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Aberrant RPG - Burning Memories Away....

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Billy's gone away from our tabletop game and I was thinking of trying something different: A character who would try his best to limit how often he used is power.

The character "burns" bits of his memory to create fire. The more of his past/memory he burns the more destructive and horrible the flames are. Assuming this is his power and NOT the product of an Aberration, anyone got a suggestion to make it work? Personally I think it's a set-up that just comes down to roleplaying memory loss/deletion but there HAS to be some sort of game mechanic involved because a) It could get abused and B) If I decide to fry big parts of my brain, I'd like there to be a decent mechanical advantage damage-wise.

(And yes the concept is taking the "naked guy with amnesia in a barren field" comic book cliche on face value. I wrote this guy into a thing I'm working on and thought that he'd be nice to see in the Aberrant universe for a while.)


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Okay, this isn't in the rule book, per say, but here is my take on it.

Q-Blast (Fire) with the Super-Charge extra. Add this created weakness to the extra:

If the nova uses Super-Charge, they lose 5 temp willpower, or, if they don't have them, 1 permanent willpower.

Basically, you get a 5 point weakness that allows you to risk a Permanent Willpower loss every time you use the extra, which I think works just fine.

Taint the Q-Blast until you get an abberration. Have the aberration be "Memory Loss", represented by the loss of one Temp Willpower per day you use the power. So, if you don't burn anything that day, you don't lose the willpower.

The temporary willpower loss represents the disorientation caused by the loss of "small" memories, while the Permanent Loss represents such a large loss of "Self".

I see this guy going SuperNova trying to save someone he loves, saving their lives only to not remember who the hell they are. Shadows of "Spotless Mind".

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