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Aberrant: 2011 - Cythia Ann "Cyn" Huxley


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FBI Database, Classified Entry

Subject: "Cyn"

Subject has repeatedly identified self in communications with police forces by the handle Cyn, including several Opnet messages forwarded to the Director from within FBI branch offices. Subject's communications display intense egomania with possible psychosis/sociopathy, classic attention-seeking behavior and escalating violence of attacks. Subject has repeatedly expressed scorn for the possibility of capture. So far, media exposure has been kept to a minimum; this state of affairs is probably temporary.

IMPORTANT: Subject may be a nova. Several crimes involved sudden "appearance" of victim's corpse in a public place, as well as improbable jumps or drops from hard to reach locations. The Director has so far refused to involve Utopia in the investigation.

AGENT'S NOTES: This bitch has already racked up a body count in the dozens, and only the fact that we're burning favors like mad has kept this out of the major networks. Once that hits the fan, we're all screwed sideways. Here's hoping we put her down first.

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