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Trinity RPG - Tales From Eden: Let The Rain Come

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This is a very late fiction but the muse hit me. I know nothing about the Trinity setting or the events that lead up to so this is my take on it all.

This is mostly a story about how sometimes when there is nothing left in this word that seems bright, pure, or worth saving that people, no matter how different they may seem are willing to sacrifice all they have for the one thing they have left: Hope.

Hope for a better place, a better life, or just hope that tomorrow will be better if they can just live to see it.

A special thank you to Flicker. I borrowed the theme from her "Dinner With Ennui" fiction. It has my own spin on it but it is very similar due the fact that the two scenes were supposed to be paralleled and practically identical. It is in now way meant to be stolen from her with me taking any sort of credit for it.

Suddenly the Death nova arose and an agonized scream filled the immense, open chamber of the cave. His broken body was mended: the bandages wrapped around him told him so, but the ever-present nightmares and the visceral memories of how he ended up that way left his soul tortured.

“Rest.” The Lakota psiad said as she gently placed her hand on his chest to ease him back down onto the bed.

“I have to go.” Revenant said abruptly, wincing as he forced his torso up on one pallid arm. “She needs me, she thinks I’m…”

“You are, Old Friend,” came a thunderous voice as the mighty Wakinyan’s footfalls echoed through the chamber. “But it’s never stopped you before. Ptesan-Wi discovered you months ago. She refused to give up on you.”

The Wakinyan’s bride blushed slightly. Even for all her confidence it was difficult for her to not feel a sense of pride when complimented by the God she loved. “Please, you have more healing to do Revenant.”

“I can’t. They’ll find her. I can’t let that happen. Not to her, not to anyone.” Revenant rose from the pallet of furs and walked to the cave entrance. Ptesan-Wi looked at her husband who just shook his massive head as if to say ‘Let him go’. They both knew his search would continue, must continue.

His wings unfurled and he looked back one last time to the psiad and her husband as they stood in the mouth of their secluded cavern home. “Thank you.” Without giving the couple a chance to reply he soared off into the graying skies, the dark span of his wings rapidly carrying him toward the horizon.

“Do you think he will?” The Wakinyan asked his bride, his voice rumbling with the power of a distant storm. “Find her that is.”

“If two souls are meant to be bound, one to the other,” she said calmly as a faint smile touched her lips. “They will find a way.”

You have my heart, so we'll never be worlds apart
In the blackest night, you know I'd be your stars
Because no matter how bad it seems, you know you’re all I need
And that's when I’ll be there
With you I'll always share

When the sun shines
We’ll shine together
I told you I’d be here forever
That I'll always be your friend
I took an oath I’ll stick it out 'till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we still have each other
You can stand under my Umbrella

“Where’s the back up?” Flicker asked Revenant as the two novas hunched breathlessly behind the supports to the rooftop’s heliport.

“No back up.” Revenant said calmly.

“Reinforcements?” she asked, her tone verging on panic as he delivered the bad news.

“I’m it.” Revenant said calmly.

“An escape plan?” Flicker half-shouted over the din, her hands moving in spastic jerks as if she was barely suppressing the urge to throttle the Lord of the Undead.

“Working on it,” he replied, tilting his head slightly and scowling as a bolt of light missed his cheek by a mere millimeter.

“What the hell? This is the most screwed up prison break I’ve ever heard of!” She shouted at the top of her lungs before quickly remembering where she was and clamping her hands over her mouth. “You came here, by yourself, with no back up or escape route?” the aptly-named nova woman hissed.

“Didn’t think I’d need one. I’m bailing a teleporter after all. Revenant replied. “With the binders off you your powers should work fine.”

“I forgot. You were sleeping through it all weren’t you?” Flicker said as realization dawned in her eyes, trying to ignore the blasts of light and Revenant returning fire. “I haven’t… I haven’t used it since, Mithril…”

“I heard. Cleveland huh?”

Flicker nodded her head as the tears began to well up in her eyes. “I have nothing left Warren. No Meghan, no Neil. Look at this world, it’s dying and it’s our fault. I just want it all to go away.”

“Our fault? Flicker I’m trying to help people, help novas. Long has a way to get us all out of here, a new place, a new home. Just for us, but he can’t wait forever.”

“So why aren’t you there? With him?”

“Because there are things that need to be done first, people who need saving, like you. Even if it means going in alone, into all this, I’ll be there for you. That’s what friends do, right? Go together, or not at all.”

“You’ve changed so much,” she said, almost inaudibly, confused now by whether the tears were over the loss her friends or over the joy that there were still ideals and people left worth caring about in this new era.

“C’mon.” He nodded his head out from the cover and spun around, spraying a shower of lethal electro-chemical rounds across the rooftop in a deafening hail of gunfire. Beam after beam found its home against the barrier of souls that shrouded him, but the dead quickly enveloped their master and the bright lances of energy dissipated against the unearthly shield they provided.

Nova quickly sprinted behind him, counting on both his mass and his twisted defenses to shield her from the assault, and found cover. Without any real escape plan, she had a feeling he was going to attempt to fly them out of the facility and for that reason he was doubly crazy. She hunched over, covering her eyes and face against the debris as it rained down while the Dark Nova waged his one-man war.

A sudden explosion shook her from her safe vantage point. A rocket had blasted against his barrier, sending Revenant over the ledge and off the side of the building. The field of souls held against the sudden discharge, but the impact stunned him and sent him tumbling, dazed and disoriented, toward the earth below.

“Reven!” the strobing woman shouted, reaching out a hand as if the distance between them was just a few inches. She dashed off as the spray of laser fire danced around her. Razor-thin beams whizzed past her ear, her leg, between her body and arms, and in her mad race against time she hardly noticed. Over the side she flew headlong, arms outstretched, and there she saw Revenant plummeting into darkness.

She remembered this.

Headfirst she fell. Her freefall stripped the tears away from her eyes and for a brief moment her vision was obscured. He was right there, and after another eternal six seconds Revenant was close enough that she knew that reaching him was a possibility. Revenant fell with his back towards the ground. Slowly his topaz eyes opened and he pointed his gun at her. Were she not barreling towards the earth, she would have frozen in terror. Beams streaked past her from behind as Revenant’s bullets zipped past her from the front.

The sentries were not going to let them go easily. She stretched her arms, reaching ever so desperately to close the gap that separated her and The Darkest Nova. She was only a few feet away from him as his cover fire kept knocking out sentry after sentry. His relative calmness unnerved her, even several stories up. Almost there, just a little more…

Everything else in the universe disappeared, narrowed to this one moment. Slow motion gripped the moment as all sound and depth perception faded into oblivion. There was just Warren, nothing else and only a few inches from her grasp. She winced in pain as a fiery bolt streaked past, tearing through her shoulder without the slightest warning. Every muscle in her body was on fire as she stretched and pushed her body to its limit, willing herself to close the gap and save them both.

“You can do it.” Warren mouthed to her, as he gazed directly into her eyes.

The pavement rose up to greet them from out of the shadowy darkness of the war-torn night. Fifteen feet… only fifteen feet. Oh God…

Panic gripped her heart tightly and refused to yield its grasp. She was out of time; she knew it, just like before there was no more time. Desperately she twisted her hand and wrist in one final agonizing grasp.

A moment later, she stood on solid ground in total darkness and silence, as black as a darkened theater stage after the cast and crew have gone home.

Then moonlight caught her eye. Still wincing she slowly opened her eyes as The Angel of Death spread the inky wings that he had wrapped around them. They were safe, and far from the Nova Containment Facility. Tears poured down her face at the sudden realization that she and Warren were alive. She’d done it.

Her arms wrapped around him and she squeezed him tightly as she cried.

“My hero,” was all he said as he held her in the cold, safe, darkness of the night.

These fancy things could never come in between
You're part of my entity, Here for eternity
When the war has took its part
When the world has dealt its cards
If the hand is hard, together we'll mend your heart
Because …

When the sun shines
We’ll shine together
I told you I’d be here forever
That I'll always be your friend
I took an oath I’ll stick it out 'till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we still have each other
You can stand under my Umbrella

“We’re pinned down!” Sean shouted over the riot of explosions and beam rifle fire.

“I noticed.” Revenant replied calmly as his flipped the release levers on his guns, ejecting the clips to load fresh ones.

“Cade? Ideas?” Sean asked as he hunkered down on the inside of a mangled doorframe while the occasional ray of light illuminated the opposite side of the room as it streaked through the open door.

“Only one. But I’m not too thrilled with it.” The Cajun’s voice was heavy with both remorse and resignation as he looked around the ruins of the old, dilapidated hospital the three novas were trapped in currently. The lights hadn’t worked in years and the place had become run down and strewn with debris and wreckage.

“Long will not wait.” Revenant said again, calmly as possible. He spun around into the doorway and fired several shots in rapid succession, each one striking home and shattering the battle helmets of their assailants. “If you have an idea. Share it.” He returned to his position opposite to Sean in the doorway. A deep hole, nearly as large as Sean’s fist, was burned through Revenant’s abdomen; as they watched, sinew knitted to bone and the death-tainted nova grew even more pallid and emaciated.

“Shit dude, you gonna be okay?” Sean asked.

“Does it matter? We’ll either make it, or we won’t. Death comes when it comes,” was the macabre nova’s reply.

Cade turned from his position near Sean, his mouth set in an uncharacteristically grim line. “Run, and do not stop. Don’t look back, don’t slow down. Do you hear me gentlemen? Just. Run.”

Both Revenant and Sean, looked at each other, shrugging wearily in confirmation. Without hesitation, Cade launched himself down the hallway, leading the charge with a shout that sounded as if he was leading an assault on the armies of Hell. Laser blasts bounced harmlessly away, unable to pierce the handsome nova’s legendary defenses as they charged forward. Sean and Revenant stayed close, their bodies low behind their nova shield. From their vantage, they never noticed the first beam pierce his flesh.

They tore their way through the line of soldiers and as they made it halfway Cade pivoted his foot and allowed Sean and Revenant to run past him while he brought all his prowess to bear in an effort to guard their escape. He throttled every man in his path, as crushing strength shattered bone and equipment alike with equal disregard.

One by one, the men fired upon him and he grimaced in pain as each beam of light tore through his body, searing through muscle and nerves. Still he fought on, his indomitable will sustaining him, allowing him to fight on longer and harder than anything the earth had ever seen before or since. For a few moments, as he looked on down the hall where Sean and Revenant had escaped into the darkness, Cade, even with out his quantum powers, was invulnerable. His defenses were crushed halfway before the novas had reached the line; the Psiad had cancelled them all. Sean and Revenant ran on as Cade alone in the darkness of the crumbling hospital sacrificed his life to save the life of those he cared about.

He collapsed to the ground moments later, his face smeared in his own blood. Down the hallway he looked and raised his hand up high as if to reach into the darkened passageway. They made it. He knew they did. Courage is the discovery that you may not win, and trying when you know you can lose. He thought silently, and as the darkness closed in around him Cade felt his eyes grow heavy and a smile of serenity, of victory settled upon his features.

When the sun shines
We’ll shine together
I told you I’d be here forever
That I'll always be your friend
I took an oath I’ll stick it out 'till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we still have each other
You can stand under my Umbrella

Velvet stood quietly upon the pyre that had been prepared for her. “If this is what you need,” she said without moving her lips. Long ago, she had abandoned speech altogether, electing instead to communicate directly through emotion and thought. She had evolved far beyond what she would ever have dreamed, and was honestly uncertain what effect her voice would have if she’d used it.

The fire was lit, the flames licking around her reflected in the eyes of every man, woman and child who bore witness to the death of the “angel” who stood with dignity and poise in the face of her captors. It was then that, from nowhere, a great gust of wind stirred up the gouts of flame. Searing sparks rained down, blinding the crowd and the soldiers in an orange haze. The scene rapidly became one of panic as people frantically rushed through the smoke, shouting and trying to get their bearings. The flames roared higher and higher before dying out completely, leaving only huge, feathery flakes of ash to be carried on the wind. As the excitement faded, the crowd realized that the angelic female who stood before them moments ago was gone.

Nearby, a small boy hid behind a trash bin with an expression of mingled fear and wonder upon his face. He’d never really understood the “angel” very much, but for some reason he knew he would miss her. Something soft landed gently on his shoulder; moments later, in his fingers he twirled a shimmering purple-black feather.

High above in the clouds Warren cradled Violet gently in his arms as they soared off to where Long and the others waited. Her hand gently brushed his cheek as pure disbelief masked her expression. “You… you came. For me?” the voice echoed in his mind. Tears fell from her eyes as her lips trembled with emotion.

“When I first saw you Velvet, I was afraid to meet you. After I had met you, I was afraid to kiss you. Once I had kissed you, I was afraid to love you. But now that I have loved you, I'm afraid to ever lose you.” Warren said, with moisture building up in his eyes. “I’ll never lose you again. Ever.”

Their flight was halted as Warren hovered vertically in the air, bathed in the shining sun above the cover of the murky, impenetrable clouds. As the warmth caressed them, so they caressed each other and shared a kiss that left behind all the kisses that had ever been ranked the most passionate, the most pure.

You can run into my arms
It's okay don't be alarmed
So just let the rain pour
I'll be all you need and more
Because …

When the sun shines
We’ll shine together
I told you I’d be here forever
That I'll always be your friend
I took an oath I’ll stick it out 'till the end
Now that it's raining more than ever
Know that we still have each other
You can stand under my Umbrella

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