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Aberrant RPG - [For Fun!] Create a Tainted Nova

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Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to write up a nova with the following statistics:

Quantum 1

Taint 10

Willpower 3

i.e., no points may be spent on WIllpower or Quantum at all, and only ten dots of mega-attributes and powers should be bought tainted, no more, no less.

Everything else is completely by the book.

Oh yea, and post what you write up. Heres mine:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Cemal Ererdi

A native of Turkey, Cemal graduated from college with a degree in Finance and became an insurance fraud investigator. Regarded within his profession as having an anal-retentive attention to detail, he excelled at rooting out faults with both claims and claimants. His true passion lay outside of work, a deep obsession with post-Renaissance France and a love of swashbuckler movies at an early age led to a broken collarbone after Cemal tried to swing from one house roof to another in true Errol Flynn fashion - not knowing much about physics, he hit the tree to which he was tethered instead. Having grown up suffering from depression, Cemal erupted while having a nervous collapse at work and his own chemically imbalanced brain helped to fuel the quantum-enhanced derangements he was imbued with upon eruption.

Strength 2

Brawl 3

Dexterity 2

Drive 2

Melee 4

Stamina 2

Endurance 3

Resistance 4

Perception 5

Awareness 3

Investigation 3

Intelligence 4

Academics 3

Bureaucracy 3

Wits 2

Appearance 2

Manipulation 4

Interrogation 3

Charisma 2

Command 3

Backgrounds Attunement 4, Cipher 2, Node 1

Willpower 3, Quantum 1, Taint 10

Mega-Strength 1 (Irresistible Force)

Mega-Dexterity 2 (Enhanced Movement, Rapid Strike)

Mega-Perception 1 (Blindfighting)

Mega-Wits 2 (Enhanced Initiative, Quickness x2)

Mega-Charisma 1 (Dreadful Mien)

Absorption 2 (kinetic)

Hypnosis 4

(All Mega-Attributes, Hypnosis and one dot of Absorption bought Tainted)


anima (the air "bubbles" around Cemal's head when Hypnosis is used)

skin (pitch black)

hormonal imbalance (homicidal rage against anyone he perceives to be an "enemy pirate")

uncontrollable power (Hypnosis - causes others to believe his Delusion is real and they are part of it)

delusion (Cemal believes he is a swashbuckler battling pirates, his delusion is fueled by his love of Errol Flynn and similar movies of his youth, he is always the "star" of the show and will constantly interpret and re-interpret reality to his idiom)

What do you think?

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Oh, yeah - have to be a pretty hefty Holo, though. Expensive, since Holo normally wouldn't cover an area (need the extra). It still wouldn't convince others of the world, exactly, but that would be the closest you could get with Q1.

(Hypnosis doesn't alter perceptions or understanding of the world - it just allows you to convince someone to do something.)

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Weeell ... not even sure you can pull that off with Hypnosis. The most you can do is have someone 'perform a relatively easy task for the nova.' Really, you'd need Dominate to issue commands.

The real use for Hypnosis is as an ace in the hole in social situations - keep it subtle and you can quietly nudge people in certain directions. Not really what you're shooting for, here.

He could just have Holo (Area) that gives him an illusionary 'crew.' Since he's the only one who'd really need to believe in it, it wouldn't need to be all that strong (one dot, say).

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Well, the Hypnosis could take the form of commands such as "You are on a ship at sea." and "The men in blue uniforms are pirates who are trying to kill your Captain."

While Cemal's insanity wouldn't allow him to issue direct commands such as these his subconscious mind directs those under the influence of his Hypnosis to act and do things they wouldn't normally do.

I feel I made the right choice with Hypnosis, given how this character would appear and what he would be doing. But I didn't start this thread to debate my "sample" character...

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