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New Character: Death Metal Girl


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I had people in chat suggest that I post a new character for 2016 here for criticism and review. So, character background and eruption first, stats second.

Simone Arnulfson is the descendant of Finnish immigrants who came to the US during WW2. While in college, she showed a great interest in heavy metal music, learning how to play the electric guitar, and eventually becoming the lead singer in a band called The Spectrals. They competed in a Battle of the Bands contest in her home city of Cleveland, which is where Simone erupted. As the last band in the contest, they finished their set, when the announcer snidely declared, "Give it up for the suckiest band in the house!" Her eruption left the audience completely spellbound, but also killed the rest of her band, the announcer, every stagehand and the front three rows of audience members.

Since her eruption, Simone has spent some time in a Rashoud facility learning how to produce her music without killing the people listening to it. After leaving the Rashoud facility, she has gotten a contract with the Mirage casino to perform with her nova abilities.

Simone stands a whopping five foot eleven inches tall, with blond hair down to her waist and Nordic blue eyes. She's usually has her Eufiber in nondescript jeans a t-shirts, but on stage she's in an all-white, almost snow princess outfit. She is a master at head-banging.


Strength 3

Dexterity 5 (Coordinated)

- Athletics 2

- Drive 2

- Firearms 2

Stamina 5 (Tireless)

Mega-Stamina 2 (Tireless)

- Endurance 3

- Resistance 3

Perception 3

- Navigation 2

Intelligence 3

- Academics 1

- Computer 1

- Engineering 1

- Gambling 1

- Linguistics 2 (English, Finnish, Russian)

Wits 5 (Creative)

Mega-Wits 1 (Synergy)

- Arts 1

- Biz 1

Appearance 5 (Sultry)

Mega-Appearance 1 (Awe Inspiring)

- Style 3

Manipulation 5 (Domineering)

- Seduction 2

- Streetwise 2

Charisma 5 (Commanding)

Mega-Charisma 1 (Center of Attention)

- Command 1

- Perform 4

- Thought Discipline 1

Node 2 (3rd instar, 10qp per turn)

Contacts 2 (music/entertainment industry)

Resources 3 (from contract)

Ally 1 (business agent)

Eufiber 3

Followers 1 (fan club)

1pt Flaw (Weak Sense: Hearing)

Disorient 2

(Level 3: Area extra. 1pt weak Range, 1pt weak Sensory Shield counts against it; 2 pt strength Area. Range: 40 meters, Area: 35 meter radius)

(The Disorient works a little differently than usual. People affected by the Disorient are usually left staring at Simone, with ghostly visions of her former bandmates behind her in position, with the sound of their music overwhelming them. This is part of what makes her music so powerful when she plays.)

Quantum Vampire 1

(Health Levels. Level 2. 2 pt weak: can only be used when Disorient is active, 1 pt weak: does not affect those not Disoriented)

(When Simone gets really into the music, she draws on the crowd for energy. This is what killed people at her eruption, but the upside is that those unaffected by her overwhelming music cannot be drained.)

Quantum Conversion 1

(Electricity. Level 1.)

(This way, she can power her guitar without having to lug around cords, or amps. She has a miniature speaker that plugs directly into the guitar.)

Willpower 4

Taint 2

Quantum 3

Quantum Pool 26

Initiative 11

Soak 7B/3L

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Since you asked. My only problem with this character is a pretty small one overall, but a big deal to me.

Absolutely NO on the dot of Thought Discipline. That's something taught to operatives and political officials, not something you can just pick up by humming music in your head a lot or constantly thinking about something else. Thought Discipline represents training one has had specifically to resist Telepathy. Therefore, must be taught, therefore, not likely she'd have it.

The rest of it looks good. I'm not 100% on those weakness and strength points, but I'd give it a pass in my game. I'm glad to see you went with the Quantum Conversion idea.

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Originally Posted By: Machina
Absolutely NO on the dot of Thought Discipline. That's something taught to operatives and political officials, not something you can just pick up by humming music in your head a lot or constantly thinking about something else.
With nova points, you can go from a complete ignoramus on any subject to a world master. So I put the one ability point I had left after boosting the abilities I wanted, and figured that while a constant stream of heavy metal music might be an irritant, it's not going to actually stop any but the weakest of telepaths.

I can only imagine what you'd done had I put a whole nova point into maxing it out. crazy
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I'm going to have to back Machina on this one. Thought Discipline is a special-case ability, developed by the Directive, and if you haven't been specifically trained in it, you aren't going to have it. Hell, it's debatable whether or not a non-Directive character can have it (let alone a character with no training as an operative at all).

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...and if you haven't been specifically trained in it, you aren't going to have it.

Actually that's; If you aren't a member of the Directive, then you have no way to train for it.

Several issues here, let's seperate them.

1) Only members of the Directive (or people who have access to their trainers which is pretty much the same thing) can be trained in this skills. Thus the standard 23 are out, ditto experience expenditures, and also ditto bonus points spent on skills.

2) A nova can erupt with any skills. Period. No justification needed. Having said that, normally people erupting with TD would either be Directive agents, work with them, OR be those novas who erupt with all skills. If your theme is that you are baseline-best in every skill on the planet, then it's reasonable that TD would be in there.

3) As I understand it, DeathMG wants to use TD for an effect, basically as one of her powers. Her mind is constantly generating music, that's what she is constantly thinking about. This seems to me to be at least somewhat reasonable (i.e. at least she has an IC justification).

Conclusion: She's not a member of the Directive so she can't start with TD among her 23. That doesn't prevent her from spending nova points on TD (although, granted, it is a rare thing).

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Is this where I find the mole hill? laugh

Blue Ninja; Troll got there first in pointing out you're looking for an effect not an ability and any ability can come from eruption. Okay so check my understanding please. What DmG does is have music constantly going through her head and that makes it harder to use telepathy on her. Good enough. There's two ways I can see to do this. The first way is exactly what you did in that DmG is simply so into the music that its running through head constantly and that has the same effect as Thought Discipline. She can't teach it to anyone else since its not a learned skill but it amounts to having the same ability taught by the Directive. The other way is using quantum abilities; i.e. she has the psychic shield power with its effect described as a torrent of music constantly cascading through her mind and sheltering her inner thoughts. Or you could volley a new enhancement based off the mechanic of Thought Discipline but that strikes me as being overkill when all you want is a simple mechanic.

I am okay with what the player has done using thought discipline after he explained that its the effect and not the same skill taught by the Directive.

And nice character too. I like her.

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