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I had an idea, and I thought I would share it with everyone else. Since Primal's backgrounds are so high and several people seem pissed about that I wish to propose something that will allow other people to have some interaction with Primal and hopefully some fun.

My idea, 'The Pack'. Primal's 5 Followers are a group of feral mercenary novas who could quite possibly be considered the Aberrant equivalent to Zartan and the Dreadnought's. They are available for hire and can be called in when agencies have need of talents like theirs.

Basically freelance Elites, with Terat leanings.

So, I was hoping to offer the idea to everyone instead off me making 5 novas that work with him, that maybe you would be interested in making the novas and work with Primal on collaborative fictions that detail them and the type of work they do.

Five feral novas, each with the traits of a different animal (in case you hadn't noticed Primal takes after a lion). If this idea appeals to you, the players, then please let me know and we can all go from there. Obviously since he has 5 followers, there would only be room for five players to take advantage this idea.

Also, the players are not restricted in doing fictions with just Primal of course.

I open this idea up for discussion.

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It sounds like the Allies background and not the Followers background. In the third paragraph of Followers its states that "Followers should not be novas,", but Allies are fair game.

Now, your Followers could be expert baselines who support your elite organization and hold fanatically to your ideals; highly skilled humans who want to be on the winning side of Evolutionary war. That neatly ties two of your backgrounds together.

Likewise, your Contacts could be a combination of mercs, new age shamans, Animist Cults, and the like. Its a thought, anyway.

As for animals, I would like to see Badger, Grizzly Bear, Hyena, Jaguar, and Tiger. All ferocious, frightening, and dangerous.

Robert is kind of running the wolf angle right now.

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Well, he has Allies 5 also so okay, I meant Allies (I'm at work, so no book was handy).

As far as the ferals there will be NO Wolves, Foxes, or Great Cats. These are done to death people. There are so many different predators out there can we be original for once?

I know Primal seems to take after a lion, but that's a perception of the players so I'm sort of reinforcing it. A lion is a geat cat, so consider that spot filled. A few I thought of were Bear, Rhino, Bat, Carnivorous reptiles, Avians of all kinds. Heh a badger or a raccoon would be kinda funny.

There can be no Tiger since the charter states that you cannot create a character that has the likeness of a 2017 character. Besides, the last thing I want to see is another Long or Shen-Long we've brutally raped the Blood Roar series for all we could, can we move on?

As is, there are 5 openings.

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Badger-small, fiesty, maybe with some tunneling power.

Hyena-the stench of death, bone-crushing bite, and that laugh

Grizzly Bear-the big,bad berserk strength monster

Kamodo-Large lizard-like thing with a vicious, poisonous bite (flesh eating bacteria bad)

Lamprey-various leeching powers, maybe with an immobilize.

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Pfft, screw Grizzly, go for the big ones.


Polar Bear - 9ft when standing up, about a ton weight.

Kubiak Bear - 10ft when standing up, about a ton weight.


-Komodo Dragon - Best. Choice. Ever.

-Alligator/Caiman - Stealth, Submarine, Patience.

-Vipers/Boas - Patience, No trace.

-Chameleon - Any good team needs an Infiltration specailst, and when you tougne goes up to 18ft away from you, that's a lot.


-Woodchuck - Comic Relief.

-Bull - Minotaurs are still IN people.

-Ape/Gorilla - Ever saw one of those things bite a piece of wood? It could crush your leg like a compacting machine.

-Playtapus - What? It has poison, it lays eggs, it breaths water. Nobody knows what the hell it is.

-Rat: Another option for the stealth ones.

-Elephant - Big, Tusks, did I mention Big?

-Rhino - Go Go Rhino power! Chaaaaaarge!


-Black Widow - Ever wanted to see a human sized one? Scary as hell too.

-Scorpion - How can you say no to those claws and the stinger?


-Hawk/Eagle/Falcon: Like YOU can tell the difference from far away.

-Vulture: Really really mean.

Legendary stuff:

-Kraken - Tentacles! Sucking cups! Beak! Titanic size! Don't let it near japanese school girls.

-Unicorn - Magical powers, and stuff.

-Rocs - Like a Vulture but big enough to carry an Elephant.

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Originally Posted By: Robert J. Lambert
Legendary stuff:
-Kraken - Tentacles! Sucking cups! Beak! Titanic size! Don't let it near japanese school girls.
-Unicorn - Magical powers, and stuff.
-Rocs - Like a Vulture but big enough to carry an Elephant.

No. Just, no. No fairy-tale/mythological beasts.
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What is a Feral? A feral is a nova who possesses animalistic instincts and traits as a result of taint and/or eruption. Most ferals possess “Hormonal Imbalance: Rage”. As an example, Wakinyan is a feral (Taint - just look at the guy + Instincts – fuck, eat, fuck, eat, fuck, sleep, fuck, fuck fuck, eat) while Caramel is not (She uses Shapeshift to assume animal forms but remains in her right mind. While not using the power she possesses no animalistic qualities or aberrations.)

If you need comic reference Wolverine, Sabertooth, Grizzly, are all good examples. Wolverine less so but I know if I don’t put him there someone will correct me in a later post.

Alright, now that I have more time allow me to elaborate. Yes, this is an open invitation for other players to play as members of The Pack. Basically I thought it would be fun for us to have a group of angsty feral novas that are occasionally asked to do stuff that most elites would ask too much money for.

Having Terat ties perhaps they are asked to remove a few CoMA people… like… say… a whole congregation. Stuff like that.

So if you are interested in being a part of “The Pack” there are a few rules that go along with it.

1. No fantasy animals.

2. Obviously the character must be 2009 legal.

3. Please use your head, do some research on the animal your feral will emulate.

4. Ferals generally do not posses mental or energy based powers. Grizzly Man with Immolate, or Tiger Guy with Bodymoprh: Metal, or Spider Dude with Telapthy just don’t make sense. Feral’s are generally physical novas. However powers like Stun and Strobe are possible if it makes sense for the animal (for example Primal will eventually have Stun:(Roar) but Rhino guy shouldn't have Strobe:(Eye's Flash Suddenly)).

5. The character should have quirks common to the animal. Primal takes after a lion so he tends to be lazy (he’d rather sit under a tree and relax than work), and his food of choice is meat, usually raw (although he is quite capable of eating anything).

6. No feral can emulate a currently existing 2009 or 2017 character. So no foxes (Vixen), no tigers (Long), no mythic beats (Wakinyan), no cat girls (Kittie)

If you are interested, please feel free to let me know. Members of “The Pack” are not glued to Primal either, as separate entities they of course would be gaining their own EXP and would be more than welcome to be out working alone or with other players from time to time. I don’t want to ‘own’ the characters just because they are Primal’s ally dots, I just think that having other people play the characters instead of me using NPCs would be a lot more fun.

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There is always the Boar - a savage tempered beast known for killing even those who are killing it (thus the boar spear)

And, the Buffalo (as in the Cape Buffalo of Africa) - which is one of the few animals that will kill lion cubs if they can catch them.

In the Just Maybe Category:

The Hippo ... I'm not so sure about the name, but the Hippo does kill more people in Africa than any other animal.

The Shrew - shrews are fast (though small) and incredibly vicious and voracious hunters.

The Jackal - been done, but the name is still cool.

The Weasel - they are bloodthirsty and one of the few animals that apparently kills for the pleasure of it.

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I've got an idea.

William "Rockfish" McGill




Webbed Hands


Disorient-Linked to Poison and Reduced to Touch. All weakeness points going into dice pool

Sluggish and surly is an Elite simply because he's a natural. No concern whatsoever for human life. Never had any, doubtful ever will. Is afraid of Primal and also sees him as an excellent ally simply because if anyone fucks with Rockfish then Primal will be pissed, not out of any love for Rockfish but because an attack on Rockfish is a slight at Primal.

More to work out later.

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The more I think about Tyrannosaurus Reich, the less I want him to be a joke. frown

Alternatively, how do you guys feel about THE DREADED CANDIRU!!


Mostly, his primary powers would be Spines, Gills, and a targeted version of Agg Immolate that works only on urethras. grin

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I wanted to give people some time to think about what sort of character they would like to make. It's been a little over a week so if you're interested PM me with the character idea and little bit about aberrations and powers and we'll go from there.

Don't send me a character sheet; I'm not a moderator so it's not my duty to correct your sheets. There is only 5 spots avail (I figure there is no reason why the pack should be larger than his dots it allies.) Please include a concept for what role they play within The Pack (recon specialist, front line assault, scout, problem solver). Primal is not stupid and would not accept to work with a group of people that did not compliment each other.

This isn't the WCK. Members of this team will actually be needed to compliment one another's skills, powers, and abilities. Relying on one or two super powerful min/maxed 30 point novas to handle everything would just be lame and boring for the other members involved. Please bear in mind that if I receive 7 entries from 7 players then I will only choose 5 to be in The Pack. No hard feelings.

Also, if I get 5 characters and they're all the same damn thing I'll just make them myself as NPCs. Communicate with others interested in this idea and work together to prevent overlap.

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