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Aberrant: 2011 - [Journal: LiberTeen] 'One Night of Sin' Video


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Excerpted from ‘the LiberTeen OpNet Home’, liberteen.op – 04/27/07 – 10:00 AM


As some of you who regularly follow the news are aware, I have had some run-ins lately with a young nova serial killer going by the name of ‘Cyn’. Cyn is a wanted fugitive from justice who has been connected with no less than three and as many as forty or more murders, as well as the savage mutilation of nova adult film star Kara ‘Caramel Bath’ B’nath, who is also a friend of mine.

Very recently, Cyn contacted me privately and issued a personal threat on some people who are close to me, people I care very much about. My primary concern in my unfortunate entanglement with this deranged murderer has always been to keep my friends, family, and the people I care about safe from her, even at the exclusion of my own safety. In desperation, I responded to Cyn and asked her if there was any way that I could bargain for the safety of my loved ones. What she asked for in return for this was a recording of myself under very specific conditions, those being: that the video be four hours in length, that I spend the bulk of that time pleasuring myself, and that the context of the video be that I am humiliating and degrading myself for Cyn, herself. As many see me as an idol and an object of sexual desire, it’s telling that even a murderer’s tastes would come out this way. Feeling I had no choice at the time, I produced the video as requested, albeit I stress that I did so under duress and out of fear for the people I care about.

Since then, I have taken steps to better ensure the safety of those people. And I have decided that rather than allow a killer to hold a Sword of Damocles over my head, I am going to take this disgusting act of blackmail and turn it into something positive.

As of this posting, members of the LiberTeen OpNet Home may purchase the ’One Night of Sin’ Exclusive LiberTeen Solo Chip’, a limited edition vid-chip produced and distributed by the fine people over at Naughty America. The chip will have a print run of 30,000 and include the raw, four-hour footage of the recording completely unedited and uncensored, as well as bonus extras that include video footage of my recent speech on sexual taboos at American University, hundreds of ‘Best Of’ photos from the LiberTeen archive, and extras for your home PC including a LiberTeen screen saver. The price of the chip is $29.99 USD + S&H, and all profits from the sale of the chip will go to the Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network, RAINN and the Center for Missing and Exploited Children. This chip will also go on sale to the general public from this opsite and the Naughty America homepage after 24 hours.

In light of this development, I am also currently in progress developing a series of two more solo chips produced through Naughty America that will have a decidedly more happy tone to them. It displeases me to know that the first full video production to my name is the forced release of a piece of blackmail gained under coercion and duress, and at the very least, I will ensure it is not the last. Look for more upcoming LiberTeen titles in the coming months, news of which will be released here, first!

In closing, I feel it’s important to make plain that I don’t feel bad or wrong about what I’ve done. If giving myself pleasure for four hours is what it takes to keep my loved ones safe, then I consider their safety gems purchased at an easy price. What Cyn has done is unconscionable and despicable, but it doesn’t make masturbating wrong, nor did it make my own activities in this footage unpleasant. There’s also nothing wrong with mock degradation and humiliation in sexplay as part of a mutually respectful, loving relationship. The only unpleasant part, in fact, was having to pretend to subject myself to the whims of a killer.

I would encourage everybody to buy this video, with my thanks. Your money will go to help uncounted people who are desperately in need of it, and help take power away from a remorseless psychopath who is empowered by subjecting and dehumanizing others. I love each and every one of you, my fans, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued love and support.

-Brittany Brown, ‘LiberTeen’

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I have recently become aware of Cyn's actions. She is becoming a thorn in many people's sides. What she did to Kara alone, should warrant my involvement. For now, however, I must wait. When the time is right, I will get involved...

Liberteen, I am sorry that you have been forced into doing such a video. From what I know of you, however, such a video is not new, and I wonder whether you didn't take some pleasure in making it. I don't mean to be insensitive or accusatory, it just seems that you enjoy sex to the extent, that you would share it with the world, regardless.

I do admire that you are trying make some good out of the whole situation.

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I sure hope he did! wink They sold out on the first day! Thank you so much for your donations, by the way. As unpleasant as this whole ordeal has been, I'm glad a little good could come of it.


Thank you for your kind words, sir. smile As I said, I enjoyed what I did in the video: I like playing with myself, I like being on camera, and while it doesn't do it for me every day, I even enjoy a little pain and degradation with my bedroom play. It was just the reason for the creation of the video that I found distasteful, and the unfortunate circumstances with which I felt effectively forced to release it. I thought that the most noble thing to do would be to try and turn it into something good.

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