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[Fiction] Jager- Still Here (AU)


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It was a small restaraunt on the outskirts of El Paso that the tall Asian man entered. He made his way to a corner booth where a blonde man he recognized from years of Friendship. "Brian, I trust you have been well."

The blonde man smiled and nodded as the raven-haired Asian man sat down. "As always Ryoma, I have no complaints. You are looking well. Your restaurant must be coming along nicely."

"Indeed, we serve every kind of food, and our customers are loyal. What about you, is contstructing homes what you've come to enjoy?" To everyone around they seemed like long lost friends, catching up on things. Few would have ever believed the two men sitting there were well over one hundred years of age. Fewer still would say they were novas. Only a handful would probably guess who they really were. One, the Blonde, Was a powerful Elite, once a Windy City Knight, once a father. He had once been Jager.

The other man had also been a powerful Elite. He'd been so many things, but in the end he was a warrior. He was once Long the Tiger.

These two had a century of history, rife with battles against powerful foes, and at times, each other. They held the power to kill nearly any nova, as a team they were almost unstopable. Then the war came. Both saw friends and family die. Jager alone survived the destruction of Chicago, and Long had been forced to Exile Ayato, his only son, to save him from an attack. He had spent decades hunting through realities to find him to no avail.

The loss of the Knights had hurt Jager deeper than anything else. It was inconcievable that they would be attacked, that it would only take moments for a dozen novas to die. It was that same hurt Long saw in Jagers eyes now. As it had been asked so many times of the wandering blonde nova Long asked him again. "Where are you Old Friend?"

Icy blue eyes met azure cerulean across the table. "We're in El Paso, in Fred's Steakhouse."

"You know that's not what I meant." A look of consternation passes over Long's face. "We both agreed to this you know. We knew what splitting up would be like this. So I ask you again my friend Where are you?"

Jager thought of everything that had happened since the war, the rise of the Psions, the measures taken to remain hidden, the covert collective of novas who had elected to remain, those who'd had nothing left. He thoughto of his own inability to shift away, how he'd become permanently a part of this world. He thought of all the sacrfices of the Knights, of his students, of his friends. All the smiling faces, all those who looked at him with scorn. Those who left Earth called him a fool, but there was one thing they just didn't get. This world kept him here, it was all that could. He smiled as he looked up to Long and extended a hand, which his oldest friend clasped heartily. "Still here my Friend, still here."

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