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I want to play a character with 3 powers bounded.


I need to activare my body morph power before activare my claws and my bioluminescence, and if my body morph is not active or disrupted I cannot use my claws and my biolum.

Is there any rule about it?

Can I pay the power less at character creation?

Thank you very much.


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There's no real need to buy Claws and Bioluminescence separately from Bodymorph because that's exactly what Bodymorph is intended to do - give you certain powers when you transform into a given substance.

Generally, you would just add Claws and Bioluminescence to the abilities granted to you by Bodymorph. So buy two more dots of Bodymorph - one for each power.

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Thank you for your answer. For example, i chose to give 2 dots of body morph as density control (increase) and 3 for armour.

But even if i wanted to have just 1 dot for density increase and 2 for armour, why should I pay claws and bioluminescence as second level power instead of a first level power (as they are)?

And more in general is the fact that a power can work only depending on another power be considered a weakness(opposite to an extra)?

Thank you.

I hope i made myself clear even if English is not my first language.



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The Core rules, unfortunately, do not possess rules for "anti-Extras" - if you wish to find something similar, the Aberrant Player's Guide has something similar.

As for the Bodymorph dots, the reason you're paying a premium for the Bioluminescence and claws dots is because you're also paying for all the powers you've asked for to activate simultaneously - when you have the Bodymorph activated, all the powers that you've used Bodymorph dots activate for the duration of the power. So, if you're using the set-up described, you're using 2 Quantum Points to activate the following

Density Increase 1

Armour 2

Bioluminescence 1

Claws 1

for the duration of the power (which will be your Quantum + Bodymorph). The utility of Bodymorph is a decreased cost in Quantum point expenditure.

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The APG allows you to do it. It doesn't make the power cheaper, but it does let you add some different benefits.

Get the Weakness Dependency (Cannot use the dependent power except in conjunction with the primary power)

This is a 2 point weakness.

This allows you to buy Claws with an extra dice of damage and a Permanent Duration.

Or, you can reduce the damage by one dice (1 pt. weakness) and get an extra for 2NP that does not raise the power level (Claws remain a level 1 power).

With Bioluminescence, you can also increase the duration to permanent and increase the dice pool by one.

Or, you can reduce the dice pool by one (1 pt. weakness), then spend two more NP's on the power but get a "free" extra with it and not raise the power level of the Biolum.

I hope this helps.

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