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Adventure! RPG: Heroes of Our Time - The Actors

Alex Craft

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This thread plays host to the group's character sheets (see below links).

Further, if anyone wants to post any public background information, they may use this thread for that purpose. This can be anything: a concise history, newspaper clippings, and the like.

In order to keep things under control, please stop short of posting full blown fictions here. If you would like to do that, make use of RPG-Post's Adventure Fiction forum. I'll keep a list of links to any fictions here with the character sheets (and will also award a small amount of experience for such material).

Adventure Characters:

Jameson Bradford

John Adams \'Dr. Mystery\' Frederickson

Winston Holmes

Dr. Radha Kolani

Blaine MaCallister, P.I.

Lachlan \'Locky\' McKenzie

Count Janos Rakozi Graf von Kadar

Adventure Fiction:

West Side Thunder

One-Eyed Jacks and Suicide Kings

Mentor and Pupil

Prelude to Thunder

Men of Mystery

Out of the Frying Pan...

The Loneliest Shore


Child Bride

Stonehenge Solstice Eve

Emerald Moon

Jade Flower

Hair of Night, Lips of Blood-Red, Skin of Snow


Imbolc Letters

Magnolia Rain

Happiness Red


Taken for a Ride

Caught in the Middle

Black Blood / White Snow


Janos in China


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Seeing as how Alex gave us the go-ahead and I posted this earlier in a now deleted forum. Here's a bit of newspaper article some characters may have read concerning Jameson and his Nemesis Dr. Ziegfried ....

Excerpted from the New York Times June the 12th, 1922, page 6

Explosions Rock West Side Home

The home and laboratory of noted physicist and researcher Dr. Heinrich Ziegfried was rocked by explosions late last night. Neighbors say that in addition to the explosions and fire they believe that the sounds of gunfire and "thunder" could be heard coming from the basement laboratory. Firefighters responded to the fire and although they were unable to put out the flames, they prevented any of the neighboring houses from catching the blaze. By morning the three-storey mansion was reduced to a pile of smoldering ruin and Dr. Ziegfried could not be located. It is believed that he perished in the conflagration.

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Lachlan "Locky" McKenzie


"I thought you said this would be a challenge? I was bored with bank vaults when I was thirteen..."

Lachlan "Locky" McKenzie doesn't appear at first glance to be anything other than a young teenaged immigrant, and indeed, very few people ever see him as anything else. His attractive features make people unlikely to guess exactly how special Locky is, especially when Locky's talents are the type of thing that noone would expect a pretty, middle-class boy such as Locky to possess.

Locky is a child of two Scottish immigrants, and while Locky has been in America long enough to pick up the accent, there is still a certain discernable difference in the way that Locky speaks, mostly in the vowels. Locky is quite aware that he tends to be surrounded by his elders, and tends to show his utmost respect to his elders around him (most notable in that he will address everyone by their surname should they let him).

Locky's ability to defeat locks and escape even the most secure places is near legendary in the lower circles of society - Locky has never been incarcerated for more than fifteen minutes by anyone (and that time was simply because dinner was about to be served). Many low-lifes and policemen have attested to the fact that Locky has escaped from situations where it shouldn't even be possible to escape from, though Locky has uncharacteristically refused to say what his secret is. His incredible freedom of movement appears to have only strengthened his own moral character - he denies quite vehemently that he has ever stolen anything in his life. In addition, Locky has demonstrated an incredible acrobatic skill, which Locky mysteriously attributes to some form of training at a circus.

Locky stands 5' 3", having a quite slight build. His hair is a quite distinctive red, courtesy of his scottish heritage, and his eyes are a muted grey, courtesy specifically of his father. Locky's footsteps rarely make noise, and he tends to walk and move more gracefully than his years and upbringing would suggest. Locky tends to wear a cheap, grey suit, which is most likely the only one he owns, and keeps it up using a brown belt, in which contains a myriad number of tools and other useful items.

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Jameson Bradford


"Yeah I can make that shot, double money says I can make it shooting over my shoulder with my left hand using only a mirror ..."

Jameson Bradford is a brash and outspoken young man. He lives by the seat of his pants whenever possible and yet enjoys the finer aspects of life. Fine food and drink, expensive clothing, fast cars and beautiful women are the things that Jameson craves when he isn't jumping feet first into an insane situation.

He's as likely to think solves his problems with his powerful custom revolvers as he is to think around the problem to a solution. That this behavior has not only saved his life and the lives of others tends to reinforce the hedonistic live for thrills attitude he exudes.

Jameson however is more than skin deep and his core is that of an honorable man who cares deeply for those around him and would put his life on the line for friends or innocents. He does his best to uphold the personal freedoms of himself and others. To Jameson even an enemy has the right to his life, unless that enemy is threatening others.

Jameson stands 5’11” tall and weighs in around 180 lbs he has sandy colored hair and gray-green eyes. His muscles are well toned but not exaggerated. He has a quick graceful stride and all his movements tend to be exceedingly smooth, almost catlike. He just as often wears a well-cut suit as a lace necked shirt and a pair of crusty jeans under a poncho. Always with him when he adventures are his custom twin revolvers. These silver plated Colt .45 Peacemakers have mahogany grips, which have been worn smooth from use. The Beginning and The End are lovingly cared for and are kept in a locked silk lined gun safe when not in use.

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Blaine McCallister, P.I.


"Only 6 of you goombahs? Sheesh my reputation must be slippin'. When you wake up in the jail hospital, make sure you mention my name, OK?"

Blaine is plain spoken, and quite sure of himself. His language cleans up considerably when ladies are present though. He dresses somewhat shabbily, his suits are a bit worn and patched up, and always could use a bit of tailoring, though his shoes are always in tip-top condition, with a mirror like shine.

He has quite a reputation, first as a hero from the Great War, sneaking behind enemy lines and battling German spies. Now that he's taken up detective work his reputation as a private eye has gotten him even more renown, his battles with the crime lord Crazy 8 have even been published as a pulp novel.

Known to be tough as nails and dangerous in a fight, Blaine solves many of his problems with a cold stare, an iron fist, and bullets. He's got a tender side, or so it would seem, for his mother and grandmother, who live on a farm in Iowa, and recently he's taken a shine to Locky McKenzie, the young prodigy locksmith. Blaine has spent more than a little time showing him some of the finer aspects of dealing with the underworld.

Blaine is not a good looking guy. He stands just over six feet tall, with a solid and heavily muscled build. His body is a road map of scars and testament to the action he's been in. His nose has been broken so many times even he doesn't remember what it looked like straight. His brown hair is balding, so he keeps most of his hair cut short with clippers. He rarely travels anywhere without his semi-automatic pistol and a few clips just in case. And he always carries his Investigator's badge, which he shows most of the time by way of introduction.

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Doctor R. Radha Kolani, nee Doctor J. Radha Nambissan


"You should never anger a healer. I can take you apart as well as put you back together."

The K.I.S. field team's newest member is as talented a doctor as she is exotic to the average American. She is Brahmin of the highest rank and purest blood, educated in four medicinal systems (Western, Chinese, Ayurvedic and Tantric) and familiar with the intricacies of biological science. Her training is nothing to be sneezed at - she is fluent in three languages besides her native Hindi, was educated at the University of Delhi and is skilled in the proper womanly arts of a Hindu woman. Graceful, calm and absurdly healthy, she is incredibly charismatic and intelligent, having a self-possessed demeanour worthy of a great swami.

She is also just nineteen and already a widow and a orphan.

How she knows Anthony King is unclear, but she came to America at his request. She maintains a calm demeanour in all of the discrimination and abuse that she faces as a foreigner and speaks little of her past beyond the fact that her husband and parents died in a shipwreck off the Indian coast.

Radha is a slight-looking young woman with what must be knee-length raven hair in her thick braid, her dusky skin and expressive, doe-like brown eyes marking her clearly as a foreigner. She is never seen without her golden jewelry, painted red line in the parting of her hair and a red dot on her forehead, and valise containing her medical kit.

The young Hindu woman has discarded her secondhand Western attire and donned the traditional garments of her people, usually the practical salwar-kameez. Her only comment on the subject is that if she must fight, she will fight like a daughter of Rajasthan, descended from warrior-queens.

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Winston Holmes


"See, the idol is right there on the alter like I remembered. I just didn't remember the part about the big golem with the ax..."

Level-headed and relaxed is the best way to describe the young Winston Holmes, approaching everything with a cool confidence. Danger often finds Winston, either through luck or his own actions. Some would say he enjoys the danger and actively seeks it out if it wasn't for his near-blase attitude.

Winston joined the French Foreign Legion at tender age of sixteen shortly after the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, unwilling to speak about his past. He flourished in the Legion during the Great War, moving from an infantryman to an NCO leading a scouting and reconnaissance unit. After the war he entered the life of a treasure hunter, his natural linguistic skills and (albeit sketchy) knowledge of history making him an invaluable asset to any expedition.

Winston is a lithe man, standing 5'10" and a mere 160 lbs with a mop of messy brown hair to match his eyes. His body reflects years of abuse found in cave-ins, jungle escapes, and shady sales gone sour. His clothes are normally worn yet sturdy, including a heavy jacket and a canvas bush hat. And he is never without his old Legionnaire pack (stuffed with countless useful items) and his trusty trench gun Adia.

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