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2006 Month Five


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Month five evif htnoM

This type of writing gnitirw fo epyt sihT

Does not mirror well llew rorrim ton soeD

Ah well llew hA

I tried something different tnereffid gnihtemos deirt I

It's Symmetry's month thnom s'yrtemmyS s'tI

May 2-30 03-2 yaM

Have fun! !nuf evaH!

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Okay as promised I am going to lay a few story seeds out for Symmetry to help people get inspired to write about him since I know there isn't a whole lot of info out there for him.

First of all his entire frame of mind is that Qi and Quantum are one in the same. This isnt a matter of him trying to prove this he simply believes it. The trick is he wants to understand it better. And Novas as a whole better.

Exploration of the teragen would be a good idea. He would want to understand aberration better. So talking to sloppy joe if he could he would. Meeting with a Harvester might also be interesting and lead to so bad things as well (like them forcing aberration transfer on him so he knows what it is like.)

The flipside to this would be him visiting project uptopia and getting their view points. Possibly trying to see how the Novas of T2M cope with taint (or don't)

Another obvious option is him dealing with China. His family might have came from there and he might have trained their before eruption but now that he is a Nova he is almost a enemy of the state to either be enslaved, ran out or killed. Him trying to get back in to further his studies would be a intriguing story.

Meeting up with your own character would be a fine idea as well. Being a friendly, inquisitive and sedate character that would be easy to do.

A story I have pondered for him but have yet to do is Kevin going to a CoMA revival to try and understand the hate they hold in their hearts for Novas. To him this is just a imbalance and perhaps it can be corrected as well. This option has the potiential to explode so I will leave it up to you on that.

Those are just a few basic ideas. The concept I try to potray with him is everything is more vivid with him. Kevin has no Quantum powers. All he has is maximumized human abilities and 1 dot in every mega ability. (which is 30NP believe it or not) His name implies his state. As of now he is perfect harmony with himself because that is what he wanted most from his eruption. The conflict could come if something (or someone) throws that out of balance.

Well I hope this helps. If you need more elaboration feel free to ask!

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First of all thank you all who contributed to this month. I know Symmetry was not easy to work with for various reasons but I think you all did excellent work as always.

Symmetry - Overcorrection by Timeslip

Excellent exploration of how he thinks, feels and mainpulates Quantum, canon.

Symmetry - Once by Vixen

Great (poem?) It truly expresses the very fundamental of the well rounded Nova I tried to make him.

Symmetry - The Burning Times by Carver

An avenue that Kevin would look into. He thinks of hate as an imbalance and something that will block the paths of wisdom and acceptance. His rescue of a Nova in need is exactly what he would do, canon for sure.

Symmetry - Imbalance by Anna 'Quanta' Alameda

Classic example of Chinese action movies. Great feel to it however, Symmetry would not kill. He is not opposed to violence he simply would not take another life, at least in this point in his life.

Symmetry - The Competent Man by Flicker

Once again a story that wraps the sum of a Nova who has tried to become a perfectly balanced and well rounded individual. To understand himself then understanding the enviroment around him.

Symmetry - A Koan by Alchemist

A brief but good view of Kevin's exploration of the world around him. His natural inquisitiveness would surely place him in just such a situation, canon.

After giving all entries a good amount of thought I have decided to award Flicker with this month's win! She captures his Jack of All trade, good natured way of things perfectly. Congrats Flicker and thank you all!

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