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[Fiction] Dorothy Roberts - Run for your life.


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(Canon Consideration)

She knew it was right behind her. Crashing through the woods hot on her heels. The transponder her father had given her was the first thing it had struck at knocking it from her hands and sending it flying into the night sky.

No Knights would come to help her, no dad.

Her form was strong and driven with Quantum but inside the large form of the insectoid werewolf hybrid was still the mind of a scared teenage girl.

The crashing noises were getting closer now it felt like her pursuer was breathing on her neck. She knew the time for running was done but still made one last attempt to flee. Bounding from the forest floor the young nova sprang high into the night sky sailing for over a mile before touching down in a stream with a large splash.

"Did you think that was enough to get away from us?" The rasping voice of her pursuer hissed at her. Dorothy sprung to her feet ready to fight. She saw the shadows move and the reptilian biped emerged from the depths of the night.

"Is it enough to run?" It taunted her.

All she could do was growl, it surprised her. She hadn't acted like that since the Hound had attacked her. Her body set itself into motion lunging at the creature. Silver fur and fury as she tried her best to turn the situation from being the hunted to the hunter.

The lizardman was surprised at first. Deep gouges cut across him where Dorothy's best attacks landed. Her advance pushed him back into the tree line. Dorothy's mind was still at work, she knew there was more than primal fury required. Her claws intentionally began becoming sloppy until with a feint she gouged a large tree sending it toppling toward her assailant.

The werebugwolf somersaulted backward hitting the water again in a large splash as the tree crashed down on top of her foe. She grinned proud of her accomplishment only to feel a tap on her shoulder and turning to see the lizard it's sharp teeth in a broad smile. "Boo."

With a squeak Dorothy tumbled into the stream. "You are a jerk Wakinyan!"

The lizardman paced beside her in the stream. His body altered and shifted until once again his body was back to its true majestic nature. The rumbling laugh that issued from his body encouraged Dorothy to splash water at him hard.

"I beat you fair and square!"

"That was pretty good I will give you that. You do better than I do at times. You keep better control of your mind." The griffin offered the Werewolf girl his paw helping her to her feet.

"Playing hide and seek like this is fun. I cannot believe dad let me come out here with you." Dorothy shook herself out spraying water all over the place but her companion either did not notice or mind.

"Unlike many people, your father understands one thing about me. My word is my word. Besides I have came across more control of myself of late. I figure I should start proving that. I was more concerned with Sean than your father."

"Why do you say that?"

"Eh? Oh.. Well, he is just very... Protective of you."

"Yeah, I guess he is. I dunno why."

Wakinyan rolled his eyes somewhat then smiled letting the subject drop.

"Come on let's run back to the cave. Thoughtwave says dinner is ready."

"I'll race you!"

"You are on."

The Werewolf and the Griffin raced though the Black Hills. The Griffin won, but cheating was suspected.

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