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Aberrant: 2011 - Summer in the Pitt

Alexander Vector

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Alex looked at himself in the mirror again. He had cleaned up his room, put away his clothes and even made his bed (was he so sure she would be in here?). He know to her his house might look 'adequate' but he did everything he could to ensure that he could to at least not antagonize her.. He had made a reservation with one of he best eateries in town and even thoug it cost him a lot of money and a strict talking to from his mother he knew he had to do it she would accept little else.

Everything had to be as perfect as he could make it. A quick flash of the pocket sized Axe Tsunami sprady under his shirt before tucking it back in. Making sure every hair on his head was in place and his shirt was unmused he realized he had nothing else to do but wait so he sat down on his bed and clicked on the TV and flipped the channels waiting for Summer to arrive.

Linda passed his open doorway. "Is your little girlfriend going to be here soon?" She asked with a smile. "Little? Mom.. You have no idea what she is like." Linda grinned and dismissed her son with a wave of the hand. "Oh Alex don't worry so much I am sure she is a nice young woman don't worry so much."

Alex shook his head and turned back to watch the weekly rankings on N! She didn't have a clue he wondered if he could get Summer out of the house before they could talk. Doubtful, oh well at least this might be over quick. Though his mind kept drifting back to her picture, she was very attractive. What if they did hit it off? He shook his head, that wasn't likely and he knew it.

Oh look, Pursuer lost a rank this week.

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Cold as a midwinter night Summer streaked through the spring air, her body made completely from quantum ice. Her frozen hair wisped behind her like shimmering fiber optics as her body reflected the light around her. A slight frosty trail flaked down snow upon the people she flew above as her hair left its chilly quantum trail.

Summer loved to fly, and it showed every time she took to the sky. She soared through trees and over homes, corkscrewed through the air and daringly zipped under the trailers of parked semi’s and between cars stuck in traffic. Out here away from the entire goings on of her life she was free to do as she pleased. If Summer possessed a heart is could only be found in the clouds among the stars, buried in the velvet canopy of shimmering diamond light.

Her slender foot touched down upon the lawn of Vector’s home. His directions were simple enough and she even managed a smile as her icy form froze the water upon the grass, apparently the Vector family had automatic sprinklers. Smoothly her body let go of the quantum binding the power of ice to her. It cracked, and suddenly burst away into a flash of snowy shavings, beneath it all was Summer.

Her eubifer slowly began to shift from her incredibly revealing, and shameless ‘costume’ into a private school uniform, complete with pleated skirt, button white shirt, and jacket. Her finger pressed the doorbell and she waited, keeping her hands folded in front of her looking like a model citizen.

Moments later Linda Vector opened the door and it wasn’t long before a look of absolute confusion spread across her face. Summer Astovik stood there in her full quantum beauty with crimson skin and ice blue lips, and shimmering icy blue hair pulled back in a pony tail. “C-can I help you?” She asked, regaining her composure as quickly as she could. Life had been odd around the Vector house since Alex’s eruption but crimson skinned mega beautiful teenagers was certainly not something she expected.

“Um,” Summer started, shyly. “I’m here to see Alex Ms. Vector. He’s my um…” She hesitated as if completely embarrassed to say anything in front of his mother. “Well, he kind of uhh, asked me out, on a date… hopefully… maybe?” She looked at Linda Vector with a pleading look of bashful innocence.

“Summer, please, come in.” She said, completely fooled by the crimson she-devils façade. “AAAAAAALLLEEEEX! Your… date is here!” She grinned at Summer, still a slight bit confused as she stomped up the stairs to go find her son. “I’ll be right back, please, make yourself at home.”

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It could have been a call to the gallows. He heard her but took his time. He couldn't imagine what was going on down there. It took him a moment to suddenly realize he wanted to see Summer. He had been looking forward to this all week. Even if it was a sense of dread he countered that maybe he was wrong about her maybe she was sweet in person.

He heard his mothers feet stomping the stairs so he quickly came out to the hallway. "Oh great Summer is here?!" He exclaimed moving past his mom he gave her a kiss on the cheek and trotted down the stairwell into the foyer. There she was in her deep red skin and glacial lips and hair. She was beautiful and proportioned in ways that made him almost feel guilty appreciating just how proportioned she was, almost.

He grinned and moved toward her. "Summer!" His baby blue eyes catching her cool eyes and doing his utmost to turn on the charm pushing his recently manifested abilities in a direction he had not before, to charm and impress a sixteen year old girl.

Alex activates First Impression enhancement

"It's great to finally meet face to face!" Alex leaned forward placing a kiss on the crimson cheek of his date.

"You kids have a seat. Would you like something to drink? I have Soda, or some nice fruit tea I brewed earlier?"

Wow she wasn't what he expected at all! She was so polite and primp it was not the girl he had spoke to in the chatroom. "I don't know mom. Summer you want to stay for a few minutes or do you want to get going?"

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Wow. He is cute. Summer thought, a bit surprised by his lips on her cheek, but completely comfortable all the same thanks to a little help from Alex's node.

"Fruit tea would be simply divine Ms. Vector, thank you so very much!" She said with anime eyes and perfectly practiced enthusiasm, with just a dash of nova manipulation. "You really do have a lovely home."

"Why, thank you Summer." Linda said, as she looked at Alex with quite the approving smirk. She turned and walked off into the kitchen.

"My," Summer cooed as her facade was temporarily placed on hold while Alex's mother was out of the room and out of listening distance. Her expression went from "sweet and innocent" to "stalking predator" in a heartbeat. "Hardly past hello and you're kissing on me. Normally I'd sheer your balls off." She raised her perfectly manicured nails that were (of course) painted an sparkling icy blue. It seemed like she was going to strike the young man, but instead placed her hand softly on Alex's powerful chest. "You're lucky you're cute." She grinned at him seductively.

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He'd couldn't help but swallowing hard as her hand fell on his chest. Her eyes met his and he replied in almost a whisper. "You are very beautiful." She might think he was stating the obvious but the way he said it left no room in doubting his sincerity. He looked at the red hand against his chest and wondered what it would be like to be touched by the fire and ice she could become.

He took the well manicured hand on his chest, holding it warmly in his own as he spoke enthusiastically to her. "I have reservation for us at the Church Brew Works!" He said it as if she knew what it was. "I also thought maybe we could go out dancing or maybe hit the Beehive later tonight." He paused and blushed slightly. "Beehive is a all night coffee shop, plays music and has poetry readings. It's nice place if you are... Staying out late."

His mother returned with three glasses of Amber liquid. "So Summer." Linda said placing the tray carrying the drinks down and handing the red girl one then Alex. "You live in New York and work for Utopia? Team Tomorrow?"

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Her eyes met his and he replied in almost a whisper. "You are very beautiful."

'A' for effort I suppose. It's cute, the way his eyes are glossed over with confusion. She let her grin widen as he complimented her creating the illusion that she was happy with his compliment and that no internal comentary could be going on.

"I only have about eight hundred dollars on me." Summer siad in response to the evenings itinerary. "Do you think that'll be enough?"

"So Summer." Linda said as she exited the kitchen. Summer shot around like a bolt quickly removing her hand from Alex and instantly put her self back in character. "You live in New York and work for Utopia? Team Tomorrow?"

"Yes Ma'am. I'm called 'Solstice'," She sipped the tea Linda had handed her. "Mmm, delicious. Thank you again Ms. Vector. I really hate to cut this short, but Alex told me that we have a reservation waiting for us very soon. It was a pleasure meeting you, and please don't worry, he's in good hands Ms. Vector, my Utopian chaperone is usually never to far behind me."

Summer set the drink down and locked her arm with Alex's as she pulled him casually towards the door.

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"Alex treat her well." She called out as the two headed for the door. "Don't worry about being out late Alex just have fun. I am going out tonight with some client so if you need me just call my phone okay?"

"Sure mom!" Alex smiled happily back at his mother as the cute red girl led him outside. As the door shut the tall young man turned to the girl leaning down and gently cupping her face with the palms of his hands. He leaned into her kissing her firmly on the lips in a forward but confident move that was most unexpected.

He let it linger his lips along her own deep red lips. His finger slid back into her icey blue hair. As he held her she could feel him lifting upward with the slighted of nudges doing his best to take the kiss airborne without outright lifting her by her head.

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Summer's eye widened in shock as Vector pressed his lips to hers. She activated her own powers of flight as she felt the tug telling her it was time to go up. They rose slowly into the air and as the cleared the top of the house Summer's face crinkled into a scowl.

Her node gathered ambient water molecules to her and bound them to her flesh transforming her once again into pure ice. Young Vector found his lips instantly frozen to hers. It was his turn to widen his eyes as he suddenly felt a thunderous impact to his groin. His lips were torn from his and the shock and pain from the impact had him quite surprised.

She pushed him away gently as he attempted to recuperate. Reaching back launched a punch of solid ice into his jaw that sent him careening backwards end over end and into the bushes of a neighbors bushes. Too cold to hold. She grinned to herself.

She soared down in pursuit of him and found him wrapped up on himself lying in the broken bush. Solstice grabbed his collar and pulled him forward as her eufiber faded into her new form. "Nobody, and I mean nobody, touches me with out my say so?" Her voice was resonant and inhuman as the quantum energies that made her form possible improvised on a suitable sound for her speech. “Forget it again and I’ll feed you your tongue, understand?”

Her icy form possessed incredible strength and she lifted him up and back onto his feet with one arm.

Note to self: Not a bad kisser either. Summer kept her irritated expression chisled in her statuesque features.

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Alex looked on the ice maiden with a mix of hurt feelings and pained shock. He thought he had figured her out she wanted him to ask her out. In his teenage mind he honestly has believed this was what she wanted. But in his horror as his lips stuck to hers like a wet kiss to a flag pole in a freezing cold day he knew that he had it totally wrong.

The next moment he felt like he was dying. Crumpled in the bush covering his crotch as the deep pain seemed to spread throughout his body like a slow fire.

"Suuh." He moaned "Sorry." He finally got out as he did his best to recover. Alex rubbed his jaw and looked at the girl of ice. "You're right." His lips felt chapped like he had spent to much time in the winter cold. Getting hit by a car was easier than dealing with the wrath of one pissed off girl made of ice.

Despite the pain he was in he straightened up and made eye contact with his date. "Still want to go out?" As he put on his brave face the thought that he was two weeks into his Nova life came through like a tsunami. It hit him almost as hard as Summer when he realized that he was a little fish in a world full of sharks and he was on a date with one.

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