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Aberrant RPG - An Adventure, Aberrant: Outbreak


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Aberrant: Outbreak call for assistance

I have composed an Aberrant Adventure. Since I did this on my own I had to write, organize, illustrate and edit it. As such I am hoping for a little help in polishing it for mass consumption.

Its vital statistics:

Title: Aberrant: Outbreak

Page Count: 66

Word Count: 35,714

Image Count: 22 (one is in there twice)

Format: PDF

Size: 7,412Kb

The questions I need answered are:

1 - Does it entertain?

2 - Does it expand the setting?

3 - Does it challenge the Players?

4 - Is it detailed enough?

5 - Does the included art, hurt or help to matterial?

6 - Is the layout user-friendly?

I am looking for 3 folks who can:

A - Read the 66 page manuscript within the next two weeks.

B - Provide spelling, grammar and connon corrections.

C - Provide layout feedback.

D - Can withold preview info, until the final edit is finished.

The first three folks to reply to this will be considered, and will be sent the semi-final draft.

This adventure is actually a remix of one of many adventure I ran my group through, I am trying to see if this is an appropriate way to share, or if it would be better if I just publish all of the adventure (40+) as short story seeds in one document.

Responses and feed back on the format concept would be appreciated.

Best Regards.

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