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2006 Month Eight


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There aren't enough words in the dictionary to describe, because he's written volumes to languages we haven't even seen yet. That's because the right bastard keeps them hidden away in his damn secret lair.

This month's fine feast is the The Nova Formerly Known as Prodigy, or Hugin for short.

Stories accepted until Aug 31st at 23:59 Pacific Time.

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Regina: the theory behind how it works is that those who sign up for the contest both write the contest entries and provide the topic characters. In practice, there's usually a bit of variance; while the idea is for each participant to write a fic each month, it's not uncommon for folks to miss one or more months if they're completely stumped (or if Real Life intrudes), but at least some amount of participation is generally expected.

At least, that's my understand of it, and of where Hugin is coming from with his statement.

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I leave this up to the Writer's Group. Normally, to have your character selected, some participation is required.

I have no problem if Hugin wishes to remove his name.

I also have no problem if the group wishes to write for the character despite the player's participation thus far.

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The Clothes Make the...

Nice story. Not quite keeping with his views of racial seperation or his inability to be around baselines without tearing apart their brains but still a good story. I enjoyed it. Thank you.

Regina Newcastle

A Man Who Was Wednesday

Very good story. Started off a little weak mechanically but finished up strong. I liked the look into where the name comes from and the presentation of the mytholigical aspects were done with a great style. Felt like Neil Gaiman to me.



Great visual and a wonderful portrait of mental taint and total memory. Loved it.


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