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Aberrant: 2011 - Welcome to the House [Mature]

White Light

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Lina rushed through the house, trying to get dressed. The strapless bra was tight around her chest, and she wore a skirt that reached her knees. The hallways were cluttered with boxes, and every forth or fifth Lina would stop and take inventory of them. “Where is my damn black tanktop!” She screamed, and than heard laughing from the next room. “This isn’t funny! They’ll be here any minute!” More laughing was heard, but she ignored it.

Finally she came across a box with a bunch of fabrics in. “Finally.” She said silently, than threw some things around, coming up with a small, black sleeveless tee shirt. She slid it over her head and down her body, it was the exact inverse color of her skin. She looked back down the hallway, noticing that she had made a great mess. She began throwing stuff back in their respective boxes, doing so with severe haste and carelessness. The windows along this hallway faced a waterfront, and Lina occasionally took a fast glance out it smiling. It’s nice to be on water again.

The doorbell rang, and Lina yelled “I’ll get it!”. There was no response, and Lina abandoned her task of cleaning up the hallway to answer the door. When she got there, she opened it to find her mother wearing an old fashioned ‘Wife’ dress from what looked to be the 50’s, her father in a respectable grey suit, and her brother in a pair of jeans and a white long shirt.

He ran at her and wrapped his arms around her legs. “Lina!” He yelled, and Ravenshire began walking up behind her.

”Zach!” She yelled back, and shook him off only to kneel and hug him properly. Her parents smiled with a private enjoyment, than give a friendly smile to Ravenshire. “Hi Mom, Dad. Thanks for coming.” Lina said to them.

Zach took a step back and looked up at Ravenshire. “Hi Mr. Ravenshire.” He said with a mischievous smirk. “Are you going to invite us in already!?”

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"Sure! Come in. Come in!" Daniel said. He slipped one hand around Lina's waist and stepped aside to let Lina's family come inside.

"Yes, I know it smells funny," Ravenshire pre-empted Lina's parents before they could begin noticing too much. "It hasn't been lived in continuously since the 1980's."

He took Enis by the elbow and steered him toward the magnificent (well, one day it would be) enter hall and its view to the Living Room and the view into the back acreage.

"Lina and I have a lot of work to do to make this home come alive once more, but we love the challenge."

He pointed to a ramshackle pile of timbers masquerading as a building,

"That's our Boat House. It needs to be totally rebuilt, but once that's done; we are thinking about getting a few boats we can all go out in. The building over there," Daniel pointed farther to the right, "is the old servant's quarters made over into a Guest House. It’s actually in very good repair. And this way ..." and so the tour of the house continued. Daniel kept Lina's parents busy showing them the gems that still shown through a half-century of neglect in their old house. He never hesitated to emphasize the industriousness it would take both pairs of hands ... if not more, to make this place come alive again. Still, Ravenshire had plans for Enis to muse over, looking studious while Doris oohed and awed over the fabric selections for curtains and furniture for the various rooms.

Lina now had the time to show Zach her favorite parts of the house, as well as a chance to catch her breath. Daniel's part was to have the Doritha's love the house almost as much as Lina and he did, while convincing them this would be a great place for Zack to 'work' over the summer while other arrangements were made for Lina's parents career-wise. It was the rough outline of the plan they had worked out, anyway.

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Lina ran with her brother through the house. She was showing her wear everything was, but he was trying to play tag. Their little feet and laughter could be heard all around the house, and Lina's parents smiled whenever they heard it. Lina didn't intend for this, but her parents began trying to think if they should be together. After several minutes, Lina and Zach ran by her parents and Ravenshire who just stood aside as they ran by. Someone yelled a warning, but the brother and sister paid it no heed.

After some time longer, they all ended up in the same room.. back in the large atrium. Zach was out of breath, but Lina was still pretty much fine. "No fair!" He yelled. "You have powers, and I don't! It's just not fair!" Lina smiled and stuck out her tongue at him. "Mom! Dad! How long are we here for?" He asked, smiling and doubled over.

Her parents looked at each other, than back at Zach. They avoided looking at Ravenshire and Lina. "We are going back on Sunday. You've got school on Monday, you bet your butt you are going." The siblings mother said.

Lina looked at Ravenshire, wondering what she could do. It was a look of doubt, a look of sorrow, and a look that only lasted a second. She didn't want her parents to see it. "Will you be staying here, or going to a Motel? I mean, we have plenty of room here."

"Oh, we wouldn't want to intrude." Enis said, and Zach looked sad.

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"No problems, sir," Daniel spoke up. "Laura and I have already set up the Guest House for visitors and there are plenty of bedrooms. Laura's been making sure that all the beds are made," he lied. "And the air conditioning and the hot water heater are on. You have your own frig, already stocked, as well as Satellite TV."

Looking to Zach,

"Sorry Bud, but no Opnet connections there yet."

Turning back to Enis and Doris,

"Besides, its start of the tourist season here and rooms would cost you an arm and a leg."

Before any decision could be reached, Ravenshire ramrodded the conversation in another direction.

"How about we all go into the Old Town for some early dinner and talk it over there while we show you all the sites. There is so much of the old architecture and culture here dating back to the original colonists,"

Turning to Lina and giving her a wink,

"Lina honey, could you and Zach go up to the Widow's Walk and get my jacket, please."

Ravenshire then turned back to Lina's parents hardly missing a beat. He was talking about the old churches and libraries downtown and pumping up Bridgeport’s simple colonial roots.

The Widow's Walk was the railed walkway on the roof that ran the length of the house. It could only be accesses by the two towers on either end of the old Gilded Age Manor, and the view was breathtaking. The best part of the place is that he held its own kind of isolation up there, a place were one could truly feel alone.

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Lina paused. She wanted to yell at him for bossing her around, and when his eyes caught hers he could tell. She turned and started running with fake giggle, and Zach ran after her. Lina's parents watched them down the hall, and smiled back at Ravenshire.

Lina slowed to a walk when they got on the next floor, and her brother caught up. "Where are we going?" He asked.

"You'll see. It's pretty." She responded. "It's my favorite place to be alone, and I want to show it to you."

Her brother grabbed her hand, and the ascended the stairs together in silence. It was a hike to the top, but they made it soon enough. When she opened the door to the catwalk, Zach let go of her hand and took a few steps out before her. His face was bright as he looked off in the directions. Lina joined him a minute later, smiling. "Be careful. I can do a lot of stuff, but I cannot fly." Her brother laughed. They both stared out into the water for some time.

"I don't want to leave." Zach said. They both remained quiet. "I want to stay here with you. I won't mind coming to a new school or anything, and I swear I will be good."

He thinks this is my decision. He thinks I abandoned him. She thought, and suddenly felt like she wanted to cry. She bent over slightly, leaning against the rail. He is getting bigger. "I want you here to, Zach. That's why we invited you, Mom, and Dad out here. We want to ask them if you can live out here with us, and go to school out here."

Her brother nodded, but kept looking out to sea. She did the same, like by looking at the sea they were looking into each other. After a few more minutes of bliss, they walked back down the stairs with Ravenshire's jacket. Lina no longer seemed angry, but she did toss the jacket at him rather hard.

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Well, she didn't drop it on the floor, stomp on it, and then kick it over to me. Ravenshire knew he had to be careful. He spent most of his time manipulating people to some degree and he tried hard to stay away from that with Lina. He wondered if watching him work on her parents would hurt their relationship. Still, she wanted Zach and that meant convincing Enis and Doris that it was for the best that Zach grew up here in Connecticut. He kept up his conversation with Enis going. Daniel talked up the expanding local economy and exciting job opportunities as well as the excellent schools. He was also happy to see the look that pasted between the two parents when their Laura and Zach returned.

The still had an hour to go before their dinner reservations and it was no effort at all to get Enis to volunteer to drive his rented minivan into town. Enis felt more comfortable driving his family around than he had in his daughter's new home. Ravenshire made a point of pointing out the old church they drove past, as well as shops and restaurants that lined the Old Town streets. Parking was a bit difficult, but the distance allowed everyone to stretch their feet again before eating.

Zach noticed the looks he was getting. It took him a moment to understand how different it was from the looks that followed Lina around at home ... his home, her old home. Here, she and this Ravenshire guy were famous, and they were treated like it. People would stop and whisper, but they would also take pictures and even say hi. His sister had come to almost ignore the former and she politely responded to the latter. Ravenshire kept his arm around her, to shield her from some of the unwanted attention and would turn to place himself between onlookers and Lina if Lina ever looked uneasy, or fatigued by the attention. When Lina would smile ... usually at him, her little brother, the man would step away and let Lina shine. It was strange to watch this stranger work. He didn't worship his sister like so many of the other new people in her life did, but he seemed to draw some kind of comfort from her. He wondered what it was.

For Doris, it was strange but beautiful at the same time. She would have thought that this place would have felt stranger, but Her Gift's Daniel seemed to know everything about everything she asked about. He was such a nice, happy fellow with a relaxed air about him. Laura was serene as usual. Zach liked the house, which was more like a giant indoor cave complex. Her son also basked in his sister's light once more and his happiness was evident. If only she had the strength to accept the Light of God's judgment, but how much would a mother be asked to accept?

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Dinner was quiet, with the exception of shallow conversation. Enis and Ravenshire got into a long conversation about stocks and bonds, and Enis seemed impressed that Ravenshire knew the business so much. Lina and Zach mostly just talked to each other. They often flung peas and the like at one another, laughing about it later. This was a new side of Lina for Ravenshire to see. Around her brother, she acted more like she was ten than when she was around Daniel.

Doris looked to be stuck in an internal conflict, occassionally picking at the salad she ordered. Everyone knew why she was so torn, but no one wanted to say a word, so the dinner continued. Lina often exchanged looks with Ravenshire, each time showing a different emotion. One minute it would be excitment to be with her brother, the next minute it was fear for maybe not being with him.

Only a few minutes after the stocks conversation died down, Lina spoke to the group as a whole for nearly the first time. "I got a job.. an acting job. It's on a japanese television show." She said. Her brother looked excited, but her parents looked somewhat relieved. I shouldn't have told them.. now they think that I wouldn't be here with Zach, so there was no point on being away from home.

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"Its a wonderful opportunity," Daniel said, diving in. "One of the cast members Laura will be working with can bring her back here every night. Our big worries are that this place won't be enough like home, and that she won't get to spend as much time with Zach as she'd like."

There, he had gotten it out at the table.

"We'd both like it if Zach could come stay with us for the summer, or even look at some private schools in the area. We both know its a lot to ask, but Zach could have chances here with us that aren't waiting for him in Wisconsin."

First came the push; now came the pillow.

"What would we'd really like to see is more of everyone. Connecticut has so many opportunities for everyone. We are close to New York and Boston. As a family, this could be the start of something wonderful."

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Lina shot Ravenshire a look of incredible contempt when he called her Laura. Don't fucking ever do that again. You do, and I will rip out your throat. She wanted to scream it, but it took all of her willpower to not. No one seemed to notice her look and anger, because the look was brief and her anger was hidden. If Ravenshire did notice, he hid it. She never had a problem hiding her anger when she needed to, it was her other emotions that she couldn't handle. I will speak to him about it later.

She smiled at her parents, and put her arm around her brother. Her parents looked at the table, than at each other. "We were afraid this is why you invited us.. " Enis said, looking into his wifes eyes. "We don't mean to be selfish, but do you realize that you are asking for both of our children? You already have Laura."

Lina disregarded being called Laura, because she was in shock. Her parents called her their child. She didn't know what to do, or what to feel. Half of her was filled with anger, and the other half sorrow.

"We cannot just pick up and leave Wisconsin." Enis said. "I'm on the board of directors for a local company. I'd not get anything like that out here. Couldn't Lina just come back to Bruno every now and than instead of moving Zach out here?"

Doris slowly put her fingers around Enis' hand. He looked back at her, and there was a silent communication. Lina knew what it meant. Her father looked solemn, and her mother not far from that. They both looked at Lina, than at Zach. It looked like her Dad was about to say something, but Lina spoke first. "Oh! Thank you!!!" She screamed, and took her brother in her arms. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!"

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It had been a risk to come on so strong, so soon, but it had been the plan that had the best chance of success. Hit them up early and have the weekend to wear them down. This acquiescence at the start was something he attributed to an acceptance of the inevitable. On the down side, Lina was upset with him for arrangements he had made to get inside her parents' natural protectiveness. For now, he sat back and watched the two couples deal with the resolution. Lina and Zach were definitely happy, Doris and Enis were definitely grieving over the loss of both of their children. Ravenshire could only have a limited amount of sympathy for older set. Had they been better parents to Lina, the wouldn't have to lose Zach as well ... and he, Daniel, would have never met Lina in the first place. Daniel was happy enough to take what life offered him though and would make sure he didn't lose the affections of the one he loved.

Ravenshire knew that in time he would offer to fly them out to the East Coast, but not now. Right now, he wanted this new reality to settle in until all parties had accepted it as the way things would now be. He savored this moment of victory and kept his mouth shut. Sometimes the best things could be said in silence.

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The rest of the dinner went by slowly. Lina and her brother kept to each others council, and so did her parents. Lina didn't seem to look at Ravenshire much. When she did, it would be a smile turning to a frown, or a response to a question. After dinner, Lina suggested for ice cream, but her parents and brother were sleepy from their long day.

When Lina and Ravenshire showed the guests their rooms, and the guests said their goodnights, Lina and Ravenshire went to their bedroom. Lina was quiet most of the night towards him.

"That turned out better than expected." Ravenshire said, trying to break ice. Lina made a audible grunt and began pulling off her clothes before pulling out her sweatpants and shirt. Ravenshire stopped what he was going and stared at her. Lina noticed, but she didn't acknowledge that she did. "Are you sad we did this?" He said, sounding worried.

"No, I'm ecstatic we did this. I'm incredibly happy that my brother is here. I'm pissed at you for calling me Laura. That's not my fucking name, and you know it."

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Daniel's face softens as he gets ready to explain himself.

"Lina, I make deals for people and with people. I need to see things from their viewpoint to get them to a place were we can deal. I was hoping you would know what I call you in my heart."

He looked down and bit his lower lip.

"This is what I do for a living, Lina. I do manipulate people to some degree. I've never manipulated you. If you can't accept my word on that, I'll understand."

Daniel sits down on the bed, back to Lina.

"You wanted your brother to come live with you, so I did what I thought was appropriate to get you what you wanted. I'm sorry my plan wasn't perfect."

Ravenshire lays down on the bed and stares at the ceiling.

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Lina looked back at him after listening to all of his words. They didn't really mean anything to her right now. She wasn't sure if she should be mad at him or not. He didn't mean harm, and he honestly didn't know. I didn't even know he knew.

"Don't ever do it again, under any circumstances." She warned him. She finished getting dressed, feeling less and less angry. She sat on the bed next to him, legs crossed.

She put her hand on his stomach as he looked at her. "You'll just have to make it up to me by buying me some ice cream tomorrow." She grinned at him. "Or you can buy me some jewelry, or you can take me and Zach out to dinner all next week, or you can buy me some new dresses.. Or.. some other way.. " Her voiced faded out. "I guess I'll need to not scream tonight, huh?"

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Slowly Ravenshire smiles.

"Maybe if I covered you in ice cream and jewels ... you would have to get naked for the new clothes," and he lets a dreamy smile come over his face. He also snakes an arm around Lina and pulls her closer.

"We'll just see about the screaming. I mean, I kind of like it when you scream."

With that, he leaned in and kissed Lina. Daniel rolled half way over so that he could easily let his free hand brush against Lina's bare belly.

"Thank you," were the last full words spoken to Lina for quite some time.

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Lina woke, and it was still dark outside. Ravenshire and Lina dropped Zach and her parents off at the air port several hours earlier. Zach needed to pack and say goodbye to his friends, so Lina and Ravenshire would have the house together, alone, for one last week.

When she woke, she looked over to Ravenshire and saw his eyes closed. Lina quietly rolled off the bed. She hit the bathroom, and got a glass of chocolate milk. On her way back to bed, with the milk, she stopped in front of the window and stared into the black. I love it here. I love it with him, and I love it being black for miles. She heard a stir behind her and spun quickly. Ravenshire was sitting up with a yawn, and Lina brought the chocolate milk to her lips for a few seconds. "Did I wake you?" She asked, but he shook his head. "It's about four. You should go back to sleep, you have work."

Instead, Ravenshire turned his body so his legs touched the ground. "Ah, bathroom." Lina said, turning back to the window and enjoying her chocolate milk some more.

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Lina could feel the tension in his shoulders when Ravenshire returned. For just a moment, she wondered if she had done something wrong, but that was quickly swept away when he sat down with her. He sat besider and took her free hand in his own. When Daniel looked up, he had a distant look in his eyes.

"There is something I need to tell you," Daniel began. "It started right after I erupted. They ... the people at the Facility couldn't figure out what it was that I did. They offered me a chance to go to Paris for more research and I agreed."

"In Paris, I was placed with other odd eruption cases. People who had unique powers, or who had trouble controlling their powers. Anyway," he took a deep breath, "there was a woman there. Her name was ... is, or was, Andhra Haurgupta. I gave her a new name - Dark Spiral. She had real problems with her powers and it was taking a toll on her mind. Somehow, we bonded and I helped her through some of the worse parts of training. When I got bored with the center and we left together."

Seeing the confused emotions in Lina's eyes.

"It was never sexual between us, Lina. I liked her, but more as someone I thought who shared my desire to be independent of Project Utopia."

"Anyway, I helped Dark Spiral get in contact with other novas. It turned out she really resonated with some of the more radical ones we were chatting with. Very Pro-Nova and Anti-Baseline and definitely not something I was interested. I helped her meet with these new friends, but also decided that my life was elsewhere. When she decided to go off for a weekend with her new friends, I decided to come back here to New York. I left about an hour after she did, but I had no intention of going back. I had a new life to build."

"Well, in late December, Dark Spiral come looking for me. She attacked me on the Pennsylvanian Turnpike. She totalled my car and put me in the hospital. She also, in the middle of breaking me in multiple places, decided to express her love and affection for me. I got angry with her and that didn't help matters much."

"I got better, came back to town and the next weekend I met you."

Ravenshire looked out the window before turning back to Lina.

"Two weeks ago, right after the two of us made the news, she popped up beside me in a subway car. She wants to save me from my baseline life. She's a member of the Teragan and I'm not sure she's done with me in her life."

Daniel shakes his head.

"I know this isn't easy for you to hear. I wish I could have found a time sooner to tell you, but I've already put it off for too long."

Unsure what to say next, he waits for Lina to say something.

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Lina waited, wondering if he would say more. She watched him expectingly, but he never said a word. She turned around, and laid her head in his lap, handing him the chocolate milk. "You can have some if you want." She said, smiling.

"I assume you are telling me this because you are worried. You have no reason to be worried. I didn't want to say anything, but I can walk down any given street and spot someone who I know. Someone who vowed to take care of me. They are watching you, too. Half because they want to make sure you wont hurt me, and half because they know you will hurt me if anything should happen to you. If anything happens, everyone will know about it." She smiled. "Also, I could take you in a fight easy."

It was obvious she didn't consider this to be a threat on any level.

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Daniel takes a drink of the milk. Lina didn't understand the madness he saw in Dark Spiral's eyes.

"She's crazy, Lina. She thinks she's saving me, but I don't want that kind of salvation. I like who I am. I love whom I'm with."

He kissed her.

"I just hope your followers don't cause us problems with the city council ... and," he added with a wink, "you will note this place does have a wall around it. As long as they don't bother you, I don't care."

"But none of this matters, because I know I can take you in a fair fight," he nibbles her ear, "and I'm willing to show you."

After all, if she won, she would be on top, and he liked looking up at her, haloed in her own dark mane of midnight silk. If he won, he could torture those ears, those lips, that neck and nipples, and her belly too. He licked his lips in anticipation.

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Lina heard his words as a challenge. She took the glass of chocolate milk from his hand slowly with a smirk. While laying, she downed what was left of the glass. Some trickled down her lip and down her cheek. She tossed the glass, and it smashed against the floor somewhere, and stole Ravenshires attention. In an instant, Lina brought her legs around his head and flipped to the side. They were on the side, and Ravenshire was barely struggling to move. Lina laughed diabolically.

Ravenshire moved to his knees, laughing and using techniques like tickling and touching her in inappropriate areas to make her let go, but she persisted still. He began to twist and turn, but still laughing. "I beat you!" She yelled. "Admit it!"

"Okay.. " Ravenshire said quietly. He turned his body sideways with incredible agility, and thrusted his body up between her legs. He turned, and his hips and stiffness rubbed her. She moved to raise her arms, but he instantly pinned them above her head. He had her on her back, and she couldn't do a thing but wiggle against him. "I admit that I win." She tried wiggling, but it only succeeded in making her want to stay more. He was rubbing up against her bare vagina now, as the shirt had lifted to stomach level. She closed her eyes and bit her lower lip, and suddenly trusted into him.

"I am yours.. " She finally said, opening her eyes with a sense of defeat and excitement. "My breasts, my vagina, my butt, by lips, my ears, my neck, my hair, my legs, and everything are yours, ser." She raised her head, but his head was too far away. She had to settle for his chest. She kissed above the right nipple, and bit it softly as she pulled away. "Just finish me, so I won't have to come hunt you down later."

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"Just finish me, so I won't have to come hunt you down later."

'Finish you?’ he thought. 'I barely know were to begin.'

Ravenshire loved Lina's body. It had a beauty and magic all its own and now it was his to enjoy.

He saw the bounty set out before him and he began to partake. While he drew her attention with biting kisses to her lips, he used his toes to pull his pajama pants down. Only the wiggle of his hips gave any clue to his motions, and those were often misconstrued. Only when he moved up so that his warmth touched her lips did she realize how close they were ... finally.

She gave a slight intake of breath and held it. Ravenshire didn't say anything. He didn't say anything. This was the moment of no turning back.

He gently rubbed against her and she gave a moan and a minor wiggle. She instinctively knew his game and became an equal partner in it. With her hands held over her head and her head limited by natural constraints, Lina used her hips and legs to great effect. She found she could bring her heals up to his hips and discovered the wonderful effects that brought about with the pivoting of her hips. Lina felt her heat rising. She stole a moment to bite his lower lip when he didn't pull back fast enough. It cost her though; he snuck in beneath her chin the next time and began teasing her neck and ear with nibbles, licks and kisses. Another moan escaped her.

Every counter thrust by Lina excited Daniel even more. He could feel her wetness and for the first time he entered her. Ravenshire saw her gulp and her body shuddered in expectation. He began a slow steady motion now, pushing in a tiny bit farther and then pulling out, again and again.

About this time, he let go of her arms. As their lips locked in a vital kiss, Ravenshire's hands went to her breast and her ass. The palm of his left hand brushed over her nipple in small circles. His right hand cupped her left buttocks, kneading it and pistoning her into his thrusts.

She gasped loudly then bit down against the pain. Her body tightened against his in that instance. Lina groaned and began meeting Daniel thrust for thrust. Her hands clawed at him. She scarred his back and grabbed the hair at the back of his head. She drank in his kiss with a renewed fury. She felt her heartbeat pounding in her head. A rumble began from somewhere deep inside of her. It felt like it was coming out from the floor beneath the bed. The sound built up inside her until she felt as if she would burst and then she screamed.

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Lina lifted her head and upper body against his, she was shaking, but still thrusting uncontrollibly. After gaining some control she pulled the shirt she wore up and over her head. Her bare body pressed hard against his and her arms were wrapped around his neck for the ride. She didn't worry about hurting him, she just squeezed, trying to get him closer to her. She bit his shoulder, harder than expected and drawing some blood. She licked it off of him, and sucked on the wound, and a painfully fantastic feeling arose in him.

Lina's body dropped and her arms grabbed the sheets next to her as she screamed, and she lifted her his against his as hard as she could. She was shaking, and her legs was making it hard for him to thrust, but he kept going. "Fuck me! Harder!" She screamed, and he complied. It almost hurt he was fucking her so hard. Lina's face and body was flushed, yet she hardly seemed tired. Lina stared into his eyes, and it felt like saphires. Everything she ever wanted was right there. Ravenshire gave a low moan, and he moved in and out of her with incredible speed. She couldn't believe how fast he could do it. Lina wanted to raise and kiss him, but she was afraid he might stop. Even if for a moment, she never wanted to stop. Another orgasm rippled through her, and that seemed to put him over the top. He made one final thrust, driving his cock deep in her and leaving it there. Lina pulled him down to her, and kissed him harder than she'd ever done before. Lina's eyes fell over to the clock, and more than an hour had passed. She smiled, and Ravenshire pulled out slowly. Part of the juice he left in her rushed out with him, and Lina could feel it slide down her crack and eventually onto the bed.

Ravenshire rested his head upon her breast, and Lina put her hands around him.

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Best ... sex ... he had ever had. It was soul-breaking for him. Nothing even compared. Tremors crept over his body from the fatigue. It took almost too much effort to keep from pressing down on Lina with all his weight, but the scent of her sweat was intoxicating and the sound of her heart beating so rapidly was thrilling. Daniel knew he was drenched with his own sweat and breathing heavily. Somehow he managed to kiss one of her breasts before laying his head back down. A smile of contentment came to his lips.

"So, are you going to hunt me down now?" Ravenshire whispered to her. Before she could respond, he added,

"I never want this feeling to end, Lina. I never dreamed it could be like this with anyone."

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"And it never will." Lina said, and after a moment she rolled over to him, and wrapped his arm around herself while placing her head on his shoulder. "And I'll spare you this time, cause I don't think you can handle the rest of me." She kissed his skin, than closed her eyes. She wouldn't be going to sleep that night, she knew, but she was incredibly contented with just laying there.

She did fall asleep, though. Not long after she heard Ravenshire snoring, she found herself engulfed in a dream. A silent ocean raged around her, and only the planks of wood she resided on saved her from certain doom. She was afraid and tired, and had half a mind to let herself go into the water. She laid upon the planks, wishing that she were anywhere else. She heard a voice, but it belonged to the sea. It thrashed, molested, and screamed. It's voice was terrible, and meant only the greatest of harm.

Not much longer later she woke up, and found that a familiar, yet unwelcome smell filled the house in the short time she slept, and the clear night turned into a rainy morning. When Lina first heard the rain, she squeezed him. She realized that she had never told him how terrified she was of thunder. It's not fair.. I wanted today to be as nice as it's been so far..

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Until this day, Daniel loved storms. They presaged the cleansing of the world, one of the few times you could breath clean air in his youth. Today that would end.

Ravenshire's comment was infused with innocence.

"Look Love, we've got a Nor'Easter coming in. Nothing like a little gale out of Massachusetts to start the day?"

He squeezed her back, mistaking her fear for playfulness this once. When Daniel turned and looked into her eyes, he realized his mistake. He saw a quiet dread there, though he couldn't identify the source.

"Lina," he said with concern, "What's wrong?"

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Lina hadn't realized that she'd woken Ravenshire up, nor that she was visibly shaken until he looked at her. She looked up at him and couldn't seem to focus on his eyes. Her attention was everywhere. "Uh.. just a bad dream.. " She said after a few seconds. It was the most obvious lie he'd ever heard him say. She did her best to relax, and try to stop shaking. It wasn't working, and it got ten times worse when thunder raged across the sky.

Lina screamed and squeezed as hard as she could, followed by letting go and near violent shaking. She wrapped her arms around her legs, in the form of a ball, and began sobbing. "Fuck.. " She said in between sobs. "I didn't" She was cut off by a roar of thunder which caused her to scream again.

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Ravenshire followed first, futile instinct. He threw himself on top of Lina and wrapped his arms around her.

"Baby, its okay ... its okay," he kept saying until the next peel of thunder cut across the room.

Lina cried out and sobbed. Daniel hugged her tight, but wasn't sure it was helping. Another rumble of thunder, this time with lightning brightening the room and Lina nearly jumped out of his arms. He scooped her up and ran toward the closet. Once inside, he slammed the door behind them and once more surrounded Lina with his body. He wasn't sure how much good he was doing. All he knew was that she was in pain and he could do little or nothing.

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Lina covered her ears, huddled in the closet with Ravenshire. He put his hands over her ears, and began to sing. Lina began to calm down, but no thunder had made presence since the time he began. She raised her head, and uncovered her ears. She looked at him, seeming more vulnerable than ever before. Her face was definitely showing her age.

Several minutes went by, and there were no more signs of a storm. The audible rain faded, and Lina buried her head into his chest while curled up into a ball. Ravenshire kept singing until the current tune was over, than began playing with her hair. "Sorry I didn't tell you.. about that." She said meekly.

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"It's okay, its okay," he repeats. After a minute, Ravenshire stretches out, keeping Lina firmly curled up on his lap and chest. He opens the door enough to let the first rays of morning light in.

'How long has it been this bad?'Daniel thought. 'There had to be storms in Wisconsin ... maybe that's why she wants Zach here so badly. Maybe he knows and helps her through these times.'

"How long has it been this bad?" Ravenshire asks.

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She didn't look up at him. Instead, she kept her head down and her voice meek. "They've always been bad.. but only for the past month has it been this bad. No one in my house ever gets sleep when it storms, and it's been that way since I was very young."

Lina paused for another moment. "You should get more sleep before you need to go to work later." She rubbed her face against his chest. "My nose itches."

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'Accept the things you can not change,' Ravenshire remembers the mantra. 'And the knowledge to know the difference.'

"I don't know," he says, wiggling slightly. "I'm awake now." Daniel considers all the things a man might say now, and weighs it against what he should say.

"How about we grab a shower?"

While Lina contemplates an answer, Daniel's finger sneaks up his chest and scratches her nose impishly. At the same time, he stirs ever so cautiously, recalling what Lina looked like coming out of the shower that first night.

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Lina nodded to Ravenshire. She let him finish rubbing her nose, than stood up. It was then she realized that she was still naked. Her body seemed a little flushed, and her face red. After a moment, it faded to normal. She felt a little disgusting. Her face had marks where the tears ran, and the snot had flowed.

"Yeah, lets do that. You can go first this time.. I'll grab a bite to eat or something while I wait."

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"I was thinking we could shower together," Daniel said in a calm, soothing tone. "I've never showered with another person before, but the shower here is big enough, if you want to try."

Ravenshire's demeanor was half playful lover, half protective companion. His quantum Mind's Eye showed him things about people. It showed him, among other things, that people often didn't realize how beautiful and mesmerizing they could be. Daniel sense Lina's awkwardness and wanted to ease it. He wanted to let her know how much she meant to him.

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Lina, at first, didn't register that he suggested they showered together. After a moment, she smiled at him. She grabbed his hand, and pulled him up. They smiled at each other, and pressed their bodies against one another. Ravenshire expected a kiss, but Lina turned away and pulled him behind her.

And she pulled him right into the bathroom. He watched her as she moved to the shower and fussed with the nozzles. The water began to run, and Ravenshire moved towards her, wrapping his arms around her. She pressed against him, than took a step into the shower. The water turned her skin red as she stepped under it, and he followed right behind her. They embraced for a few minutes, holding each other while the water caressed them. Lina grabbed a wash rag, and began running it slowly over Ravenshires body. She seemed to inspect every inch of his body before and after the rag went over it. She occasionally kissed the more tender portions of his body, her kiss feeling cool in comparison to the hot water.

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It was fascinating to watch Lina explore his body. There was none of the awkwardness, fear, or unease one might have expected from a girl of her age and experience. She showed a far greater amount of confidence and compassion than he would have expected from her even two weeks ago. Indeed, she had crossed that emotional barrier that had separated the unknown and the comfortable and he liked it. She shown in her self-assurance at each stroke and caress.

In turn, she reacted calmly to his own limited touching. She wanted to control him in the here and now and that was just fine. Lina's look held a mixture of emotions, but they all hinted at her new maturity. Already she was missing him just a little bit. She was also showing the slightest measure of contentment that came with being by his side, lust from their earlier love-making, and longing for what might come later.

She was a very different woman from the one he had taken to bed the night before.

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It took several minutes for Lina to get to his waist, but it only seemed like a matter of seconds. I wonder how long this water heater will hold out for. She thought, and began moving the wash rag along the side of his hip, trying not to stare at his penis. She moved down to his thigh, avoiding most of the area. Lina spotted him watching her, looking happy. She decided it would be more comfortable to squat, and did so without realizing she would be eye level with his mid-section.

Lina found that Ravenshire was growing excited, and Lina felt compelled to do something. She slowly moved the wash rag to the other thigh, it landing on the inside of his leg. She slowly scrubbed up to his scrotum and erection, massaging the first with her hand around the rag, and stroking the second with her hand. It was slow and awkward due to inexperience, but she soon got in the rhythm. Lina looked up to him for a response, and approval.

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It was not what he expected would happen, but he certainly wasn't displeased. When she looked up at him, he could only smile. Still, it reminded him that this shower was for both of them. Ravenshire reached down and took Lina's hands into his own. Slowly, he had her stand up. The look of mild confusion on her face was replaced with understanding when he said,

"My turn."

Daniel moved around Lina until he was standing behind her. He pressed his body to her back and began slowly to wash her with the wash cloth. He started with her work and began working his way down in slow, gentle circles. Lina pressed back into him and they kissed for a moment when he was just below the shoulder ... and then the water started getting cold.

Daniel chuckled in frustration as the hot water fled away.

"How about we dry off now?" he offered. "And I'll make a note to change the water heater first thing."

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Lina shrugged, looking frustrated. Frustrated at the water heater, and frustrated because she wanted to please him. Maybe I'm not good at that. She thought, and it played out on her face. "Yeah, dry." She said, than took a step out of the showering area. She wrapped a towel around herself with a slight sigh. The towel was fluffy and soft, and she began rubbing herself off with it.

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Ravenshire knew two things after only a few seconds. Lina was frustrated and Lina wasn't at all tired. Daniel knew he was in great shape physically, but that was on a baseline level. Lina must be operating at a higher level. The frustration was something he could work on.

"Lina," he said as he wrapped his arms around her toweled form, "why don't we warm up back on the bed."

Daniel's warmth penetrated the towel and warmed Lina up. At the same time, she realized he had steered them back into the bedroom.

"What do you have in mind?" she let herself ask him. Lina looked over her shoulder and into his face. She could tell that whatever had happened in the shower hadn't ruined his mood. Maybe ...

"Let me show you," Ravenshire responded. He picked her up in his arms and laid her down on the bed. Instead of joining her directly, Daniel moved around the bed and crawled on from the other end. He came up to her head and gently brushed her lips. Daniel moved down her body so that his midsection was lounging next to her head and he was down by hers. Since actions were better than words at a time like this, Ravenshire leaned in and kissed her stomach just above her pubic hair. His kisses became hotter and more on the mark. Lina responded by wiggling her hips and moaning softly and then she took the initiative.

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It seemed like it took Lina forever to do anything besides just lay there. She felt a trapped with him hovering above her. Even if she wasn't in the mood at this point, she didn't feel like she had a choice. To her, this was a step up and out of what they were doing in the shower. Putting him in her mouth, that seemed like so much more than what they had done thus far. Lina finally acted by kissing the inside of his leg, and reaching a hand to his midsection.

She massaged him until he was hard, than began masturbating him as she had done in the shower. She kissed ever so slowly up his thigh, wondering if this is how Kara did it. Before long, her mouth was up to his erection, and she had no more prolonging. Ravenshire had long since began lapping over her vagina, and she often gasped and moaned at his work.

She lifted her chest against his stomach, and feeeling his warmth she finally felt like it was the right time. She ran her lips softly over his head, than let it enter her mouth. It wasn't long after that she began bobbing her head slowly, trying not to let it graze her teeth. Ravenshire lifted his mouth from her, which meant to Lina that she was doing good. She kept sucking and thrusting, with occasional moans of pleasure.

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Doing something causes you to learn.

Doing something well causes you to learn confidence.

Lina was confident she had worn Ravenshire out. It had taken her a while, and there had been bumps in the road, but as she learned his pleasure points there was less and less he could do to keep in control of the situation. A feebly groaned No more was what she finally earned from him, though she noticed the sun was well and truly up and then some.

Ravenshire, for his part had coached Lina into the subtle understandings of what sensual body language was all about. They didn't need 'Yes' and 'No' now that the could read the unspoken reactions to their actions. If something hurt, Lina could now tell without him having to say anything. Better yet, were the nuances between what was good and what was really GOOD!.

This also left their mouths, lips, and tongues for other things. It broadened the horizons of their touches and created whole new litany of things to be learned from a look or sound.

"Are you going to miss me," Lina asked him coyly, "and this?"

Daniel had to take a deep breath before responding.

"I'll miss you ... and this too, but I expected to miss this once your brother arrived anyway," he grinned. Daniel's toe rubbed against Lina's calf.

"I think sex like ours will be a constantly growing experience. Its not something I'm expecting to be a new then not-new. Its going to be about exploration and crossing frontiers of self-discovery."

Now a yawn escaped his lips and that caused Ravenshire to grin shyly.

"I'll miss you not being here, but your only an IM away, and physically not much farther. Still, I know you are going to have fun. You are going to meet a whole new circle of friends. It will be good for you and that's good enough for me."

Now, with a little piece of his strength returning, Daniel leans in and kisses Lina on her forehead and again on her lips.

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