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Aberrant: 2011 - How tough is that enemy?


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Well, it finally happened to me. My 'more powerful' enemy has entered a fiction with someone else's PC. Can anyone help me determine just what 'more powerful' translates over to as in Nova Points, or experience points?

For that matter, the scale is:

-less powerful

-roughly as powerful

-more powerful

-roughly twice as powerful

-truly God-like

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It si tricky subject because more powerful could mean mroe rouces,more brute power of person,smarter,better looking,faster, and you know if Bob's enemy is more power than bob in the soical arena doesn't mean Joe can't beat Bob's enemy in to the floor with his fists...

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None of the above really.

It's possible to build a 30 nova point PC who will give Pax a hard time (but not win).

Rules of thumb:

1) Is the NPC a specialist? I.e. combat-machine, social-machine, int-machine, whatever? If so, is it relevent? I.e. a combat specialist should win in combat against a specialist in something else... unless there is truely a huge amount of points seperating them.

2) Is the NPC a generalist? Is he built on enough points that he's almost a specialist in everything (or in several things)? Many generalists, especially with more points, can beat any non-specialist in combat or whatever. Truely impressive generalists can even defeat a combat specialist in combat. The question becomes how hard they need to work at it.

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