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Dr. Akaisha Ross

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Akaisha shuts down her computer and eyes the pile of papers sitting on her desk. A friend told her once that for every piece of paper he sent in during his application for a government position he got three more back. If the pile of papers she had was only the start then she had a long process ahead of her. Assuming she went all the way through. The application process would be long enough. She flips through the papers one last time before putting them in a folder and carrying it out the door.

Hurrying down the street to the Project Utopia building, Akaisha keeps her head down the whole way. 'I don't want to go around in a trench coat but I don't know if I can ever get used to this.' Her posture changes a bit once she steps through the glass doors to the building. After a quick elevator ride she's back at the recruitment office. The woman she spoke to yesterday, Natalie, spots her and waves her over.

"Good morning, Dr. Ross. I didn't know if you'd be back here so quickly. What can I do for you?" She motions for Akaisha to sit in one of the chairs across the desk from her. The cubical was sparsely decorated with a few posters extolling everything that Utopia had accomplished since its inception.

Akaisha grins as she sits down, "It seems weird still to be called that. You can call me Akaisha." She reaches into her bag and pulls out the folder with her initial paperwork, "I filled out all the papers last night so I wanted to bring it back." She pulls out the papers and sets them on the desk, sliding them over.

Natalie picks them up and glances through them, "It looks like everything is in order here." She sets them down and folds her arms on her desk, "Have you made a decision then? Or do you still have to think about it? At least now we can get you into the system and send you all of the official documentation."

"Well, I haven't. There are still things I need to think about and people I need to talk to," Akaisha glances down at the desk, "If I didn't already have a job offer it might be a little easier. Mr. Gibbons has helped me a lot over the past few years. I still need to discuss things with him."

Natalie nods, "Is there anything I could answer for you about Utopia then that would help you?"

Akaisha clears her throat slightly and looks back at Natalie, "Well, there is one thing. I was told that I should really see the Addis Abba facilities to get an idea of what Utopia was all about."

Natalie's eyes light up and she nods, "Oh, yes, most definitely. Addis Abba is truly a modern marvel and stands as a very visible symbol of what Project Utopia is doing for the world. I can definitely arrange for a tour of the campus. Just give me a couple days to get someone lined up to show you around."

"Oh, that might not be necessary. Someone offered to show me around if I was to come out," Akaisha pauses and blinks, "And I just realized that I only know her by her OpNet handle."

"Well," Natalie says as she turns to her computer, "That's probably ok. A lot of Novas tend to go by a new name anyway. I can try and look her up."

Akaisha nods, "Well, she was posting by the name of Aura."

Natalie taps the name in on her computer and suddenly her expression changes just enough for Akaisha to perceive something might not be right, "Well, she is in Addis Abba but I don't know that she can show you around. She's, ah, very busy right now."

"Oh, I know. She told me she couldn't go anywhere for about month since she was busy but wanted me to come out anyway."

Natalie nods and taps a few more notes onto the keyboard, "Well, she's training to join Team Tomorrow and they have her under a very strict regimen right now. If it’s ok with T2M then we can just have her show you around. Otherwise I'll set you up with someone else. Does that sound good? I'm sure that I'll hear from T2M pretty quick about this."

Akaisha blinks. She wouldn't have thought that Team Tomorrow would respond so quickly to a request like that but she's not going to complain. She was, however, confused by the strange vibe she was getting from Natalie about the whole thing, "Oh, ok, that sounds good then. Will you email me when you know?"

Natalie nods, turning away from the computer and her expression softening again, "Oh, yes. I have your number here too so I can call you."

"Well, I look forward to it!" Akaisha stands and stakes Natalie's hand before heading out. Her excitement about her upcoming trip was enough to distract her on her walk home.

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