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Aberrant RPG - Matter Chameleon Options

John Galt

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Howdy all, I have recently started a new campaign, where I play a martial artist (a taoist who has mastered tai chi) with 3 points into Matter Chameleon, which was all I could afford at creation grin I feel that this has some great potential, however, I am stuck on a few ideas and was hoping for some feedback.

1. I have a good grasp on many of the different materials out there and their benefits, however, two come to mind that I would have to create with the ST and would love some ideas. First, rubber. You ever seen a cars metal hood hit a rubber bumper? smile So I was wondering what the dots could be spent on here, some soak, maybe leaping (hypermovement?) absorption?

The other is photonic energy (i.e. light) would/should this be possible, if so where would you put the dots?

2. I keep seeing some mention of linked powers or flaws, but our ST hasn't really broached them. I already have 5 points in attunement in order to "share" my power with another for strategic purposes. However, I would like to get Healing, what I am thinking, is that I would have to spend the three points for chameleon, attune to the injured and stipulate that I would have to take us both into either the earth or water, there I could use the Healing power. This could reduce the cost of the power maybe?

Again thanks for any suggestions.


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Welcome John Gault. Has Atlas Shrugged yet?

1. Rubber is an interesting compound. I would think that it would give you a dot or two of Bounce and Invulnerability (elecrical attacks) first and foremost. Additionally, it could include the Flexibility enhancement, Absorption (electricity), Density Control (Decrease or Increase), the Asphyxiation maneuver, and finally, give you a +1 bonus to soak. Of course, the additional powers would depend on the form of rubber taken: Vulcanized rubber would be denser and less pliable, as opposed to latex, which would be the more liquid and flexible form.

Light is a bit more difficult. I suggested, a few weeks ago, as a possibility for Matter Chamelion, the EM spectrum. The problem with becoming green light, UV light, microwaves, gamma rays or cosmic rays, is that it has a lot of potential for abuse. By just standing out in the open on a sunny day, you can become the length of the EM Spectrum. My solution would be to allow such use of MC, if the EM energy was from a concentrated source, or if its acquired traits were limited to the source.

For example: Gathering in Infrared radiation from sunlight will only be as concentrated as the sunlight it was taken from: it would provide some defense against cold. Radio waves would allow you to transmit yourself at light speed, but the distance you could travel would depend on the power of the signal. UV light from the sun would give others a sunburn only if they were in your presence for a considerable period of time. Gamma rays would be harmless to others, but would allow you to travel freely through some objects. Obviously, Density Decrease would be a traint common to all parts of the EM spectrum, with a selective permeability depending of the substance travelling through, and the EM frequency taken.

2. You could make Healing with a Weakness Dependency on Matter Chamelion. In order to heal, you would have to activate MC, and then, you could use healing. This would only be a two point weakness. By restricting its use to specific substances (like liquids or solids), you could gain the extra three levels. With five total levels of weakness, you can buy the power at level two.


I hope this answers your questions. Godd luck in your game.

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Great stuff Changeling, appreciate it. I like the rubber one, where is bounce? In the main book? Light seems a bit complicated right now, more than the ST probably wants to deal with.

Where do you find info on weakness points? I can't find reference to this in the main book. Love your character profile. And thanks for all the info.

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