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Aberrant: 2011 - Men in the Family


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Friday, May 15th, 2009

The two males – the younger was too few in years to be called a man – sat back and cut on the television. It was the usual thing for them now. They had done a full day’s work and now they were watching various serials from half-way around the globe in a language neither one of them understood.

“So, this is the kind of work Lina’s going to be doing?” Zach asked.

“Like this, but more in depth. She’s going to be one in a series of main characters.”

Zach nodded. Somehow he could see his sister doing this. He rolled half-way over and opened a soda.

“Monday we get the FL Channel for Japanese. A one hour delay and we can actually understand what’s being said.”

Daniel grinned and Zach had to follow him. The action was intriguing, but way too much of the stories were being lost in this whole language thing. Daniel altered one of the other channels to some sort of business show. Something about the figures seemed to rivet Ravenshire’s attention.

“What is it?” Zach queried. “Something big?”

“Not big as far as the world is concerned, but it is something big to me.”

Daniel turned and he was grinning. He raised his soda and Zach responded after a moment’s confusion. They clinked cans and Daniel intoned the toasted, “To the future.”

“What was that all about?” Zach followed up.

“I just did ten billion dollars of business in a week,” Daniel replied with forced calmness.

TEN Billion, as in Capital-B, billion,’ Zachary blinked.

“That’s a lot,” he managed to choke out.

Ravenshire easily spotted the nine-year olds confusion.

“It wasn’t my money, Zach,” he began, “but the money I control through investments and such. What is important is that I’m officially … in my own estimations, a millionaire this evening. I am well on my way to becoming a multi-millionaire in fact.”

Daniel was almost giddy with excitement. His eyes locked with Zach’s.

“What I have been working for and planning on has come to be and that’s what I am so happy about. I wish your sister was here with us …” he let the sentiment die off. What he would want to do with Lina if she was here would kind of require for Zach to be off in another part of the house.

“You should let her know,” Zach offered.

“Nah,” Daniel answered. “She’s got so much to still take in. Her first job: all these new scripts to learn, roles to perfect, and merging with her new friends and colleagues. Better to tell her when I take this from planned reality to actual wealth. She’ll like that as well.”

Zach mused for a second. He and Ravenshire had become close to the point that he really wished that he had an older brother like the blonde New Yorker. Daniel was easy to like and fun to do things with. He thought of the coolest things for a nine-year old to do … like production passes to the New York Tech Expo, ball games, and behind the scenes passes for the New York Metropolitan Museum. More importantly, he could be structured without making it a bore. There was time for ice cream, yet a definite time for curfew. There was time also time to relax and call Daniel - Daniel and feel like he knew the man.

Business for Zach in New York was much more of an adventure for Zach than it was for Daniel. Mostly because the two got together and figured out what Zach would be doing while Daniel was busy meeting people, though there were the occasional shared lunches with men and women who were definitely no fun. Zach would do things around the city, even go to sports clubs, were he got a certain rush off telling people he was the bother of one nova and the ‘associate’ of another. Most kids were very impressed and few people even dwelled on his relative poverty. Having Daniel … it felt more natural than calling him Ravenshire … stop by and give him some talk-time in front of the others didn’t hurt either.

On the days off, they actually worked harder. Daniel set some goals to meet and worked like a demon possessed to get there. A new water heater, solar panels on the roof, tiles in the bathroom, and more and more. Zach discovered what others already knew about him – he had a good work ethic. He could work an at-home project with the vigor equal to any nova (sort of) and keep coming back for more. This seemed to make Daniel happy and that brought Zach the positive feedback he wanted. It made the days they worked together fly.

For Ravenshire, it was a very different time than what he had imagined himself not two months ago. Raising Zach was a difficult endeavor, though not unpleasant. It had added another odd dimension to his already odd portfolio. Now, along with his 16-year old girlfriend, he had her 9-year old brother tagging along with him on job interviews, or just running together around town. True, part of Daniel wanted to head out about town like the bachelor he was. He wanted to cut lose and live a little. On the other hand, he was enjoying the work around the house. He liked having Zach around most of the time and if he could help Zach gain more confidence with more personal appearances, so be it. There was also the reality that he was getting richer. Soon, Robert would be in town to take off some of the work load. They would be talking again as well, making the final arrangements about who would be doing what and how; all good stuff to Ravenshire.

Late at night, he missed Lina. He missed the sex, but the companionship more. In a short time, he had gotten used to the warmth of her being there. He found that odd and a bit scary. Worse, that unsettling thought was what he was going to sleep with tonight.

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