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[Character] Lost Angel


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Real Name: “Cole” (possibly an alias?)

Nova Identity: None but the media has dubbed him “Lost Angel” and “Gutter Angel”

Date of Birth: Unknown

Date of Eruption: February 10, 2016

Gender: Male?

Height: 5’7” (appoximately?)

Weight: 150 lb.(approximately?)


No one has gotten a really good look at the angel due to the aura of fire and light that surrounds him whenever he appears but most people believe him to be male due to his demeanor and actions.


To date there is only anecdotal information about Lost Angel’s powers. Witnesses have observed the angel to radiate both light and heat and to fly on wings of gold and white feathers. The angel has also been described as having superhuman physical abilities and an unearthly presence. There is a least one report of the angel healing a cop in a gang related shooting.

Known Facts:

On February 10th 2016 what looked like an angel appeared 600 feet over the LA skyline in a blaze of fire and light. It hovered there for about 2 minutes before disappearing. Everyone assumed it was a Nova but no trace of the individual was found and there have been no reports of angelic like novas being admitted to any Californian Rashoud facilities.

Over the next month and a half, “angel” sightings went way up. No less than 132 reports of the “Angel of LA” were called into the authorities and the local media. In some of the reports the angel appeared to help people and in other reports, the angel attacked and robbing individuals (mostly gangbangers and drug dealers).

To date, neither the authorities nor Utopia has had contact with what the media has dubbed the “Lost Angel” and the “Gutter Angel” but they believe that it is either a street youth (quite possibly a runaway) or a homeless person. They also believe (due to the nature of its actions) the angel is also male but otherwise have no clues to the angel’s identity.

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