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[Fiction] Dorothy Roberts - The Crush

Anna 'Quanta' Alameda

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Submitted for canon consideration

Dorothy was eavesdropping. It was the only way that she learnt anything good about the Knights and their work, because her dad was a hypergenius with an overprotection complex. Like, the titanium-laced walls were totally unnecessary, and the bouncy black foam stuff he put on the walls of the room where she exercised was totally overkill. She was a bug-eyed werewolf, for God's sake! Wasn't much that could hurt her!

Okay, except for Wakinyan. He was a big featherhead with a total crush on anything female. She heard about the Las Vegas stuff and even saw the video when her dad was out of town - wouldn't he have crapped a brick to find that out? Like really, her dad needed to get out of the Dark Ages and realise that girls didn't need to be kept behind walls today. She wanted to be a Knight!

Back to the subject, Sean and Dad were talking about the big guy. Dorothy couldn't believe what she was hearing. They were talking about Wakinyan threatening to take her away and do his stuff to her - ewwww, messy - except that Sean had taken him on to protect her. Two novas had fought a duel over her. How cool was that?

She sighed happily. Sean was sooooooo cute with those cool green-and-black eyes and red hair. He was like a teen boy but totally more mature and smart. And he was a bad boy gone good. What wasn't there to like about him?

'Course, she thought he liked that Terat lady Quanta, the one who did the fancy cooking. But they weren't together, so he was totally single!

But she already knew that her dad would lock her behind triple-titanium walls with triple-titanium locks and mechanised fire-breathing dragons to guard her. Why couldn't her dad have been someone cool like Jager?

She was so intent on listening to the conversation that a quiet 'Ahem' sent her jumping sky-high in guilt. When she turned around, a pair of orangey-yellow eyes with reflective cat's pupils were watching above twitching whiskers. Dorothy didn't have a good reason to be here, and couldn't even make up one that would be convincing, because Samhra would just read her mind and know it was a fib anyways.

The newly proclaimed Terat placed a clawed finger to her lips before jerking her thumb in the direction of the unrestricted area. Dorothy sighed and obeyed the winged nova. She never got to do anything cool because she was a kid!

It hit her as she remembered a passing comment Samhra had made to Alchemist about ageing some stuff for him. She could just have Samhra make her older! Problem solved.

She could become a full Knight and get paid and maybe even get a date with Sean. That would be cool.

Just as she was about to turn to ask Samhra, a purring voice sounded in her head. *No, I won't. Not because you're still a kid, but because altering your age during adolescence might do weird things to your node. You could end up like the featherhead, with no impulse control.*

Dorothy shuddered. That wouldn't be good. Her dad would go nuts and totally ground her forever. And Sean would never like her.

Sighing again, Dorothy went to write some. At least there she could be a hero.... And be Sean's girlfriend.

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