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Well, Singularity, Jager, and myself were discussing this in the chatroom so we decided that an NPC thread might be a good idea. I didn't notice any policy stating we couldn't so here we go.

Gotta game tonight? Need a quick trouble maker, or fresh face?

The format will be simplified, I'm not gonna put every ability where it belongs under it's attribute. NPCs I create are not always freshly made using standard character creation rules, so don't bother adding up the dots. Obviously they should still be canon.

Real Name: Alex Ford

Occupation: Unknown

Legal Status: Uknown

Identity: Secret

Alias: "Impulse"

Place of Birth: : Maine

Age: 24

Marital Status: Unknown

Known Relatives: Corela Ford (Mother) Kurt Ford (Father)

Affiliation: Unknown

Base Of Operations: Unknown

Eruption: Violent

Height: 6' 4"

Weight: 197 lbs.

Eyes: White (No iris or pupil)

Hair: Black, hangs just past her jaw line.

Distinguishing Marks: Snow white skin, no eye pigment

Strength Level: Impulse displays no physical abilities beyond the human norm.

Known Quantum Powers: Impulse has various telepathic powers including mind control, telepathic communication, the ability to create illusions with both sight and sound, and telekinesis which not only gives her the ability to make objects move, but also grants her the power of flight.

Abilities/Special Skills: Impulse is highly intelligent and has a great understanding of many things. She has found that mind over matter has become a way of life for her and so she doesn't normally have to result to physical confrontations. Her special skills are her finely honed powers and intellect.

Weapons Used: None. She has no need for them.

Personality: Impulse had what she considers to be a truly horrid childhood which has shaped her into the distrusting, angst ridden young woman she is today. She is very difficult to get along with and she keeps everyone at arms length.

Personal Interests: Unknown.

Hooks: Impulse recently gained her freedom from a Nova research facility, after being captured in New York City. She now harbors a severe hatred for baselines. Can a group of players help her before the Teragen come knocking on her door, or, perhaps the group is there to recruit her.

Birth Name: Alex Ford

Alias: "Impulse"

Nature: Analyst

Eruption: Violent

Allegiance: Independant

Physical: Strength ●●●, Dexterity ●●●, Stamina ●●●

Athletics ●●●, Brawl ●, Endurance ●●●, Might ●●, Resistance ●●●

Social: Charisma ●●, Manipulation ●●, Appearance ●●

Etiquette ●●, Interrogation ●, Intimidation ●●, Streetwise ●●●

Mental: Perception ●●●●, Intelligence ●●●●●, Wits ●●●●

Academics ●●●, Awareness ●●●, Computer ●●, Investigation ●●, Rapport ●●●●, Science ●●●

Backgrounds: Attunement ●, Cipher ●●●, Eufiber ●, Node ●, Resources ●

Mega-Attributes: Intelligence ●●●, Wits ●●●

Enhancements: Intelligence (Analyze Weakness, Enhanced Memory), Wits (Natural Empath)

Powers: Flight ●, Holo ●●●, Mirage ●●, Telekinesis ●●, Telepathy ●●

Extras: Holo (Extra Sense)

Willpower: ●●●●● ●●

Quantum: ●●●

Quantum Pool: 30

Taint: ●●●

Aberrations: Odd Appearance: Impulse has snow white skin and no pigment to her eyes. She is very tall and far stronger than a normal woman her age. This makes it impossible for her to hide or suppress what she is. She may suffer penalties to social interactions in area where Nova's are shunned, hated, or mistrusted. (usually 2-3 dice worth)

Health Levels: Standard

I welcome questions, comments, suggestions and criticism. I'm always looking to improve my creativity.

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OK. Everyone is probably going to kill me, but I only did this because the book told me I couldn't. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you "Onslaught" a guy who flies around in a big suit of armor.

Real Name: Jericho Drumm

Occupation: CEO Drumm Industries

Legal Status: Citizen of the U.S. with no known criminal record.

Identity: Known to the Public

Aliases: “Onslaught”

Place of Birth: Denver, Colorado

Age: 34

Martial Status: Single, with multiple partners.

Known Relatives: Unknown

Alegience: Team Tomorrow, New York

Base of Operations: Drumm Towers, New York

Eruption: <NOT ON FILE>

Height: 6 foot, 6 inches

Weight: 190 lbs.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Brown, worn short.

Distinguishing Marks: None

Strength Level: When not powered up as Onslaught, Drumm posses the strength of a normal baseline who engages in regular intensive exercise. As Onslaught Jericho can lift/press up to 50 tons.

Known Quantum Powers: Jericho Drumm possesses uncanny intellect. With his intelligence, and unnatural knack for engineering, Jericho has become quite the inventor.

Abilities/Special Skills: Mr. Drumm is an expert engineer; some of his inventions have revolutionized technology in America.

Weapons Used: Jericho Drumm’s only weapon is the Onslaught battle suit.

Pesonality: Jericho usually seems a typically happy, ladies man, and good guy type. His true nature is incredibly vicious and power hungry. He holds a strong resentment for all Novas who possess incredible strength and fanciful displays of ability.

Personal Interests: Jericho is quite the ladies man and womanizer; however women only hold his interests for short periods before he is back in his work room making adjustments to his battle suit.


Birth Name: Jericho Drumm

Alias: Onslaught

Nature: Judge

Eruption: Unknown

Allegiance: Contractor to Project Utopia

Physical: Strength &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Dexterity &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Stamina &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;

Athletics &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Brawl &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Endurance &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Firearms &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Martial Arts &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Melee &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Might &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Pilot &#9679;&#9679;, Resistance &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;

Social: Charisma &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Manipulation &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Appearance &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;

Command &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Etiquette &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Interrogation &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Intimidation &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Perform &#9679;&#9679;, Style &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Subterfuge &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;

Mental: Perception &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Intelligence &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Wits &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;

Academics &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Arts &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Awareness &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Biz &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Bureaucracy &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Computer &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Engineering &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Investigation &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Linguistics &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Rapport &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Science &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;

Backgrounds: Allies &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Backing &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Contacts &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Eufiber &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Followers &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Influence &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Node &#9679;, Resources &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;

Mega-Attributes: Intelligence &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Wits &#9679;&#9679;, Charisma &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Appearance &#9679;, (Onslaught only) Strength &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;

Enhancements: Intelligence (Analyze Weakness, Engineering Prodigy, Scientific Prodigy), Wits (Enhanced Initiative +5, Quickness x2, Synergy), Charisma (Commanding Presence), Appearance (First Impression)

Powers: None, all of Jericho Drumm’s quantume powers manifest while wearing his armor.

Extras: None

Willpower: &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679; &#9679;&#9679;

Quantum: &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;

Quantum Pool: 30

Taint: &#9679;&#9679;

Aberrations: None

Health Levels: Standard

The Onslaught Battle Armor:

Designer: Jericho Drumm

Armor exterior Dimensions:

Height (overall): 80 in.

Width (overall): 36 in.

Width (short axis): 23 in.

Weight: 240 lbs.

Quantum Pool: 25

Armor composition (Armor &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;):

Surface/primary Layer: Molecularly aligned crystallized vanadium over a base of titanium nitride.

Secondary Layer: Comprised of various thermoelectric generators, temperature insulators and regulators.

Tertiary Layer: Consists of two independent, 'crimped' armature electric motors that are aligned at right angles to each other, which can simulate human musculature movement.

Special Features: Each layer possesses integrated communication, power-handling and control circuitry - with regions, which contain certain large area specializations, such as the simulation of a specific muscle.

Armor Articulation Motivation (Mega Strength &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;):

Musculature Enhancement: The armor enables its wearer to lift/press approximately 50 tons under standard operating conditions.

Limitations: When directly tapping a sufficiently potent power source, the armor can be boosted to enable Onslaught to lift in excess of 100 tons for several seconds at the risk of having a total system seize-up.

Power Supply:

Type: High-density storage battery, AC/DC electricity.

Primary: Beta particle generator, creating constant current from passing beta particles that continually bombard the Earth.

Secondary: Solar power converters, regrouped in microscopic ridges for improved collection efficiency, arrayed on shoulders and headpiece. This allows the armor to restore 6 quantum points every 30 minutes.

Tertiary (back-up): Increased efficiency of conversion of electric field potentials into usable electricity.

Armor System Controls:

Type: Automatic, computerized, body motion following.

Sub-Systems: Local networks of muscle groups and high-density computers, which control large scale movements such as walking.

Special Features: Armor is comprised of finely tessellated mail, which can minimize sudden compressions, such as a blow, by racially dissipating the energy throughout the suit.

Articulation Seals/reinforcement: All magnetic. Due to microscopic construction, seal topology allows a 4.5-inch diameter wrist cuff (for example) to have a practical circumference of 12 inches. This allows for a greater area over which a magnetic seal can be affected.

Life Support:

Range: High altitude to deep water: 130,000 feet above to 1,800 feet below sea level.

Air Supply Duration: 4 hours

Pressure: Normal atmosphere (14.7 pounds per square inch) maintained internally over a wide range of external pressures.

Temperature: 73° Fahrenheit internal, from -185° F to 2,500° F internal, from 2,500° to 15,000° F external.

Environment Design Program (Enhancement: Adaptability):

Type: Full spectrum chemical, biological, nuclear environment

Range: Two months on filtered external air

Exposure: Low-level radiation over 2 month period; suit can tolerate short periods of high radiation by stepping up magnetic beam generator's activity

Propulsion Systems:

Type (Flight &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;): Electric powered turbines in boots and jet pack.

Maximum Speed (Hypermovement (Flight) &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;): 960 mph

Life Capacity: Normal flight configuration 3,200 lbs. High thrust: 5,300 lbs.

Fuel: Solar energy converted to electricity to power exceptionally efficient turbines.

Weapon Sub-Systems:


Primary (Quantum Bolt &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;): Quantum Rays

Description: The quantum rays are a stream of highly charged subatomic particles, destabilizing the atoms of the target and creating a localized fission reaction.

Range: 105 meters

Damage: [8] +12 dice of lethal damage.

Secondary (Quantum Bolt &#9679;&#9679;): Particle Beam

Description: The particle beam projects a strong stream of protons, neutrons, or alpha particles at the target; each particle is accelerated to near light-speed.

Range: 90 meters

Damage: [4] +8 dice of lethal damage

Tertiary (Gravitic Blast &#9679;&#9679;): Mass Pulsar Blasts

Description: This device utilizes gravitic technology to “charge” a small bit of matter with incredible gravitational energy, then hurls it at the target, where it’s increased gravitational pull causes it to slam into the target like a wrecking ball.

Range: 60 meters

Damage: [8] +6 dice of bashing damage.


Primary (Force Field &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;): Energy Shield

Description: Laser-absorption grid generated by armor to convert incoming energy source into stored power or to create power feedback to the offensive source. This protection is limited to only energy based attacks. If any attack fails to do damage, it restores one quantum point to the armor.

Protection Provided: 4B/4L +2B/2L for each success rolled.

Dice Pool: 6

Secondary (EMP &#9679;&#9679;): Electromagnetic pulse (E.M.P.)

Description: Energy-dampening field generated by armor. For a six-minute period, the E.M.P. disrupts all energy sources within a 50-yard radius of the armor (a small solar back-up, shielded from the E.M.P., allows armor's life-support to continue during this time at minimal function).

Dice Pool: 5

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Ladies an gentleman I give you "Summer Solstice" a Nova who is cursed by the very changing of the seasons. She is truly to hot handle and to cold to hold.

Real Name: Summer Ramirez

Nicknames: None

Occupations: Student

Legal Status: No criminal record

Identity: Public

Aliases: Summer Solstice

Place of Birth: Manhattan, New York

Age: 22

Marital Status: Single

Known Relatives: Juan Ramirez (father), Solana Ramirez (mother-deceased)

Group Affiliation: None

Base of Operations: Her apartment, on small Manhatan Island

Eruption: Unknown

Height: 5 foot 7 inches

Weight: 155 lbs.

Eyes: Depending on mood or season - Mahogany Red or Ice Blue.

Hair: Blonde, straight and short.

Distinguishing Marks: None

Strength Level: The same level as a normal baseline who engages in intensive regular exercise.

Known Quantum Powers: Bodymorphing into fire and ice elementals. Each form is capaple of defending itself with a barrage of either hurled flame or shards of ice. If backed into a corner Summer Solstice had shown to be able to amplify these blasts into a projectile of incredible heat and flame, or a blast of pure cold that freezes most people or objects solid. Her power seems based on seasonal cycles. Mood and personality also affected by those cycles.

Abilities/Special Skills: Summer’s training has included basic survival skills (she likes camping), hand to hand combat techniques (self-defense courses) and small arms training (her Dad felt that if you lived in Manhattan, you should know how to protect yourself).

Weapons Used: None

Personality: Due to the dual nature of her powers and her personality she is not the easiest person to be around. One minute she could be cold and calculating and the next headstrong and daredevilish.

Personal Interests: Summer enjoys all the things a typical college girl does, shopping, videogames, avoiding her class work, and partying.


Birth Name: Summer Ramirez

Alias: Summer Solstice

Nature: Bravo

Eruption: Unknown

Allegiance: None

Physical: Strength &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Dexterity &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Stamina &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;

Athletics &#9679;&#9679;, Brawl &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Endurance &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Firearms &#9679;, Melee &#9679;&#9679;, Might &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Resistance &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;

Social: Charisma &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Manipulation &#9679;&#9679;, Appearance &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;

Etiquette &#9679;&#9679;, Intimidation &#9679;&#9679;, Streetwise &#9679;&#9679;, Style &#9679;

Mental: Perception &#9679;&#9679;, Intelligence &#9679;&#9679;, Wits &#9679;&#9679;

Academics &#9679;, Awareness &#9679;&#9679;, Survival &#9679;&#9679;

Backgrounds: Attunement &#9679;, Cipher &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Eufiber &#9679;&#9679;, Node &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Resources &#9679;

Mega-Attributes: None

Enhancements: None

Powers: Bodymorph (Ice) &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Bodymorph (Fire) &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Immolate (Ice, Bashing) &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Immolate (Fire, Lethal) &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;, Quantum Bolt (Ice) &#9679;&#9679;, Quantum Bolt (Fire) &#9679;&#9679;

Extras: Ice Bodymorph (Armor &#9679;, Blast, Propel), Flame Bodymorph (Lethal Blast, Propel, Shield)

Willpower: &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679; &#9679;

Quantum: &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;

Quantum Pool: 37

Taint: &#9679;&#9679;&#9679;&#9679;

Aberrations: Bipolar Disorder: Summer's mood and personality are affected by the changing of the seasons. Every 6 months, usually around June and December, Summer's power will shift and fluctuate dorming down the part of her quantum sinature that has control of a given suite of abilities. During the summer solstice she has her fire abilities and during the winter solstice she has her ice abilities. This means that any quantum power with an opposing descriptor (Ice, Fire)cannot be used during that time. ST may deem it appropriate to open a suite due to her mood, since her attitude and personality are aslo affected at these times.

Health Levels: Standard

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I will now share a few NPCs that where made by Samhra (with her permission) for a defunct game I ran last year. Use as you like.

Name: Sudevi ‘Nightsilk’ Tendulkar Nature: Caregiver Demeanor: Traditonalist

Strength •••

Dexterity •••

Stamina •••


Charisma •••/•

Manipulation •••

Appearance ••••/• (Sensual)

Enhancements: Appearance Alteration, Seductive Looks, Soothe

Intelligence ••

Perception •••

Wits •••



Endurance •••, Resistance •••, Martial Arts ••, Athletics •, Awareness ••, Academics •, Stealth ••,

Style ••••, Linguistics ••• (English, Hindi, Sanskrit, Urdu), Subterfuge •, Etiquette •, Command •, Rapport ••, Bureaucracy •, Computer •, Medicine •


Willpower: •••••

Quantum: •••

Quantum Pool: 26


Initiative: ••••••

Soak: bashing/lethal


Quantum Powers:

Armor ••• (Impervious); Body Modification: Adhesive Grip, Chromatophores, Extra Limbs x 4, Tendrils x 5


Backing •••• (T2M), Contacts ••• (Art World), Followers • (Fans), Influences •••• (T2M, Art), Resources ••••, Node •



Sudevi Tendulkar, like her more famous countrywoman Pratima ‘Splash’ Basham, is an Indian nova who has elected to join Team Tomorrow instead of being worshipped in the Subcontinent. Beyond her astonishing good looks, she has incredibly long, strong black hair that can act as armor, extra limbs and whips if she so chooses, giving her the handle of Nightsilk.

With her soothing presence and gentle nature, Nightsilk often finds herself as a teacher for new novas, especially the easily frightened or very young. However, she can be a stern taskmaster, and rarely forgives those who break her trust.

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Name: John ‘Kickstart’ Kwamesi Nature: Analyst Demeanor: Explorer Concept: Nobody

Eruption: Threatening Situation Residence: Addis Ababa, Ethopia Allegiance: Team Tomorrow

Strength ••

Dexterity •••

Stamina •••


Charisma ••

Manipulation ••

Appearance •••


Intelligence ••••/• (Clear-Headed)

Perception •••• (Patient)

Wits •••• (Shrewd)

Enhancements: Eidetic Memory


Endurance •••, Resistance •••, Firearms ••, Athletics ••, Awareness ••, Academics •, Stealth ••,

Drive •, Style •, Linguistics • (Swahili [Native], English), Streetwise •, Subterfuge •, Etiquette •, Rapport •••, Martial Arts ••, Pilot •, Survival •, Science •, Engineering ••, Computer ••, Intrusion ••


Willpower: •••••

Quantum: ••••

Quantum Pool: 28

Taint: ••••

Initiative: •••••••

Soak: bashing/lethal


Quantum Powers:

Cyberkinesis ••••• (Alter Data, Control, Fool, Overload, Reprogram); Transmit ••• [Modems] (Incontigous)


Backing •••• (T2M), Contacts ••• (Family), Eufiber •, Influence •••• (T2M), Resources ••••, Node •


Enemy – 4 (Synapse)

John Kwamesi is a young Ethiopian man from Addis Ababa who erupted during a computers exam in high school. He was immediately snapped up by Team Tomorrow, his cyberkinetic abilities sending him around the world as an Auxiliary. He is currently a trainer in Washington DC, doubling as the Rashoud clinic’s securities officer, while recovering from a run-in with Synapse of the Teragen.

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Name: Hannah ‘Focus’ Moss Nature: Follower Demeanour: Judge

Strength •••

Dexterity •••• (Steady)

Stamina •••


Charisma •••• (Charming)

Manipulation ••••/• (Persuasive)

Appearance •••• (Pleasant)

Enhancements: Hypnotic Gaze

Intelligence •••

Perception ••••/• (Observant)

Wits •••• (Shrewd)

Enhancements: Electromagnetic Vision, High-End Electromagnetic Scan, Ultraperipheral Perception

Skills: (2 Nova, 8 Bonus)

Endurance •••, Resistance •••, Awareness ••• (Sharp Sight), Survival •, Martial Arts ••• (Dirty Manoeuvres), Drive •, Stealth ••, Athletics •, Style •, Intrusion •, Might • Firearms ••• (Targeting), Medicine •, Etiquette •• (Diplomacy), Subterfuge •, Streetwise •, Academics • (Politics), Bureaucracy •, Computer •, Linguistics •• (Spanish, French), Investigation •• (Quick Search)

Willpower: •••••

Quantum: •••• (7 Bonus, 6 T. Nova)

Quantum Pool: 22

Taint: •••• (Aberrant Eyes – Ice-Blue)

Initiative: ••••••••

Soak: bashing/lethal


Quantum Powers:

Disorient ••; ESP •• [sight]; Immobilise • [intangible]; Pretercognition •; Sensory Shield •••

Backgrounds: (2 Nova)

Allies • (Family), Backing •••• (T2M), Contacts ••• (New York City),

Eufiber •, Followers • (Agent), Influence ••••, Resources ••••



Hannah Moss was once legally blind without her prescription lenses. Throw in the fact that she was a geek, and she was the perfect prey for jocks, teen queens and other high school tormenters. One day she erupted after her glasses were broken by a bully, gaining a variety of visually-based powers. She completed high school and joined Team Tomorrow as Focus shortly thereafter.

She is currently on medical leave due to a tangle with DeVries Elites in Kashmir.

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Name: Tariq al-Hariti

Nature: Traditionalist Demeanor: Leader Residence: Istanbul, Turkey

Strength ••••/•• (Rugged)

Dexterity •••

Stamina ••••/•• (Resilient)

Enhancements: Shockwave, Thunderclap, Crush, Quantum Leap, Hardbody, Durability, Resiliency

Charisma ••

Manipulation ••

Appearance ••


Intelligence •••/•

Perception •••

Wits ••••

Enhancements: Medical Prodigy


Endurance •••, Resistance •••, Awareness •••, Linguistics •• (Turkish, Arabic, English), Streetwise ••• (Information), Brawl •••, Etiquette •, Stealth •, Athletics ••, Academics ••, Intimidation ••• (Overt Display), Medicine ••• (First Aid, Emergency, Nova), Drive •

Willpower: •••••••

Quantum: •

Quantum Pool: 22

Taint: •

Initiative: •••••••

Soak: bashing/lethal


Quantum Powers:

Armour ••• (Impervious); Intuition •••; Premonition • (Others)


Allies • (Family), Contacts ••••• (Istanbul), Resources •




Tariq al-Hariti was an ambulance officer in Istanbul before erupting during an earthquake. He became incredibly strong and resilient, with armoured skin and an astounding medical mind. With his new abilities, he joined Project Utopia, and is one of the world’s best nova paraphysicians, doubling as a trainer for novas with similar abilities or heightened prescience, which he also possesses.

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