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2006 Month Four


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I'm running out of witty things to say. However, this person's avatar says legions about their cuteness. It's almost too cute to look at, and so full of sugar that you cavities if you do.

Give it up for Dorothy Roberts.

Stories accepted April 1st through April 28th.

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Flicker - A highly imaginative re-telling. I loved what you did with the other Knights.

Wakinyan - Canon, though it might not happen for a little while. Dorothy's still grounded.

Quanta - Oh, now here's something I've been less than willing to explore with Dorothy thus far, and I'm glad someone else did. Canon, because I want to build on this later.

Vixen - Haha! Now that's hilarious! Plus, you managed it without any fourth-wall breakage. Canon for sure.

Carver - What is it with Dorothy ending up in high-fantasy settings? I really enjoyed this, and I think you got the spirit of the character just right.

Timeslip - Got it in one. That's exactly how Dorothy ends up feeling, especially when her Dad shows up again (and even more when her brother eventually comes back). Canon, and I'll be playing on that theme later.

Hmm...it's a hard choice, but I'm going to go with Carver as the winner.

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