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[Fiction] Symmetry - Overcorrection


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Qi is a funny thing. It seeks a balance, but can be used to disrupt that same balance. That was the unfortunate quandry in which Symmetry found himself as he ran through his exercises for the third frustrating time in as many hours.

It had promised to be a wonderful breakthrough. In his preparations that morning, he could feel his energies reaching toward a new plateau. He could see in his mind’s eye that he stood at the threshold of a new level of self-understanding…if it wasn’t for the fifth chakra.

The solar plexus had been his weak point early in his training. For days on end, his instructor would work with him on the troubling chakra, trying to help his poor student to clear the vital gateway so that balance could be achieved between the heart and the sacral. The blockage was cleared by the end of each day…but was back again the next morning without fail. The unfortunate situation had persisted until the day of his eruption…and the fifth chakra had finally cleared once and for all, as if by magic.

But today, that long-absent problem was back, and with a vengeance. And it was deeply frustrating, because while a new and higher balance was at Symmetry’s fingertips, this old problem made new again was preventing the final equalization of the qi. Three full rituals of clensing had the same effect: nothing. Not a budge. Not a single drop of qi passing through the stubborn blockage. And Symmetry had had enough. If the old ways could not fix the problem, he would have to rely upon his new gift.

Drawing upon resources that had never been dreamt of by his former instructor, forces that had simply been unavailable in his youth, Symmetry formed in his heart a compact spark…and wrapped that spark in a growing ball of pure essence that could and would deal with any blockage. As it built, he could not help but visualize the problem: his solar plexus beset with a dark, looming mass, a thing with malice and a dark joy in preventing him from his goal. The image of this thing, sneering at him from deep within himself, put a color to the barely contained ball of energy that would break clear – the color of anger.

In a surge of vengeance, Symmetry released the built power against the fifth chakra…and in an instant, the blockage was no more. It was obliterated from existence, and joy filled his heart. The new plateau was now within reach…and then, it slipped slightly away. Confused, the young man looked within him…and what he saw tore any thoughts of new plateaus from his mind. The fifth chakra was clear, that was for certain: it was clear of anything. The inside was scorched clean…sterile…dead. Nearly dead, at any rate; hints of life still clung to the blasted chamber, but it was far from anything that could be used in any real way.

For a moment, anger welled once more within Symmetry…and subsided with a sigh. He had done this to himself, he realized, and there was nothing to be done for it except what should have been done at the first. With the utmost care and with a most gentle touch, he began the work of healing.

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