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Aberrant: 2011 - Sorry for being silent for so long


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Thank you three. I missed ya all.

Ravenshire I heard you hooked up with a young girl. Stop robbing from the cradle you dirty old man. I still love ya..Just um that is kind of creepy.

Longball, I think i saw a tape of you suffering. Or rather I saw a lot of suffer on it, and on I think was you.If that was you.Man you rock.

Troy. I'll get you soon enough.

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And I am that 'young girl', thank you much. I'm sixteen, which is.. what.. a year off of you? Two? Ravenshire is twenty one. Is five years so bad? I don't think so.

Especially when the younger of the two is so, so, so very much smarter.. and prettier than any baseline and most Novas.

And given the reputation, yourself included.

Don't lecture on subjects you're not educated in. Please.

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Originally Posted By: Catalyst
I was in a hospital for a rather embracing and personal reason. It was life threatening.I do not really wish to go into details of it in public.

Again sorry for being away so long.I missed a lot of you.

Did you mean to say embracing or embarrasing?

I take it whatever happened to you wasn't an altogether good thing so I doubt "embracing' is the right choice of words here.
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