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2006 Month Nine


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Yeah yeah, I'm horrible. Apologies for being late. Drama elsewhere really consumed me yesterday.

Anyway, after some of the things this player has written for us, we need to give this month's selection a dynamite time.

Or if not that, a good, hard laugh, cause some of the most humourous fics have come in this direction.

Give it up for Vixen, everyone.

Vix is going to run one day short, my fault, from Sep 3 to Sept 30. If you REALLLY need that extra day, and just didn't put if off to the end I'm sure nobody (ahem, um...me...*blush) will complain. shocked

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Whee! I get a month off. So knowing me I'll probably be writing twice as much.

I should have got this up a few days ago, but I was distracted by nothing at all. So here's a brief low-down.

This is a sheet I worked up recently, since there's been noise made recently about posting sheets. If this is considered obnoxious for a four-year-old nova, let me know.

I've freshly updated her profile with some tidbits about recent developments.

Feel free to write whatever you want at whatever point in her history you want - pre-eruption, just post-eruption, the wedding (which I never got around to making a thread for,) the Aberrant War, the aftermath of the war, pre-death or even post-death. Write about any of the supporting characters if you'd rather do that too, or zip off into one of those alternate universes I've been so fond of.

I look forward to seeing what everyone comes up with.

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The results are in (for the most part.)

Timeslip - great story. It, I felt, entrenches the reader inside of Roxanne's skull for a day and illustrates just how it can be to try and be normal and do your job in a world not quite built for you, while you're at your lowest ebb. Top notch, and canon.

Long - oh my holy fucksmokes, you did not just write that. Sweet Christmas. Yes, this was a hoot. If it has any flaw, it's that seperate speakers should really be confined to seperate paragraphs. In terms of canon, this gets the stamp.

Wakinyan - cute idea smile This is something I'm thinking of fiddling with as a potential next step for Vixen, though my implementation will be different so I'm afraid I'll have to withold the canon stamp. Still, I liked it a lot.

Carver - I liked this one quite a lot, even though I haven't the first idea what Inuyasha is, having never watched an episode. But I love the idea of worlds that function on different 'fiction rules' - in this world, drama rules over all. I don't quite think I can stamp it canon because of the nebulous way it ends, but that doesn't detract from its enjoyability one bit.

Tough choices this go-round - if I have to choose, and I do, then I'd go with Timeslip's 'Bad Fur Day.' While all the others are good, solid and fun stories, this one feels the most like a 'Vixen' story to me.

Congrats all, and for those who didn't make the deadline but who are still slaving away, I look forward to your efforts to come.

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