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Anthony Babic, former Longshoreman out of San Pedro. Anthony (never Tony) was a third generation Longshoreman and quite comfortable living his life earning a decent wage, visiting the titty bars and spending time on the internet researching his lifelong dream, a scubadiving vacation in Australia.

Quiet, sullen and introspective Anthony found little reason to interact with the world around him. He was far more interested in studying fish, the ocean and scubadiving. So, when he got mugged outside of Pirate Jack's it was no suprise he was alone. His generally surly nature also didn't help him deal with the armed thugs that demanded his wallet. Angry responses led to a knife to the gut.

Then everything got fuzzy.

Anthony remembers getting angry. He remembers his head feeling like it was going to split open but he doesn't remember what happened to the muggers. All he knows is that the next morning he woke up down by the pier. Or, more accurately, under the pier. The breathing of water and scary looking skin pretty much told him he was a nova. And he knew that novas weren't longshoremen. They could make more money than that. Especially those elite guys. They could make a lot of money. And go really cool places. Like Australia.

He looked into Devries but they seemed a little too Gung-Ho, GI Joe for him. Then he heard about an outfit called The Pack, they didn't seem to care about anything except if he could get the job done. And he could.

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