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Aberrant: The Long March - Setting Info

Mr Fox

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The game will be almost completely canon at its start, 2007. From that point it will depend on the characters actions as to how far it departs from canon. I will not force the timeline to remain fixed after the opening of the game.

The game will start with a mystery, and go from there whereever the characters take it. I have a plotline that they will be dealing with along the way, but there are many roads to the destination.

It will be a mystery, and have a bit of a stargate kinda quality to it, which is where the slight variation from canon comes in.

The characters can choose any faction to join or none. If you do join a faction I would prefer that all the characters be the same faction. I don't want to mix teragen with PU, I'm flexible, not crazy. :P

(Discuss among yourselves what faction if any, you would like to be part of in the Character Discussion thread.)

Any questions?

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Figured I'd reuse this topic since it had such a convenient title.

Known Alien species:

Chromatics: Salamander like aliens. They communicate through bioluminescent patches on their skin as well as telepathy. Until 1992 they were planet locked and had no interest in space at all. They had technology equivalent to modern human but no space tech. They did have basic bio-tech however. The are very territorial and lived most of their lives underground competing for resources. In 1992 they saw a space ship in the skys of their planet and went into a frenzy over the 'invasion' of there territory and dedicated their entire planets resources to developing space capabilities. An unknown benefactor stole human technology and gave it to the Chromatics in detail allowing them to beat us into space. They currently have 3 ships and several others under construction.

Qin: Very little is known about these alien other than that they inhabit 2 planets in separate star systems, and they are very much inclined toward internal political intrigue and seem to have no desire for further exploration at this time.

Coalition: Even less is known about these space faring aliens than the Qin. The important thing is they are currently far enough away from Earth that they are not likely to be encountered at this time.

Mystery Aliens 1: A mystery species on several other timelines launched asteroids at Earth in order to wipe us out without confrontation.

Mystery Aliens 2: An unknown species of aliens has set the Chromatics against us and possibly given them our technology in hopes of starting an interstellar war. This might be the same species as Mystery Aliens 1. This species is likely highly telepathic.

Mystery Aliens 3: In the original timeline Lorean faced off against an alien species that stumbled across the Sol system and defeated a fleet of them but was killed in the process. This could be the same group as MA1 or MA2.

At this time there is insufficient data to determine if MAs 1-3 are separate groups or just one group. However, with the exception of the Qin and the Coalition all known alien species have demonstrated ill intent toward humanity.

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