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Presidential Election-2016

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Originally Posted By: Endeavor
Here is another idea. Why don't we do a run-off election right now between the top 2. The results decide the election.
In theory when this sort of thing happens it ends up in the hands of... Congress I think. Basically it gets messy, but I think the Democrats win this one because they are the larger party in Congress.

[On a side note this is one of the reasons why the Supreme Court didn't steal the election for Bush in 2000, and why they should have just stayed out of it. *None* of the potential outcomes could have resulted in a Gore victory by that point. At best he could have tied it (for example by having his own set of Florida deligates which would have resulted in both of them being kicked out) and a Republican congress wouldn't have voted for Gore if that had happened.]
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I think Doc Troll nailed it.

No candidate gets the needed 270 Electoral Votes (due to American Truth winning, say, Alabama and South Carolina, and the Republicans winning, say, Utah, North Carolina and the Dakotas).

So, it goes to the House of Representatives to try to resolve betwixt the leading two. Once in the House - where decades of gerrymandering have ensured exceedingly minimal representation by American Truth and the Libertarians (even with President Portman's broad coat-tails boosting the latter) - the Democrats manage to garner a handful of cross-over votes from the Republicans, giving the election to Obama.

Fun all ways around, a dandy little bit of fodder for every anti-establishment group running around, and perhaps a story hook or five for various folks on the board.

Mind you, that's just my opinion.

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What you speak of, illustrates the perils of having a multi-party election in a two party system. A candidate who received a minority of the electoral votes will ultimately get the victory. If the election is between two candidates only, it is guaranteed that one candidate will receive a majority. Since we do not have a Parliamentarian form of government, especially with regards to the Legislative branch, minority rule will become commonplace.

Obama's winning, with only 1/3 of the electoral votes, the other 2/3 of America will be alienated. Especially those who voted Libertarian. This will not bode well for the future political stability of America.

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They would most likely merge, as has been done in the past in the US, into two coalition parties. Which would mean a joining of Libertarian/American Truth/Republican verses the Democrats. Since the Libertarian has an equal amount of votes with the Demoratic party, they will be in opposition to the Dems. Since the other parties are to the right of the Libertarian Party (who is to the right of the Dems), they would merge with the Libertarians.

To survive, the Democrats would form a coalition with other smaller parties on the left like CPUSA. If they didn't, they would be defunct, and go the way of the Whigs. Once that happened, the other parties would break off and form differing alliances. Ultimately you would end up with two parties once more.

Clark: The congressional elections are held separately. You can't allocate legislative seats by the outcome of an executive branch election. Most likely two parties would still hold majority control.

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Here is the thing, is there any material stating as to the make up of the House of Representatives at this point? Using the RL political landscape doesn't mesh with the outcome here.

Besides, this is a game here, not an accurate simulation of the political process. If we wanted that, we should have assigned representatives. But then we would have had to have elections for every state, yadda yadda yadda....

So, there is a simple, occam's approved answer. Vote for the top two. Then again, can we verify that each vote was made by an individual, and there was no alts involved? Can we get an actual recount?

Because having this forum poll end up like it did is raising some suspicions with me, and unless we can audit the results, we may have to start from scratch.

As a side note, I think that with something as important to the forum as this; that the thread(s) associated with that subject being decided upon be stickied.

I only really knew about this untill around election day. I honestly didn't know before hand.

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