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Aberrant: 2011 - To Catch a Creep [Complete]


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February 4, 2009

Kara smashed the suitcase closed and flipped the latches on it. Slowly, she released pressure, waiting to see if it would explode. When it held, she grinned and lifted it off the bed, grunting as its considerable mass smacked into her knees.

"You gonna be ok? Alone?" a husky voice near the door growled, and Kara smiled at Rashard. The bodyguard was clearly unsettled by her decision to give him, Dexter and Gardenia the month off.

"Gabriel will have plenty of security, and I trust him," Kara said, her voice reason and even. "Or rather, I should say, he has no reason to hurt me. Besides, the three of you could use a break from me. So scoot."

Rashard grumbled some more, but he left the room, and Kara hustled over to her OpNet device. There was one more thing she had to do before she boarded Gabe's yacht. Opening a private message window, she quickly typed out:

Changeling, as you requested, I'm letting you know that I'm going out of town. If you're still interested in finding my stalker, I'd be obliged. I'm not leaving a key for you, simply because I suspect you don't need it, sugar.

Thanks again, sweetie. I owe you, big time.

"And with that done, I can go and enjoy my Med cruise with the handsomest man on Earth," Kara grinned, grabbing her suitcase and heading for the door. She so needed this, and she was looking forward to getting back, knowing that her stalker would be taken care of by then. With a glorious smile, she left her house, humming to herself.

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London - February 5th, 0900 hours

Zachary walked through the door of his London flat. It was to be another day of reviewing schematics and blueprints for British Petroleum. That morning, however, he received a message from Kara in the Former Colonies. She was requesting his aid to find her stalker. So he told his engineering team that he would be gone for a month or so, and began to pack. Kara had finally decided to put her trust in his abilities. For Changeling, it was an opportunity for him to test his abilities.

He ended up packing a small bag. A few items of clothing, and a small video device with some replacement batteries. Kara said that his ticket to Miami was waiting for him at the airport. First Class he smiled to himself. That Kara is a classy dame.

He bypassed his car for a more expeditious mode of travel. He felt a surge of quantum as he changed into an etherial sparrow. He lifted off into the air and allowed the wind to carry him towards his destination. It was fortuitous that the wind was blowing in the direction he was heading. After a half hour, he landed at the international terminal of London's Gatwick Airport.

The security personell at the airport knew him. He travelled often, and he had been given a special pass, that allowed him access the more secure areas of the airport. Once through, he headed to the plane and boarded.

The flight was long. A wealthy Yank family decided that he would be their children's entertainment. For 2 hours, the kids pestered him to change form for them. All Zachary wanted to do was sleep. Eventually, he requested that he be allowed into the baggage hold where he could get some sleep. While down there, he was pestered by the cold air and stacks of luggage that refused to stay in one place.

When the plane landed in Miami, Changeling went back up to his seat where the Yuppies and their larva were waiting. The parents were insulted that he excused himself from being their kids plaything. As they left the plane, Changeling showed his ID, and complained to the security personnel that he was harassed by them. The family was detained and questioned for several hours.

He rented a vehicle with a GPS system, and drove to Kara's house. Once there, he called the rental agency to pick up the vehicle. Entering her palatial house involved nothing more than walking through the walls.

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Kara's place was opulent, at least by a British Commoners standard. It was filled with expensive furniture and movie posters highlighting Kara's 'acting' exploits. Several 'Best Porn Actress' awards sat in a case in her bedroom. Her massive bedroom also had a large mirror on the ceiling above the bed, and several wall mounted ones as well. A master bath and walk-in closet were attached to the bedroom.


Changeling looked throughout the house, noting doors and windows and other areas of egress. He also looked in the garage, and began a survey of the areas outside the house. There were many areas where an intruder might gain access to her house. He would have to position himself in a location that would be the most likely target. He came to the conclusion that her bedroom would be the most likely target. Somehow, her stalker was always able to bypass her securty system and guards. Zach hoped that the creep was not a nova.

Kara had told him that she would be gone for a month. That was a long time to wait while shapeshifted. He would need to discern the most likely time that an intruder would choose to enter. From the briefings of his 'other' employer, he knew that the daytime was most often the choice for private residences. If the intruder followed typical stalker patterns, he would make several visits.

All there was to do now was wait. The intruder should make his first visit within the next few days.

(5 successes on Intelligence + Academics)

(5 successes on Intelligence + Intrusion)

(4 successes on Perception + Investigation)

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It had been five days, and still no sign of the mystery guest. Each day that passed, increased the likelyhood that he would show up. From profiles of stalkers, he knew that women tend to be victims of males, and vice versa. Although, from what he knew of Kara's movies, having watched several from her private archives, it might be possible that a woman could be her perpetrator.

He had set his own warning system for when the creep arrived. He built a series of minute pressure plates, which he placed at all entrances and windowsills in her house. When one of them was triggered, a wireless signal was sent to his cellphone, and it would vibrate. Since Kara always left several lights on in the house, Zach was able to move freeley through the house, without turning on more lights. Turning lights on and off would alert any intruders to his presence.

The mirrors in her bedroom provded a neverending source of entertainment for Zach. Sometimes he would become a mirror on her wall, and the other times, he would become a mirrored animal. There was something alluring about looking at his mirrored self in another mirror. It always felt like he was falling into infinity.

(5 succ at +1 diff on engineering)

(7 succ at +1 diff on science)

(5 succ at +1 diff on computers)

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The cell phone vibrated. It was a Tuesday morning, about a week after Kara had left. Changeling had been reading a magazine when the alarm went off. He lurched into action.

Tossing the April issue of 'Adult Film Industry', onto the kitchen counter, he looked around for the quickest way to get upstairs. He had not planned on being surprised...but it was the new issue. There was a lot about the porn industry that Zach had never considered, and the book was both enlightening and stimulating. What complicated matters was that he did not know where the intruder was entering. Zach made a mental note: Next time, set up a method which tells me where they are entering.

Flight was going to be the quickest way for him to get upstairs. He formed a mental image of a finch in his mind, and had the quantum energy shape his body to it's form. At the same time, and with no conscious effort, his body also reacted to the air around him. When he finished changing shape, he had become a 1 inch tall insubstantial, and almost invisible bird. He took flight, and went through the ceiling above him.

He choose the bedroom as the most likely place that a stalker would go. This was mainly due to studies based on their behavior. He had already planned the form he would take based upon range of view, ease of concealment, and functionality. the intruder would have no idea that he was there.

Flying near the ceiling, he touched the painted stucco surface. This time he focused on mimiking the paint's form and structure. Once again, he felt the now familiar surge of quantum, and his body changed. His form spread out across the surface of the ceiling, creating a second coat. He now had a view of every part of her bedroom.

He heard a door open downstars. Either the intruder picked the lock, or had a key, because Changeling made sure that all entrances were locked. After a minute, a figure walked into the room. It was an attractive, middle aged, Hispanic man. He was dressed in a nice, but not overly expensive suit. The stranger began to survey the room, and then headed over to the dresser. When he got there, he opened the top drawer and began to paw through the undergarments. Each time he came across a garment, he raised it to his face, and inhaled deeply. This man was obviously obsessed with Kara. After his olifactory masturbation of fifteen pairs of underwear, he found one to his liking. It was a red, lacy pair of underwear. He looked around briefly, and stuffed the underwear into his pants. Zach couldn't help but notice the erection in the man's pants. Of alarming note; there was a holstered firearm in the man's jacket.

The dark haired stranger, in possesion of his quarry, exited the bedroom. As he did, Zach popped his head downward from the ceiling, to see where the man went. The Changeling watched, as the creep calmly and confidently walked downstairs, and out the front door. The whole incident took less than five minutes. If he was to catch the man, it would have to take place in the span of a few minutes.

Or, maybe there is another way?


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Changeling got back to his work. When the intruder returned, Zach would go into phase two. It was not enough to, alert the authorities. By the time they arrived, the creep would be gone. What Changeling needed, was information. He needed to know who this person was, and where he could be found. That way, he could alert the authorities, and they could apprehend him at his home. Profiles, of stalkers, told him that they saved items from their target.

To prepare for the next incursion, Changeling placed himself near where the intruder entered...the front door. He was going to sit on the couch, where he could see the intruder enter. When the man entered, Changeling would move to the front door. There he was planning on surreptitiously attach himself to him when he left.

Zach din't need to eat or sleep, which was great. He had not foreseen the boredom of being on a stakeout for weeks on end. So, after waiting all day, he would return to Kara's bedroom and watch a movie. He was becoming very familiar with the various stars of the porn industry. The next time he saw Kara, he was not sure if he could look at her the same. Keep it professional he had to remind himself.

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Another week went by. During that time, several vehicles drove by Kara's house. Each time they would slow down, and then drive away. Changeling made notes on each vehicle that behaved in such a manner.

Zach got another break during his second week of the stakeout. It was raining, and he watched as a dark blue sedan pulled up in front of the house and stop. The same Hispanic looking gentleman got out, and without any concern that the neighbors were watching, walked up to the door. By this time, Changeling had already shifted his form and substance to mimic the doorframe.

To his astonishment, the man inserted a key into the door and walked in. The light on the silent alarm keypad was blinking, showing someone had entered the house. The dark haired gentleman calmly reached over to the keypad and typed in an override code. No wonder he can get in and out with ease, he has compromised Kara's entire security system. Zach thought to himself in an 'Ah Ha!' moment.

Shutting the door behind him, the intruder headed upstairs. Changeling moved through the rest of the door frame, and upon touching the wet ground, became a water snake. Not the kind o snake that lives in the water, but a snake made of water. This made for quick and invisible movement to the man's car. When he got to the vehicle, his liquid form pushed itself into the trunk. When he got there, he returned to normal form to conserve energy.

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The ride was surprisingly short. Zach could hear the rain beating steadily on the trunk of the car, as he poked his head out. The man had exited the vehicle and was walking into...a Police Station?!!

Zach began to put it all together: The ease at which the man entered the house, why no-one ever called the cops on 'the stranger', and why he knew when Kara was out of town. Now all Zach had to figure out, was who the man was. Entering the station was not a good idea, even if shapechanged. Instead, Changeling hoped that this was a personal vehicle, and not a company car. The glove compartment should have the infomation needed.

Since the rain would partailly obscure the vision of anyone looking into the vehicle, Changeling was more concerned with utility than with stealth. He entered the car, from the trunk and through the back seats. His hand passed effortlessly through the locked glove-box. Inside, he could feel several items- A handgun, a flashlight, a small book, a lighter, and some papers. Gripping the papers, Zach pushes his quantum into the papers, and pulls them from the glove-box. It was a personal vehicle, and Changeling wrote down his name and address.

Now, all Changeling needed, was proof. Getting it would probably be the hardest part. Changeling decided to go back into the trunk and rest up for a while. Eventually the creep would head home. When he did, Zach would make his own intrusion.

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A short ride later, and the car stopped. Zach heard the driver-side door open and shut. Zach popped his head through the bottom of the car, and watched the man's feet circle around the front of the vehicle and vanish as they moved up a concrete step. In order to maintain a line of sight with his quarry, Changeling had no choice but to drop through the car and land underneath it. He slinked towards the edge of the vehicle's underside, and peered out. The man used a pass card to access a locked gate, and entered a private condiminium complex.

When the man disappeared from view, Changeling went into action. He formed an image in his mind of a small lizard, as he touched a piece of bright vegetation in the gutter. A small, bright green, reptile emerged from underneath automobile and leaped into the underbrush. From his vantage point, it seemed as if he was in a jungle. Giant plants and trees towered above him, as he sped along the forest floor. He reached on particlarly large tree and climbed it into the canopy above. Zach hoped that there were no cats in the area, as they would see him a prey, and the last thing he wanted was to be delayed by a giant, hungry feline.

After jumping from one tree to another, he caught up with the man. He was heading towards the second floor of a duplex near the rear of the complex. Zach watched the man enter and shut the door behind him. Good..now I know where you live, Changeling thought to himself, as he scrambled onto the roof.

He matched his body composition to that of the various layers of the roof and ceiling, and in a few seconds, found himself falling onto a shag carpet. Frantically spinning his small reptilian body in circles, he looked for the creep. Luckily the man was nowhere to be seen. And also fortuitous for Zach, was the thick, shag carpet. It would provide for excellent camoflage once he altered his body composition to match. As a small reptilian made of brown, polyester shag, he would be impossible to see.

Over the next 5 minutes, Zach toured the apartment, and watched the man throw out a shoe, presumably taken from Kara's bedroom. So, he's not a normal stalker, Changeling amusedly told himself. His motivation must be to make her think that she has a stalker, so he can keep her close.

Zach left the apartment and started the long journey back to Kara's apartment. After getting lost several times, he gave up and took a cab. When the cabbie dropped him off, Zach paid him, and then put a post-hypnotic suggestion on him. The cab driver would forget that he had any passenger matching Changeling's description.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Back at Kara's house, Changeling began to prepare for the final incursion. Since the man always went into the bedroom, that is where he would make his move. A piece of underwear from her dresser was his first target, and he took one shoe from out of her closet. The only thing left in her bedroom to take was a dress or other large garment. He might even take it out and leave it behind, rather than leave with it, so he could make sure that Kara knew her place had been invaded. Zach would make sure that the authorities caught him on her premises.

To keep track of the invader, Changeling had placed a small tracking device in the trunk. This way he would know when the man approached her house. The more time that he had to get into position, the better his chances of the police catching him. Once again, Zach was forced to wait for the next incursion.

Finally, after another week, and only three days before Kara was to return from he cruise, did the man make his way towards Kara's house. He seemed to circle her place several times, before he stopped. Changeling was already upstairs waiting for him by the time the unwanted house guest opened the front door. Slow and deliberate footsteps told Zach that the man was coming upstairs. Changeling was already in position, having become a wall mirror in her walk-in closet. The man would most likely look at himself in the mirror. That was when Zachary would strike.

Just as Changeling expected, the man walked straight into the closet and began to look through her collection of dresses. After a few minutes, he found a sleek black dinner dress, which he proceeded to hold up and scrutinize. When the man turned to look at himself holding the dress, Zachary sprung his trap.

So as not to alarm the man, Changeling gently started to shift the surface of his body. From the man's perspective, his mirror image wavered slightly. Eventually, Zach's form began to swirl into patters recognizeable to the human subconscious. The man would not even realize what was happening. If Zach was lucky, the man would never even recall any of it.

"Do you like that dress?" The mirror said to the man in a pleasant voice.

The man nodded in the affirmative to Changeling with a blank look on his face.

"Then why don't you put it on." The mirror spoke back, trying to hold back a chuckle.

The man held the dress up against his stocky figure with a perplexed look on his face. "Go on, it will fit" Zach urged him, and after several seconds the intruder shrugged his shoulders and began to remove his clothes. After some squirming and wiggling, and a few tears in the seams of the dress, the man stood there in a black formal dinner dress. It was almost too much for Changeling to handle, and he almost lost control with laughter.

"You are getting sleepy, you need to take a nap." Changeling urged the man. "There is a bed in the other room. Go lie down and go to sleep".

The man yawned, turned way from the mirror, and walked out of the closet. Changeling waited for the heavy sounds of slumber before changing to his natural form. His black skin had a shifting rainbow sheen to it, as he walked into the bedroom.

Zachary bent over the sleeping man in the black dress, and left him with one last suggestion. "When you awake, you will remember nothing of what happened here upstairs."

Confident that he had fulfilled his duty to Kara, Zach swaggered downstairs with a million dollar grin on his face. As he left Kara's place, he packed up his gadgets, reset the alarm. Then, as a final duty before assuming an etherial dragonfly, he set off her silent alarm. When the cops arrived, they would find Detective Martin, asleep, on kara's bed, and wearing one of her dresses. The humiliation he felt towards the situation, would probably make Martin confess his transgressions.

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March 2, 2009

"Detective Martin?" Kara exclaimed, staring at Detective Harrison with some disbelief. "He was the one breaking into my house? And stealing my underwear? And wearing my clothes?"

"Apparently so," Harrison said uncomfortably, shifting in her seat. "The Miami-Dade Police Department is investigating further. At this point, we strongly suspect that he was the stalker, and that he was doing it so that you'd be close to him."

"Come again?" Kara asked, a mixture of scorn and disbelief. "Close to me?"

Harrison took a deep breath, adjusted her hands and said as professionally as she could, "We believe that he continued the stalking so that he could see you."

"I see," Kara said. With a shark's smile, she said, "I'll do what I can to help. Just name it. And if I need to formally press charges, just give me the paperwork."

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