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Aberrant: 2011 - The beach on sunny day


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Catalyst was discharged yesterday. She stopped glowing the dark Sunday. Oh the joys of playing with radio active material. Why did she take this job?Oh She knew why. She was going to save the world. Sure.She just was having a bad day. Okay month.

Still, today she was going ot see Troy.That was good. She slid into her bathing suit.Well she flexed her eufiber into a bathing suit. Something smile, two pieces.Check.Make it look real check.Not too modest. But not to skanky. She was a bit unsure about that one. She would say it was al right for now. She let her suit flow back into jeans, and shirt mode. She was going to meet Troy at Pergs. She hoped he did not get lost. It was godo think she had faith in his ability to not be a dumbass.

Moving to up the stair, she spotted that roughed good old fashioned boy troy and moved to him. She smiled watching him drink a mocha.

"They have some good stuff here..I love their French sodas..They are the best...."

She wrapped her arms around him lightly in a hug. It was not a hug to a lover, but it was a friendly and warm. She was unsure about how he felt about her.

"Sorry about the lib thing..I just guess I have a crush on her..But I oh why I am bringing her up?I want you."

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Troy eyed her, feeling a little uneasy. Maybe it was the idea that she immediately needed to bring up Brit, or maybe it was the Mocha. He handed her the mocha, and she took it as more of a reaction than actually wanting it. "I don't even know why I got one of them. I really, really don't like them." He looked at her for a long time after saying that, and after a few moments smiled. "To the beach?"

Troy'd been stuck in New York City for a few weeks after the Blackburn, but had just gotten back into California a day previous. He was bummed that they wouldn't let him bike across, but was happy to be in the sunshine. The sun in New York was different, and seemed to be manufactured.

He reflected his private night with Summer, and how much fun it was.

At least she knows what she wants.

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She frowned a bit. Just like men. She moved back from him. Such was Troy. Beat around the bush on all things that one should jump into and jump into things that could wait. Still, flaws were sometime good things. No one wanted to be around the perfect. Taking the Mocha, she smiled.

"I know why you got it.You got it because you know I love them. You just knew. You are awesome that way."

She sat down next to him, smiling as she pulled the glass away from Troy. Her eyes were bright. Indeed they were inhumanly bright. They were shining even in the day light.

Moving close to him, she wrapped one arm around him.She pulled herself close to him. What would it take to get threw to him. She may just have to hit him on the head with her being there until he figured things out. Men were so stubren sometimes. she placed her head on his shoulder. She pulled his right hand across his chest to her face. Maybe he need to feel that she was still here.Maybe his brain was telling him that she would leave him if he looked away. Catalyst did not know. She wanted to but didn't.

"Troy, why not just let the day unroll.The beach will be there another day and we hand mamy hours of sun light left."

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"I know, I'm just anxious to see all those other half naked, pretty ladies." He smiled at her and gave her a kiss. "But this one is good too." He sat for a minute with her arm across him, looking about in silence. He didn't want to bring up her hospital thing, but it was the only thing he could think of.

"How was Washington? Did you get any sight seeing done while I wasn't there?" He deciding that teasing her about not being with him was fun enough. "Lincoln Memorial without a Troy bugging you?" He put his arm around her the best he could.

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