..." She sighs softly, "An some times the past comes to haunt you for one reason or another...." Her gaze remains lowered as hers slowly splayed backwards across her head.

A tear rolls slowly down her cheek as it drops onto the bedding her claws lightly grasp the blanket as her gaze falls upon longs. "An some times the past requires help to move on.." her voice trails the look of sorrow can be seen in her eyes as if she lost someone close to her.

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"long reaches out and strokes her cheek. "Yes it does, mine certainly did."

"You're ok, you're safe now. If you don't wish to talk of it just now, I understand. Collect your thoughts and we can discuss it later when you're ready. Just know that you have a friend who cares for you, and is here to listen if you wish to talk."

He smiles at the mention of her transport. "You've been out abou an hour or so. As for how you got here, suffice it to say rapid transit is something I truly excel at. Do you have any other questions or needs? can I get you anything to eat or drink?"

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Another flush crosses her ears and cheeks a like as Long strokes her cheek gently. Her ears flicker as she turns to look at him with a slight nod, "I understand I am safe... I am not sure what to say... About what happened, other then they can rest peacefully now."

Her eyes turn away from longs for a few moments, "I also miss Wakinyan.... I saw him... I saw what happened.. I.. had to flee, I.. couldn't or wouldn't been able to stop myself in what I could of done. I.. So badly wanted to lash out and yet I fled..." her voice comes softly. "Who could do such a thing?" Her ears lay back across her head as her fangs bear in anger. "Why!?" A soft snarl escapes her lips as she rips the blanket with hir talons slightly.

Long notices quickly the fur upon her muzzle seams to melt slowly, becoming scales before his eyes. Her anger wells with in her and her form shifts more and more. Yet she takes a deep breath just holding herself in check, "Long.. I have lost so much. My past and present...." Her eyes look to his, having also shifted, slowly the changes begin to revert back as her anger subsides.

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"Silvertalon it is unknown who had Wakinyan killed. I can assume that he was killed because certain entities feared a growing India Syndrome center around him springing up in the Lakota nation. As such they moved to neutralize that perceived threat. They only managed to kill him, they did not slay Ptesan-wi as well, and the Lakota have been on the warpath since Wakinyan's death, exactly as wwas initially feared they would. Things seem to be quieting down now, thankfully."

He hugs her to him gently. "We have all lost things in this new age. If the past and present aren't tenable look towards the future. You will always have that, just as you will always be able to call me a friend."

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Silvertalons ears flicker slightly as she listens and slowly nods, "Still Wakinyan was no threat to anyone, left alone of course." Her hands ball into a fist as she stares at the blanket her wings rustling after resting for a while as they move to fold behind her back once again. The bones that were once broken seam to have recovered.

She tenses up slightly feeling arms body pressed to her own and then his arms wrapping around her in a hug. A few moment pass as she wraps her own arms around him and gives him a hug in return, her damp muzzle gently rubbing into his chest as she rumbles softly with in her chest, "Thank you..." She holds him for a while not wanting to let go to soon.

Slowly she releases him with a sniffle and a slight smile, "I.. wouldn't mind something to eat.. I... Am really starved.." Her belly rumbles quite loudly. As she flushes a bit with a soft giggle feeling a bit better.

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"Wait here then, I'll go get you something to eat then."

Long leaves Silvertalon alone and returns about thirty minutes later with a plate of about ten pounds barbecued meats and a large bowl of rice. Curled securly in his tail is a pot of tea. he sets the tray f food down on night table and produces two cups and pours each of them a glass.

"I hope you like Barbecue, it's the easiest thing to cook in a short period of time."

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Silvertalon watches Long leave as she looks towards the window. The sun is shining in and the wind is blowing though. The strange but yet some familiar scents flow though the open window giving her an idea what is outside of the room. After ten or so, she becomes restless as her strength continues to return, her wings rustling behind her as she pulls back the covers of the bedding. Her body feels stiff as she ties to move, after a few attempts she sits on the edge of the bed breathing a bit hard.

He right hand moves back to reach around to feel were the large gash was only to find it closed, feeling no wound what so ever. A slight smirk plays across her maw slightly as she shakes her head always amazed at how her body seams to recover after such injuries. A few more mintues pass as she stands, wobbling slightly as her tail slowly sways behind her taking her time to balance herself out as she slowly walks to the window. Her wings neatly fold upon her back once again properly as she moves carefully at first allowing her body to adjust movements.

By the time long comes back in, the bed is empty the covers pulled back. As he finds her standing over by the window turning towards him with a smile as she nods her head slightly, "Sounds tasty!" She notices the pot being carried by his tail and can not but giggle softly. Her tummy rumbles once again as she holds it turning to walk towards him as she stumbles a bit, her body may be weakened by hunger and the injuries she has recovered from. But, there seams to be no evidence she was even in a fight as every injury has fully healed. She looks exhusted herself having used most of her quantum to heal her injuries.

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Long's arms snake out to catch her as she stumbles and he helps her sit on the bed. "Take it easy, you're exhaused, both physically and as far as your energy reserves are concerned. eat and rest Silvertalon, after you've regained some strength you can worry about moving around more."

He smiles, revealing the large white fangs and pointed feline teeth in his muzzle. "There's more food, provided the children don't find it first."

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Silvertalon nods a few times, "Your right, I.. am having a hard time staying on me feet with out feeling like I am falling over." She takes a few steps towards the bed as Long gives her a hand helping her take a seat upon the bed. "I guess I need to rest a little longer."

Her nose twitches a few times as her mouth begins to water at the smell of the tasty food. A deep rumbles wells with in her chest as she grins, "Those look really good.. Ribs... Rice.... And.." She looks at the pot in a curious way and then leaves over and sniffs it. "Tea? Green?"

Silvertalon sits back taking some ribs into her hands and then takes a big bite. You hear a bone crunching sounds along with cracking she tugs at the ribs with her maw a few times and then pulls back with her bite imprint can clearly showing she bit right though ribs. She muches on the ribs crunching away as she swollows it all down licking over her chops. "Tasty but... a little to crunchy."

"Kids?" looks at Looks at long in between bites. "I.. didn't know you had kids, no one told me.."

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"Yes, green tea. We are in Japan after all."

He chuckles. "well of course it's crunch when you eat the bones as well."

"As for me having children, I adopted my brother's two children when he was unable to continue keeping pace with them. They are young novas after all. My other children with my wife are still a bit too young to be eating the food I prepared, but Misato and Benkei are quite fond of barbecue."

I forget that I didn't show you much when we linked minds before, sorry about that. Do you have any questions for me?"

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"Ah, tasty! Um... How am I suppose to drink this, you know muzzles don't go very well with cups.. Ya tend to spill some allllll over yourself" she softly giggles sticking out her tongue slightly at him as she sits back picking up the bowl of rice listening to him talk about his family.

"Well that is okay, I never knew you had such a large family... All nova's to.. I am still grasping the concept that I am a nova.. but... You know.. Its kind hard at times with trusting your instincts as much as you would your rational thought."

"To be honest, I don't have any questions... I wouldn't know were to begin..." She looks away slightly ashamed, "I spent most of my time doing things on my own when I was with Wakinyan......."

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Long looks at her and smiles, revealing his fangs, and puts his cup against them. The edge of the circular cup rests easily enough and he takes a good draught from the glass.

"It's not as hard as you think."

I take it you hardly spent any time at the cave then. I always sensed a sort of tension when i was around both you and Ptesan-wi. Wakinyan and I didn't speak of it, mostly he just wanted me to train him in how to fight in his true form."

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A chuckle softly escapes her lips as she shakes her head, "Mr. Kitty has a blunt muzzle" she reaches up and taps his nose with a wink, "It is easier for you to do that..." She picks up the cup and tries to take a sip as you watch her take a drink. The tea flows into her maw and down the sides of her muzzle along her throat down onto her chest as she chuckles.

"I could almost make a wet t-shirt contest out of just taking a drink from cups.."

She gruffs softly reaching for a napkin and cleans as much as she can off herself. A slight frown crosses over her muzzle, "That will take a while to dry.."

Slowly she nods, "I did spend much of my time out side of the cave, something about Waki's first mate was strange.. In a way frighting... I couldn't tell, sense or even feel what she did.. One day I upset her, she pined me to the wall and nearly sent every thing in the kitchen aimed at my head that wasn't nailed down. If waki didn't happen to walk in when he did. She would of seriously hurt me or I her."

She swirls the tea in her cup slowly, "Other times I would watch from a distance with out her knowing I was near by. I am not aware if she knew I was there or not. Although I kinda sensed from time to time I shouldn't of been there. Some times I felt when I was around at times that I was a stranger...." She softly sighs.

"When ever I had time with him, it was always so short it seamed that he was always in her arms, as if she had him on strings. I am not sure how to put it."

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Long laughs. "Well you just need practice."

His face darkens as she talks about the incident with Ptesan-wi. "She wasn't always like that. Part of it is my fault. I was forced to leave her and while I was away she got together with him, that started the entire farce she lives now."

"It is a painful thing to be a stranger in what is supposed to be your own home. As for her ties to Wakinyan, they were constantly in each others minds. Of course there was a bond there you couldn't sever, or even interfere with. He was his own man, but he still did much as she wished him to do it."

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Slowly she swirls the tea a bit more looking into the cup at the contents with a nod, "Your right, it will take practice much like anything else in life."

Her gaze turns towards the window watching the curtains sway in the wind, "One could say that, she never really wanted to speak with me much, more then what she had to. I sensed that and kept my distance..." She softly says, "In return I was treated more as a pet then I was a individual. Although I couldn't blame them, I at the time didn't know how I could fit in... I may of acted strange or what not.."

"If someone really cared about you, they would come and look for you after a period of time. Yet each time I left, not even a whisper, not a call..." She turns her gaze toward the floor "..nothing.. I guess I didn't mean anything. You have no idea how it feels being lost and alone traveling place to place relying on your hunting skills to survive, you could go home. But.. What do you go home to... Expessly when no one bothers to even look... Granted wakinyan was gone the first few times.."

"The day of Wakinyan's death, I... Saw what happened. I was told by someone about it, I rushed to him. I saw him broken, burned and his life was gone, a thirty mile radius was barren, upturned by what ever hit him. The smell of death was all over, I could feel in a way the death cry of what was in the area. It was like walking though a land of death." Her eyes remain looking towards the floor, "I had to run, when I Did.. I didn't look back. No one came for me, no one bothered to try to contact me. I then realized I was left with no place to go. But, I aslo felt it was time I visited places.. Places in my dreams I seen..."

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"No, I don't know that feeling. Though I have some similar experiences, they aren't the same. It was probably thought that you could handle yourself, and that you have is a testament to that belief. But I can understand how you would start to feel lonely and alone after a while such treatment. It's alright now though Silvertalon, you have a home here with me and my family as long as you wish to stay. We will be here for you, I will be here for you."

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