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Aberrant: 2011 - Erupting in the Night


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Thayra ran for her life. She slipped on the deck, tripped and fell. Her father’s laptop skidded out of her grasp, but stopped at portal just a few feet away. Gunfire echoed throughout the vessel. This, amongst other things, spurred her on. She got up, scooped up the laptop, and kept running. Tears were flowing freely down her face.

Thayra’s mother and father, mate and company officer aboard this container cargo ship, were both dead. They had been murdered up on the bridge while Thayra watched, and now she was running for her life from the pirates who had done the killing. She was so desperate to escape she slammed into the black clad figure that suddenly appeared in front of her. The figure stumbled back into the bulkhead. Thayra careened off of him and out of his line of sight.

“Lay down your arms,” the man screamed in Malay and again in Javanese. Apparently the pirates who had been following didn’t comply, because the black clad man began firing. Thayra barely toyed with the thought of staying with this newcomer, but fear and the blinding headache she was developing drove her on.

The tempo of fighting increased rapidly then the whole ship shuddered. The frightened girl was thrown against a wall and back to the ground as the ship abruptly ceased its forward progress. Thayra’s head felt as if it had exploded. She smelled something burning, lightning was crackling off the walls, and her vision swam. Finally, Thayra got to her father’s room, but from the look of it, the room had already been sacked. She pulled out two of the drawers in her father’s bed and reached for the safe behind it. Lightning arched off her fingers and onto the safe. The girl started, but nothing happened to the safe. She hurriedly opened it and took out the ‘secret stash’ of money she knew her father kept there. She stuffed the funds into a fanny-pack then strapped the pack on. Occasionally, electricity arched off of her, but in her pained and confused state, she was starting to ignore it.

It was a silly thought that drove her. She was making for the aft lifeboat, even though one person couldn’t get it into the water. She was disoriented and deeply hurt. Her world had collapsed and she blamed herself. If she had come out, maybe the pirates wouldn’t have shot Mother and Father. Maybe if she had distracted the killers, her parents could have done something to save themselves. There had to have been something she could have done. Thayra’s mind reeled.

Going back on the deck was a mistake. She stepped out into hell. Pirates and agents were firing, novas were fighting, and everywhere people were dying. Thayra’s only hope was to go unnoticed. That wasn’t happening. The moment she stepped out, lightning arched off of her and lit up the night sky. The two closest novas stopped fighting and looked her over quickly. One tried to go back to fighting, but the other flew right at Thayra, dodging the hostile nova. Thayra started to run.

The nova caught Thayra in a flash and together they tumbled to the deck.

“You are erupting,” the black clad flyer told her. “I need to get you off the ship.”

Just then the second nova arrived.

“I think not,” he said, a grin on his Chinese features. She is ours, and you are dead Policeman!”

The Chinese novas fist struck at the black-clad one, who dodged. The fist bit through the deck as if it was wet rice paper. What happened next was a desperate horrific for all involved. Thayra struck back at her two pursuers. Lightning arched off her hand and hit the suddenly exposed fuel line. Fire sprang to life and raced into the heart of the massive ship. The black clad nova kept his hand on Thayra and dove over the side, flying away from the ship as fast as he could. He kept screaming “Fire! Fire!” as he fled.

The explosion reached out for them with hungry fingers. The flyer grunted, dropped in altitude, and began to waver. Barely, he brought the two of them to the beach before collapsing. Thayra was sobbing uncontrollably.

Once again, the Chinese nova appeared and he was grinning. ‘He was a teleporter!’ she thought through the haze. He walked right past Thayra and stood over his enemy.

“Time to die,” the Chinese nova whispered. His fist was raised up, ready to strike.

‘I’m next! I’m next!’ was all that Thayra could think of. In a panic, she reached out and grabbed the nova by his ankle. Lightning flew out of his mouth into the night sky and out of his finger tips into the ground. His body spasm and cooked. Thayra felt her power ebb and the man fell to the ground dead. She couldn’t let go. In the final nightmare of the night, the man’s clothing became alive in her grasp. When she tried to pull away, she pulled away his clothing as if it was a second skin. She screamed. When she made a fist, the material swarmed over her hand. It was too much, so again, she ran.

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