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2006 Month Six


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You know you want this. You've dreamed of this day. You've longed for this day. You've done naughty things to yourself in the hopes of living to see this day. This is the day to end all days, and you may at last die contented.




Everyone's wanted to write for Jager, and now you get your chance!!!!

Jager stories will be accepted June 1st through the 28th.

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Damn, I don't know what is more of a challenge; to provide a history of Jager or to sit in anticipation of what others create for him?

For those with questions, PM me and I'll try to PM you back in a timely fashion.

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I apologize for being a day late, but this took a great deal of thought on my part.

The winner is Alchemist with All's Fair. Yes, it can be canon.

Carver-Yes. So very much yes. That's pretty much Jager. To me it comes down to what level of bastard people see Jager as.

Vixen- A sad, insightful tale of might-be's and I loved it. When you look what you've done, what you are doing, and what will be the effects of that ... and put it in a ghost town. Yes.

Anne- Your tale goes right back to the origins of the "real" Jager, who started out as a villian in Marvel Super Heroes and it was a neat trick of you tapping into that.

Cade- probably the saddest story and it really got to me in my current state. Thanks.

Flicker- the exact opposite. You made me laugh, both because of the Crusader episode and that's actually happened in TT play before. Then there was the title. Thank you.

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