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Tessa Barnes

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Birth Name: Tessa Josephine Barnes

Legal Status: Citizen of Australia with permanent residency in Ethiopia; diplomatic immunity as per Team Tomorrow duties.

Marital Status: Single

Date of Birth: May 3rd , 1982

Residence: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Height: 5'2"

Weight: 102lbs.

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Blue

Occupation: Team Tomorrow Auxiliary Member

Place of Birth: Roanoke, Virginia, USA

Group Affiliation: Team Tomorrow Auxiliary; Project Utopia; Double-Ay Pee-Yu Shock Squad on the Uber server for T2M: MMORPG


Born in the mountains of Virginia and raised there until twelve, Tessa Barnes travelled with her family to northern Australia when her father accepted a position as an engineer for a mining company, spending the next eight years in a semi-nomadic lifestyle as they moved from mine to mine in Queensland and the Northern Territory. She retained her soft accent despite attending a TAFE college to study business administration in Cairns and moving down to Brisbane to work in the mining company’s Australian headquarters when she was twenty-three. A year later in 2007, she decided to apply for an administrative assistant’s position in Addis Ababa, working for Project Utopia itself. Getting the job, she found the hours and pay good, though her main source of social interaction was playing the Team Tomorrow MMORPG with an eclectic team of Project Utopian employees that more or less spanned the organisation – and winning. It seemed that Tessa had found her place, and was content.

Headaches for someone who regularly skipped sleep weren’t unusual to Tessa, like the ones she was experiencing in Febuary 2009, so she missed the early signs of eruption until she walked into a cabinet at home and knocked herself clean out. It was one of her RPG buddies who raised the alarm when she didn’t log on for her usual session, and the security staff found her rubbing her head and looking quite dazed… and ten times more attractive (and she hadn’t been an ugly girl) than before. Apart from a small amount of permanent quantum backlash, not enough to cause any aberrations, she was in good health and displaying mild telepathic abilities. There was a brief argument between Internal Affairs and Administration over who got her, but her application to Team Tomorrow stopped that, and because the office she was assigned to had been J.J. Laragione’s personal one, she got expedited due to having undergone most of the background checks.

Though still learning the ins and outs of her nova powers, Tessa has been permanently assigned to Team Tomorrow Auxiliary because of her solid background in administration and bureaucracy; she has no truly exceptional quantum abilities (as any nova can be described as ‘unexceptional’) but often works behind the scenes to figure out bureaucratic or financial snarls for the team’s members. Unlike many others, she has eschewed a handle, pointing out that such things are better left to RPGs for her.

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