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2006 Month Eleven


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Who says a nova can't be the Girl Next Door? Even if she um...has a tendency to wear her younger ward as stylish clothing...yeah...

But, it is time for everyone to break out their hoodies and jeans, and get all comfy with hot cocoa at their keyboards.

give it up for N!Prime's Slider. smile

Flicker is here, no she isn't. Wait, yes she is, wait, BLAST!!

Anyway, Flicker is from Nov 1st through the 28th.

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As is traditional, here's a rundown on Flicker:

Profile is here: http://www.nprime.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=76466&Main=3625#Post76466

So, in short: Flicker was raised by her working-class single mother and grew up poor. Despite that, she worked her tail off and was an honor student and an okay athlete. (being 5'10" tall helped.) She attended a nearby state university (Cleveland State University, the source of her ever-present CSU Volleyball hoodie) and majored in business and played three seasons on the NCAA volleyball squad. Note: she was not a star player, but just another face on the team. After graduation she got a business job with an insurance company that bored her to death.

In August 2015 she popped after inadvertently walking in front of a newspaper delivery truck. Not long after, she took a job as a teleporting medevac for Cleveland Life Flight. This lasted until the SBC Tower incident on March 4, 2016, chronicled here: http://www.nprime.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=54745&page=9#Post54745

A few days later, she met Neil Preston. http://www.nprime.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=56119&page=8#Post56119

In late March 2016, she travelled to Kyrgyzstan with Neil Preston and Doctors Without Borders on her first humanitarian mission. In the same locale, Meghan Cutter (Girl Made of Titanium) erupted, and Neil Preston and Flicker took GMoT home with them to Cleveland. http://www.nprime.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=57720&page=6#Post57720

On April 23, Flicker was seriously wounded rescuing Meghan Cutter from a CoMA ambush at the home of Meghan's estranged mother in Calgary. While recovering, she confessed her love for Meghan. http://www.nprime.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=58595&page=7#Post58595

Flicker has recently obtained an environmental suit from Long, and has taken to exploring the Solar System as a hobby: http://www.nprime.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=60437&page=4#Post60437

Following the near-simultaneous attacks on Procyon, Vixen (& Mitch), and Sylvan, Flicker briefly flirted with becoming an assassin, but was helped away from the precipice by Meghan Cutter: http://www.nprime.net/ubbthreads.php?ubb=showflat&Number=60886&page=3#Post60886

At this time, Flicker is attending medical school at Johns Hopkins University. She plans to graduate in May 2017. Her studies absorb the majority of her time during the week. She is engaged to Neil Preston, but no date has been set. They share a spacious mansion which Neil purchased in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Character traits: Flicker is the girl next door, but she has a wild streak that lies under the surface. In crisis situations she is prone to taking rapid action first and apologizing later, and is not beyond using lethal force to save the lives of others. In interpersonal matters, she is practical and relatively clear-headed. Revenant has taken her as a confidant, requesting her assistance in his relationship with Velvet.

Powers: Flicker teleports very, very, very well. She's able to hit the orbit of Saturn or Jupiter with an average roll, and anywhere closer is a trivial task. She has 5 dots of attunement, so she can take 100kg (220 pounds) with her. She has one dot of intuition, but she is not aware of it as a full-on power, although she has come to rely on her "bad feelings" about sudden situations. Also, one dot of invisibility.

Mega atts: Flicker has four dots of mega perception, one mega-dex, one mega-int, and one mega-stamina.

Ennhancements: ultraperipheral perception, catfooted, mental prodigy: financial, and resiliency.

Willpower 8, Taint 4 (flickers), quantum 3, soak 10B/6L.

Recurring plot hooks:

--Her fat grey tabby cat named "Pookums" is fascinated by cat food.

--A mysterious man (nova?) named Michael Lamb is a recurring figure in her dreams and has an unusual interest in her progress as a nova. He appears at critical junctures to guide her development.

--She is engaged to Neil Preston.

--She usually wears jeans and her CSU Volleyball hoodie.

--She is also romantically involved with Meghan Cutter. Neil Preston is aware of this and approves of their relationship. (It was only after meeting Meghan that she discovered that she was bisexual.)

Good luck!

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Okay, three entries. That will make this post easy to write. .

Carver: I had no idea Pookums was such a sadistic little beast! It's an adorable story, and I really like the way you hit most of the important events of Flicker's nova life from the fuzzy point of view. I enjoyed it quite a bit. It captured Flicker's down-to-earthiness very well. Good on ya!

Ptesan-Wi: You put a lot of thought into the characters, and that made me happy. I'm glad you pointed out that Flicker's services were often called on for the worst of the worst injured, and that she "lost" more than her share of her charges, compared to more traditional ambulance services. I was a little unsure about whether this was an N Prime reality fic or an alternate-world fic, though, as there's never been a time when Flicker was on call for global medevac duty. If it's alternate reality, good on ya for thinking outside the box. It it's supposed to be N Prime reality, then. . .

Vixen: Lots of dialogue, which I love. Lots of different settings, which I love. Paid attention to Flicker's lesser-known powers, like Mental Prodigy: Financial, which I love. Painted a compelling picture of what movie night at home with Neil and Meghan would be like, and it was really heartwarming.

The winner is: Vixen. Congratulations!

And the butter on the popcorn award: I declare Word of Mouth to be canon.

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