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Trinity RPG - Long: A God's lesson [AU]


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He had chosen this reality because it seemed a fertile field to plant new ideas. It could possibly be a place for a new Colony. It simply was not to be.

Originally when the Tiger god had come he had been revered for his kindness, his willingness to share information and techniques with the Empire. He even defeated a neighboring army without bloodshed, merely using words. Everyone benefited from his generosity. But some mistrusted the God, calling him a demon and cursing and throwing stones upon him. He took it all in stride, watching as some tried to dissuade others from that path, but failed. Soon they too turned on him, saying his ways defiled their traditions, that he lead them down a path that stole their birthright, that robbed them of their heritage.

The Tiger God vanished for a time, and many saw it as a fulfillment of the naysayers' words as truth. He had only been there to test them, to tempt them to worship false gods, to abandon the old ways. Things returned to normalcy relatively fast, and the traveler's teachings were all but forgotten. Kishio knew well the Man had been speaking of a greater truth, and his words resonated within him. He began to explore things and found he too could perform simplar things to that the traveler had done, though to nowhere near the extent. It spurred him to learn more, to try to better himself.

All this he did in secret because to speak the traveler's name was punishable by five years of hard labor in the mines. He grew quite good in the six months after the Traveler's departure. He hoped the traveler would return if only to ask him more questions. He got his wish, and regretted it instantly.

The enire Southern Privince was ablaze. tens of thousands were dead, with five times that injured, most of them with horrible burns, they wouldn't last the night. reports made it back to the capital of a Flame-wreathed Tiger who's very breath was Death itself, and with one swipe of his claws could sunder the earth itself.. He felt the familiar core of resonance and knew that The Traveler had returned, As the Destroyer. He went out above hiding within the clouds even as the army mobilized to fight the Destroyer. arrows bolooted out the ground as they were loosed, with boulders lagging behind. A blue sphere withstood it all and inside the Destroyer stood unscathed. He thought to move to try to stop things, but at that moment, the Destroyer looked right at him, seemingly into his very soul. Kishio's blood went cold as he felt an incredibly powerful presence in his mind and he he saw the face of Destroyer.

The face spoke softly. "Behold Hideyoshi Kishio, I do this now to set you free." Kishio immediately froze and looked on as the Tiger grew to utterly titanic proportions and set about destroying the army of the the Empire of the Sun. Soldiers flew in all directions as massive paws and a tail as thick as the most ancient of trees swiped among thempulverizing bone and cleaving people, homes and the very ground into pieces. He watched the energy charge before the Destroyer's fangs and then unleash in a hellish torrent,momentarily blinding him. When his sight returned the capital was a flame, what remained of it. Only smoking remains were left of the buildings, some little more than scorchmarks. The smell of burning flesh and the fires seared his nostrils. The Destroyer took one swipe at the pricipal tower of the Palace, sending all it's oppulence raining downward.

"Unworthy Insects should not aspire to attain Godhood by atrtifice, by human means." With that he stomped and clawed the palace into dust. He rose into the air, regaining his normal humanoid form. Kishio begged and pleaded for mercy for the remains of the empire. The Destroyer shook his head once.

"The lesson is not over. I have shown you the first part. A short memory can be fatal. When I came did not I defeat an army for the Empire simply with words?"

His tone was almost that of a teacher speaking to a delinquent child. It stoked the fires of Kishio's outrage enough that he broke his hold and descened upon the blazing tiger. He felt his left arm go numb even as his right impaced the boxy muzzle of the Tiger, rocking his head around. The Tiger turned back.

"Lesson Two, Pain hurts."

Claws swisted and contorted. Serrated edges tore through muscle but inflicted no fatal wounds, just causing immense pain. Kishio cried out in agony, awail unheard of in the Empire.

The destroyer grinned, his pearl-white fangs and teeth gleaming in the sun. His eyes blazed with a sort of disciplinary malice.

" Lesson three, pain continues to hurt even when you wish for it to stop." With that he swung Kishio around so he could see as his free hand glowed with raidiant death. He stee;ed himself for the blast, for the pain, but watched only in horror as the downturned hand relleased it's fury not upon him, but upon the remnants of the capital of the once proud Empire. It was all reduced to smoking rubble and ash in an instant and he slumped as the Tiger held him and descended.

"Did you really think all this.." the tiger sweeps his arm to indicate the smoking ruins, charred remains and blasted landscape below."...Would actually have a prayer against a God?" Azure fire burned in the Death-God's eyes, the smaller being gripped firmly, impaled by claws in his let shuolder and side with a thunb curled around his right under his armpit shuddered. The remains had been his people, his homeland's vast army, the largest ever mustered. It was nothing before the fury of the White Tiger who had descended from Heaven, or as some said, ascended from the firery ravages of Hell.

"It was all we had."

"You were all too soft, to baseline. This is why the lesson was necessary."

"I will defeat you, Destroyer. I will raise an army greater than this one and we will avenge this blatant genocide." Anger bled into his words, as did pain. The Destroyer shucked him off his claws as one would flick blood from a blade, sending fresh waves of pain through him. He landed in a heap on the ground.

"The final lesson is the most important. Pain is an excellent teaching tool that should be practiced by all leaders and recognized by all subordinates. With that, his tail lanced out through Kishio's left shoulder separating the limb from his body and illiciting another wail of unbridled agony and pain.

"You are still weak Hideyoshi Kishio, I hope when i return you will have put my lessons to true use. I will not be so merciful the next time I come to judge this world." The Destroyer vanished in a flash of blue light, leaving the sole survivor of The capital to lick his wounds and do as he promised. "I will not forget you Ryu, and the atrocities you have wrought wearing the family name."

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