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Aberrant RPG - Need some ideas


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Ok, I'm wanting to create a nova who's powers involve 3 versions of bodymorph to simulate the 3 different states of water; solid, liquid and gas.

Where I'm having trouble is trying to decide on what powers to pick for water.

I'm thinking 1-3 dots in Density Decrease, but then what would I do with Gas?

I also have thought of picking up Immolate for water, describing it as boiling water and going with 2 dots in Density Decrease.

Anyone else thought this one out, I'd appreciate some feedback.

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Here is some vauge suggestions


Density Decrease, Invisibility, Flight


Density Decrease (not as much as the gas form though), Poison (essnetially drowning the target)


Density Increase, Immobolize, Immoliate (pointy Ice shards sticking out of body)

Those are just some suggestions. I'll prolly come up with more.


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Well, let's see. You're basically looking at the three states of matter. Solid, liquid, gas. But you're also looking at water at three temperatures, Cold (ice), Normal (water), Hot (gas).

For Ice/Cold/Solid, I would suggest defensive powers, like Density Increase & Armor, perhaps an attack like Q-blast (thrown shards of ice), and effects that slow things down, like immobilize or Stun attack.

For Water/Normal/Liquid, I suggest abilities that increase fluidity, movement, flexibility, etc. Hypermovement (swimming), Shapeshift, Absorption (increasing dex rather than strength), Invisibility, and Homunculus are all appropriate.

For Steam/Hot/Gaseous, Density decrease is a pretty obvious one, as is immolate, or maybe claws. Flight is another good choice, possibly even with hypermovement.

If I were to choose the powersets, I'd say:

Ice Form:

1 - Armor

2 - Immobilize

3 - Density Increase

4 - Stun Attack

5 - Q-Blast

Water Form:

1 - Limited Shapeshift

2 - Invisibility

3 - Hypermovement (swim)

4 - Absorption (dex)

5 - Homunculous

Steam Form:

1 - Density Decrease

2 - Flight

3 - Density Decrease

4 - Immolate

5 - Hypermovement (flight)

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Hello everyone,

I'm new here, so go easy on me.

Would'nt 3 dots in Matter Chameleon give you all the states of bodymorph, including energy, as well as 3 dots worth of density decrease/increase?

The differences I see is that you would need to come in contact with whatever form of matter/energy you wanted to become. You also would not be able to manipulate matter either. I don't know if this would work with your character concept or not, but it is just an idea.

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1) Remember that ice is LESS dense than water. That's why it floats. Water is most dense in liquid form at 4 degrees Celsius (IIRC). Even the human body floats because we're mostly water, and fat is less dense than water.

2) I would just take Bodymorph: Water and Elemental Anima: Water. You can use the temperature-change power to change the temperature of your body (the ST should totally let you adjust the temp limits so that it's possible to freeze and boil yourself; good concept).

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