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[Fiction] Quanta - The war


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(I apologize again for this being late. Still I hope you like it. laugh )

She loathed it. Hated it with every fiber of her being. What was worse they were everywhere. Even in Ibiza she could not escape them. It made her dislike for humanity more affirmed but when she saw a Nova partaking she almost flew into a rage that would make the wrath of Mal himself pale in comparison.

McDonalds's, Burger King, Taco Bell, Kentucky Fried Chicken. It was a litany of pure evil. She wanted to bomb them. Wipe them from the Earth. They insulted her art, her passion and if she could she would turn the Teragen to deal with this terrible threat.

But she was civilized despite her anger and sorrow. Her small comfort was in that what she created was consumed by pallets that appreciated the culinary art that she performed. Not those who stuff themselves with the detritus of human filth. They did not deserve her masterpieces.

However the final insult. The one she simply could not forgive or forget happened and she knew something had to be done. Golden arches directly across the street from her beautiful little eatery. When she had found out she said things that would have made Geryon blush. She lobbied to have it removed but could not pull the sway. Apparently a few elites liked the idea of a local Mcyds near the Phoenix room open twenty four hours for their stuffing needs.

So she went to war. She could have asked for favors. She could have had the place disappear every time they tried to build it. But that was not her way. She would fight how she knew how. So after hiring her 'army' she got to work.

Everyday as she created her meals she supervised the war effort. Samples, they were so simple really. Samples turned the tide. That and someone handing them out on the sidewalk in front of the accursed fast food behemoth. Her samples were little tastes of heaven and she knew it.. She gave them the high that made them so repulsed by the idea of eating McDonalds they would turn away in disgust.

The battles were one sided. The best the McDonalds could do was try and stop her troops from giving out their treats, but that didn't work. Soon the twenty four hour fast food was empty twenty four hours a day.

The only down side was it still took a month before they actually gave up and the restaurant shut it's doors. Quanta still gave out her free treats on the sidewalk at all times. She had won one battle in the war but she knew to win the war she had to cover the globe..

She would need a bigger kitchen.

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