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One of the things that is planned for inclusion in the nova-reproduction minibook (currently in the works over at Eon) is a full work-up for Bounty. That, however, poses certain problems, and the developers of that product would like the opinion of the people here on the matter.

The main issue is one of power level. It is pretty much a done deal that Bounty uses the Body Manipulation technique from the Biomanipulation suite in order to restore fertility to novas. However, the full suite has a quantum minimum of 6 in order to use it.

The current background information for Bounty and the Nursery does not reveal her as a powerhouse. Rather, she is shown as vulnerable. As such, it is difficult to justify setting her at Q6 with the full Biomanipulation suite; aside from the power issues involved with Q6, the Health Manipulation technique would make her a very powerful and dangerous nova in her own right.

One of the current thoughts is to break Body Manipulation and Growth out of the Biomanipulation suite as separate powers, permitting Bounty to be below Q6 and taking away the worst of the "blockbuster" aspect of the power.

What do you folks think?

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The book already hints that you can do that on page 178 of the basic book (Creating and Altering Powers), so I say go for it. It specifically list taking only one technique from a suite of powers and using that as a single power.

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I always assumed that techniques could be purchased as seperate powers of one lvl lower? If not then I certainly do not object to it if it is done that way.

And I don't see a issue with her being Q6 either. Someone can have Quantum and still be relatively weak outside of their one power.

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Didn't she errupt with the ability to make novas fertile? If that's the case, then she must have an ability lower than q-min 6 to do this. Because I don't think that even NPC characters should be able to errupt at a higher than 6 quantum.

I agree that she should get her primary powers as seperate abilities, rather than a suite power. She can also have highly enhanced socials without too much issue, with moderately enhanced mentals. I would suggest low-grade physical enhancements (mostly M-stam, possibly m-dex) at most. As for other powers, a few bio-appropriate abilities, such as poison and telepathy, would be reasonable.

Possible workup:


Str ** Dex *** Sta *****

App ***** Man **** Cha ****

Per **** Int *** Wit ****

Quantum 5

Taint 5 (give or take one)

Chrysalis (Depends on time period, range from 0 to 5)

Powers: Mega Stamina ** (Health x 2, perhaps others), Mega Appearance ****, Mega Manip ***, Mega Charisma ***, Mega Perception * (Bloodhound), Body Manipulation *****, Growth *****, Poison ***, Telepathy ***, Teleport * (or Warp *)

Add in most of the mega-social enhancements, and that sounds abour right to me.

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I vote for Q4. Her varient of Body manip sounds like an offshoot of "Healing" or some "Anima" power. She can't create stuff where none exist so she doesn't even need "Elemental Mastery" (but what an element she has).

My book isn't in front of me, but...

Bounty would be a good canidate for M-Stam (Health x2), and M-Perception (Body-Awareness or whatever it's called). I think her phile says she has Mega-Int.

I believe she has Nature Mastery (Plants), perhaps animals too.

Considering the *extremely* poor position she has placed herself in for the NOLK I would give her a Manipulation of "2".

Any movement power, especially Warp, is not a good idea because she doesn't have the ability to save any of the children come the fight, which implies that she can't run.

On a related note, considering her total lack of strong allies I wouldn't make her a Social Power house. She can't even convince her so called "allies" to not kill her and her children when it's totally in everyone's best interests.

She sounds like a good candidate for the -4 Passive Flaw... so I wouldn't give her any attack power.


(Strong cannon backing)

Plant Like Skin.

Obsession: Reproduction/Her Children.

(little cannon backing)


"Plants grow/bloom around her"

"She smells like fresh grass".

AFAICT she got to pick all her own aberrations so they should be pretty mild.

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