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2006 month ten


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This little eccentric found herself married to Wakinyan...that's all that really needs be said for a million different plot hooks. ^_^

But there's so much more, so don't limit yourself to just that! Dive into Thoughtwave, dream on with Ptesan-Wi...

Frying pans included free of charge!!

Stories accepted Oct 2nd-Oct30.

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OK, so here's the quick run-down on Ptesan-Wi....

She started off as Mystic , and stayed that way for a whole whopping half-month before faking her own death and becoming Thoughtwave , who in turn eventually (and publicly) changed her "nova" name to Ptesan-Wi.

Those two linked Character Bios contain a fair bit of the info about her - especially the OOC section in the Thoughtwave/Ptesan-Wi bio. The character sheet linked is current. Aside from that, a few fictions that give perspective on Ptesan-Wi and her world would be Escape , Resonance , Home , Dangerous Dreamings , Native Conscience , Snow , The Party's Over , A Silent Little Battle , A Spring Cleaning , ...By Any Other Name... , Crafting the Past , Pow Wow 2016: Becoming the Legend , Flying Buffalo , The Wheel in the Sky Keeps on Turning , Broken Mirror . There's plenty of other fics for this little psiad, but these ones in particular show the heart of her. It looks like a daunting list, but most of them after the first two are 1-4 posts and rather short if you want to ply through them.

Feel free to try anything from canon to AU to just plain out-there, and have fun! smile

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OK, now I get to do the hard job here.....

Vixen, with Alone - Now this is an AU... and one I've thought about from time to time. It's not just a look at what Ptesan-Wi would be like under different circumstances; it's a look at what the world would be like had the nova/psiad balance tilted in the other direction. Simply a great fic, Vixen!

Hugin, with A New Role - You have managed to do something that I wasn't sure possible: you got Ptesan-Wi to kill. Perhaps more to the point, you got her to get up off her ass and start doing something. This is canon, my friend, and if you don't mind, I'll be continuing from it soon. Damned good work, Hugin!

Carver, with Long Winter - Ye gods, you wrote a small epic here, girl! And a beautiful epic, too. I had never really considered the possibility of Satyr and Ptesan-Wi in a relationship - any kind of relationship - but I do now. This isn't exactly canon, but it is certainly a possible path for canon to follow. Great work, Carver!

Wakinyan, with Going On - OK, I'll admit it: I cried. This is Ptesan-Wi, you pegged her perfectly, and it made me cry. Very, very canon, and darned good work, Wakinyan!

How the heck am I supposed to pick between these? Throw darts? They're all fantastic, they all hit me where it counts, they all explored what it is to be Ptesan-Wi. I'm more torn than I can tell over this.

Unfortunately, as Ashnod made clear to poor Quanta back in March, I do have to pick one... and so, congratuations to Carver for Long Winter!

Thank you to all four of you for presenting me with this nigh-impossible task!

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