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Aberrant: 2011 - Thayra "Aesira" Vjorn


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Name: Aesira (Real name: Unknown at this time/ Thayra Vjorn)

Age: Unknown at this time (18)

Erupted: April 3rd 2009

Appearance: Willowy to the point of being thin, Aesira had deep brown skin and long black hair. Her beauty is noteworthy as she now presents more of a public face than in the past and while not eloquant, she is getting more confidence when it comes to relating to others.

General Knowledge: Little is known about Aesira as of yet. She has stated she has a laptop computer that she found and a small satchel of belongings. Her general location is in Indonesia, but she is moving around because some of her activities have angered local organized crime concerns.

Experience Points: 32 (2009)

4 (January) 4 (Feb.) 4 (March) 4 (April) 4(May) 4(June)

Unspent/Spent: 3/56

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